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 Silver's Records

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PostSubject: Silver's Records   Silver's Records EmptySun Aug 21, 2016 6:20 am

» Name: Lumina
» Gender: Female
» Species: Ninetales, the Fox Pokemon, #38
» Affiliation: Guild Member (Team Polaris)

Leader of Team Polaris
Level 24 | 49 Energy | Flash Fire | ♀ | #DC143C

Current Moves
Hex - Ghost, Egg Move
Flamethrower - Fire, TM
Confuse Ray - Ghost, Level 15
Psyshock - Psychic, TM
Dark Pulse - Dark, TM

Previously Known Moves
Ember - Fire, Start
Tail Whip - Normal, Level 4
Roar - Normal, Level 7
Baby-Doll Eyes - Fairy, Level 9
Quick Attack - Normal, Level 10
Fire Spin - Fire, Level 15
Will-O-Wisp - Fire, Level 20
Flare Blitz - Fire, Egg
Payback - Dark, Level 18

Current Inventory
√ Stamina Band
Trawl Orb (4)
Vulpix Tag: (Raises Defense and Sp. Defense by 3 each) -Reduce Pokemon Rolls by 1

Oran Berry (3)

Treasure Bag
Explorer Badge
Wonder Map

[size=11]Stored Items

Heal Ribbon
Midnight Blue Ribbon
Sun Ribbon (2)
Defense Scarf
Max Elixer
Gabite Scale
Reviser Seed
Used TM Psyshock
TM False Swipe (2)
TM Dark Pulse [used]
Warp Orb
Blowback Orb
Cacnea Spike
Petrify Orb (4)
Blast Seed (4)
Swift Seed
Stick (2)
Pecha Berry
Pink Gummi
Green Gummi
Cheri Berry
Lum Berry
Blast Seed
Sitrus Berries (2)
Cheri Berries (3)
Pecha Berry
Watmel Berries (2)
Oran Berries (4)
Plain Seeds (2)
Apples (3)
Pretty Box
Max Elixer
TM (Will-O-Wisp, given by Rezikun)
Charge Tag - Subtract 1 Energy from every other pokemon rolled as well as raises Special Attack** (Ninetales)
Sun Stone
Max Elixer (4)
Blast Seed (5)
Quick Seed (6)
Sleep Seed (2)
Stun Seed
Blinker Seed
Reviver Seed (6)
Heal Seed (2)
Cheri Berry (22)
Pecha Berry (28)
Watmel Berry 6)
Aspear Berry (6)
Rawst Berry (4)
Persim Berry (1)
Lum Berry (2)
Oran Berry (5)
Roseli Berry (2)
Chesto Berry
Blue Gummi (2)
Banana (3)
Reviver seed
Strange Ticket
Escape Orb
TM Taunt
Iron Thorn (1)

» Likes:

Warm Weather - As she thinks is natural for a Fire Pokemon, Lumina always prefers it when the sun’s out. In a similar vein, she prefers day to night, dawn to dusk, or light to dark.

Sour Foods - Most Pokemon find them unpleasant, but Lumina actually likes sour foods. As long as it’s not too sour, she generally likes this flavor.

Exploring - Perhaps it’s just a childhood habit that stuck with her, or maybe it’s because Lumina wants to prove herself. She isn’t completely sure, to be honest. But either way, the Ninetales has a passion for these strange places called Mystery Dungeons and the warped way the world works inside them.

» Dislikes:

Over-emotional Pokemon - Because their personalities would contrast with her more reserved one, Lumina feels uncomfortable, or even irritated, around those who seem to wear their hearts on their sleeves.

Sweet Foods - The Ninetales really doesn’t like sweet foods, or Pecha Berries, for that matter. She tries to stay away from eating them when possible.

Cold or Wet Weather - Being sensitive to weather that doesn’t agree with her type, Lumina starts to feel ill if she’s outside in rain, snow or hail for more than a day or two at a time.

» Personality:

Reserved - Lumina isn’t the type to spout out her life story to a total stranger, or even start up much of a chat. The Ninetales is slow to reveal how she really feels to anyone, acting somewhat guarded even among her close friends. She’s happiest when she’s sticking to herself, doing something on her own like reading or searching for constellations.

Thoughtful - She’s the type who prefers to think things through before she says them, or come up with battle strategies before going on a mission. Lumina might pause before speaking, or over-analyze something that crosses her mind.

Proud - Lumina acts both confident and proud, to the point that she would look down on others who she dislikes. She doesn’t judge others quickly, but once she does, she’ll almost certainly have judged too harshly.

Stalwart - Maybe she isn’t the warmest Pokemon around, but she’s one of the more reliable ones. Once she accepts a responsibility, Lumina wouldn’t back down or abandon that responsibility unless she absolutely has to. She isn’t the kind to backstab anyone either, and so she’s relatively loyal.

Rational - The Ninetales is a realist, as she calls herself, and is generally a good judge of what she can and can’t manage. She doesn’t believe in Legendary Pokemon, finding the idea of them to be too implausible for her personal liking.

Willpower - Despite her chilly aura, and the appearance of not caring for much, in reality it’s the opposite. Lumina holds a silent willpower in everything she does, even though it rarely shows. Though she isn't the strongest physically, she's very strong mentally.

» History: Lumina lived a fairly average life as a younger Pokemon, save for the fact that she was raised exclusively by her mother. Her mother was a Ninetales, and although Lumina never knew her exact age, she had the wisdom of someone who had lived for hundreds of years. The only thing that the young Vulpix knew of her father was that he was a Flareon, and she didn’t care to know more - if her mother had left him, he was surely an awful Pokemon in the first place.

Lumina’s mother often took her out to the nearby Mystery Dungeon to teach her how to fight. Though the Vulpix struggled with this at first, her mother would always help her if things started looking rough. This was where she gained a passion for exploring, which she held onto ever since.

Lately, the Ninetales and the Vulpix have moved to Grassveil Town. By this time, Lumina had grown into the spitting image of her mother. She had set her sights on the local guild, although she isn’t quite sure if she would work well as a guild Pokemon - she might just end up as a solo explorer of sorts, who knows?

» Other: None.
1 Level gained from April 1st 2016 event
1 Level gained from Pokemon Day 2016 event

Current Threads:

Inactive Threads:

Pre-Adoption Threads:

Total Page Count - 87 Pages | 'Til Next Level - 3

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Posts : 1730
Poké : 6040
Join date : 2014-05-16
Location : Right behind you with a knife.

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PostSubject: Re: Silver's Records   Silver's Records EmptySun Aug 21, 2016 6:21 am

Kelina the Spearow:

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Posts : 1730
Poké : 6040
Join date : 2014-05-16
Location : Right behind you with a knife.

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PostSubject: Re: Silver's Records   Silver's Records EmptySun Aug 21, 2016 6:22 am

Ko the Spiritomb:

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Silver's Records
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