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 Mille the Fennekin

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PostSubject: Mille the Fennekin   Mille the Fennekin EmptyWed Sep 13, 2017 10:00 pm

» Name: Mille (Milly/Millie, Mils, or Mil as nicknames)
» Sex: Female
» Species: #653 Fennekin, the Fox Pokemon
» Affiliation: Chef & Pancake Stall Owner

» Level: 5
» Energy: 19
» Ability: Blaze
» Moves:
- Scratch - Level 1
- Tail Whip - Level 1
- Ember - Level 5
- Mirror Coat - Egg Move

» Natural Feats:
- Ear Heater: Fennekin can vent hot air from their ears up to temperatures of 390 °F. This is more used for intimidation than for attacking, though getting too close could still get you burned.
- Twig Burner: Fennekin are able to digest sticks and use them as food. Note: This does not affect a Fennekin character's energy.
- Blaze: Doubles the power of Mille's fire type attacks if she is at low health.

» Relatives:
- Chiffon - Father (Lopunny, NPC)
- Suzette - Mother (Delphox, NPC)

» Personality:
Mille is a very outgoing individual. She pours her heart and soul into everything she does, whether that be cooking, teaching or throwing a surprise party. She is incredibly chatty, even with strangers and doesn't hesitate to strike up a conversation with someone new. That said, she can sometimes be a little too trusting due to growing up in an environment where crime wasn't particularly a worry for her or those she associated with. Although good at what she does, Mille is not perfect and when flaws are pointed out to her, either about herself or -especially- her food, she doesn't always take it so well. She'll often be found to make excuses in public when called out, only to learn from the experience in private where no one can criticize her in front of others.

» Likes:
- Cooking: Mille's dreams and aspirations are all related to her passion and love for cooking. She enjoys baking most of all, but cooking any meals and just general experimentation with food is hugely interesting to Mille and she finds joy in cooking even the smallest things, like pancakes or crepes. If someone brought her an ingredient, she'd happily make something for them with it, she's just that enthusiastic about cooking.

- Fashion: Ever since moving to Grassveil Town, Mille has become interested in the various clothing that the stalls there sell. Her village didn't have anything much similar and Mille is incredibly curious about how colours and fabrics can go together in different styles and forms of clothing. It's more of an interest than a passion.

- Learning New Things: Very much someone who enjoys learning new things, Mille can sometimes get bored if things are the same for too long or she's not dong anything productive. This is one of the reasons why she likes talking to other Pokemon so much, as they can teach her new things about the world and tell her stories she hasn't heard yet.

- Teaching: Although very much invested in her own learning, Mille also feels great accomplishment when she can teach something to others. She would be personally honored if someone were to ask her to teach them about cooking, but she also loves to teach just the simple things that her mother used to teach, like math, reading, and writing. Just passing along these skills to other Pokemon gives her a sense of achievement.

- Chatty Customers: Mille very much enjoys a conversation with her customers and as such doesn't mind taking time out of her day to speak with those who are especially chatty and enthusiastic. Often these little moments are highlights of her day.

- Performing: Perhaps as a part of how outgoing Mille is, she genuinely likes to put on a show. Whether that show is her actual moves when she needs to use them or just a little eccentricity in her cooking. She puts her heart into everything she does and if that comes across to others through her performance then why not!

- The Outdoors: Although it's much harder to cook outdoors, finding a way to do it successfully and spending a day or a night just outside, under the stars or in the warmth of the sun is a past time that Mille sometimes indulges in and immensely enjoys. There's always new shapes in the clouds or constellations to make in the sky after all.

» Dislikes:
- Wasted Food: If someone doesn't like her food, that's entirely fine. Everyone has their own preferences after all. However, she feels that there's no point in wasting food that you don't like, especially if it's perfectly edible and could suit the tastes of someone else. As such, she often finds herself eating things that people try and don't like. Food is her livelihood, and if she wasted all her ingredients she wouldn't be able to obtain her dreams after all.

- Early Mornings: Although sometimes necessary in the restaurant business, Mille would much rather lie in than get up early. Sleeping is comfortable and when you're nice and warm, sometimes you just don't wanna get up. That said, she's tenacious enough to get up when she needs to in order to run her stall. Doesn't mean she enjoys it though.

- Criticism: An essential part of growing and getting better, criticism is a part of the creative process. However, Mille doesn't always take criticism too well. She spends a lot of time and effort on all of her recipes and if something she thought was really good is heavily criticised she can take it to heart. There are definitely things she still has left to learn, but she doesn't always take it well when that evidence is put right in front of her.

- Boredom: With so many interests and people to talk to nowadays, Mille can often get agitated when there's nothing to do, or she can't do anything interesting for a period of time. She'll often sink her time into developing new recipes or looking around the other stalls in Grassveil Town just so she doesn't get bored and antsy.

» History:

Mille grew up in a small village as the only child of her mother, Suzette and her father Chiffon. She had a pleasant early life, growing up with loving parents and a small social circle within the village. Her mother would often teach classes to the village kids, teaching them how to do math and read and write whilst their parents were out working or foraging, and of course Mille also attended these classes, learning all of these skills which would come in handy were she to strike out on her own. Mille's father had a penchant for exploring, and would often enjoy wandering around the surrounding areas of the village. Sometimes he'd discover new things and sometimes he wouldn't, but being outdoors was what he enjoyed.

Mille picked up similar habits. She'd enjoy being outdoors and seeing new things, but she'd also come to like being able to teach her friends all about it. Just seeing them enjoy learning something new gave her the confidence she needed to speak to even strangers who had questions when they passed through the village. She grew up to be a rather social individual, who didn't mind having a brief chit chat with people she'd never met.

Her true love though, would always be cooking. Ever since she was younger, her mother and father had cooked together as a group whenever they had a meal. When Mille was first able to help out, it had just been stirring the pot or bowl. As she grew older she was taught how to cut vegetables and knead bread and eventually she was trusted with experimenting and following her own recipes. What had started as a family task had grown into something that Mille truly loved to do and something that she wanted to spend her life learning more about.

Mille's favourite thing to do, became baking something and sharing it with the village. Simple things like pancakes or bread, but her friends came to love her little bakes and encouraged her to try selling them. She would get a little bit of money from those who passed through their small village, but Mille began to dream of something more. What if one day she could own her own little cafe! Where she could chat to customers all day and serve the pastries she had baked that morning. At first when she imagined her dream, it felt like something unobtainable. But as time went on, her determination to make her dreams into reality grew. She began to genuinely think about how she might do it.

What would she need for her cafe? She'd need the money to build it, or buy a building to make her own. She'd need to either learn to build furniture or buy that too... Of course she would need to hone her craft so that she was the best and it was worth coming to her little cafe. It'd need a name too, but that could come later. Mille would also have to learn how to make coffees and teas and drinks! Oh what a journey it would be!

But she still needed money. That's what it all came down to. Perhaps in some cases she could trade her craft for small favours, but she doubted she could trade an entire building for her cooking without selling her soul or something. But she could definitely earn money by selling her craft. She already had the groundwork for that, having sold those baked goods to travellers before.

Eventually she came to the decision that she should pursue her dream in a larger town. Although she would love to have her cafe in her home village, she could not make enough money there to pay for the buildings that would be necessary. It took her a little while to make plans for her journey to Grassveil Town and when she was satisfied that she had thought it through, she spoke to her family and friends. Although they were understandably sad that she wanted to move away, they were supportive of her dreams and encouraged her to pursue them. Her parents gave her various cooking equipment and a few ingredients to take with her to help get her started, as well as a small amount of money to help pay for the space to rent a stall. Mille's own savings of course also helped towards that.

And so Mille, with a dream to pursue and a way to obtain it in mind, left her home village and headed towards Grassveil Town. She planned on continuing to grow into her profession and open a small stall to get her started. But who knows where it would go from there.

» Other: Mille sometimes carries around the cooking equipment that she brought with her from her village. This includes things like a pan for cooking in, various cooking utensils including spoons and knives, and a few ingredients to get her started (flour, eggs, milk, salt. i.e pancake ingredients).

Trivia: Mille, Suzette and Chiffon are all named after baked things lmao. Mille after mille-feuille, Suzette after crêpes Suzette and Chiffon after chiffon cake xDD

Oh also I should probably mention that the pancake stall is an in-character thing. It doesn't actually sell anything that other users can purchase so I shouldn't need a shop application for it.

(Also energy shizz for my own future reference ^^')
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Edit: Added in a feat for Mille's ability, Blaze.

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PostSubject: Re: Mille the Fennekin   Mille the Fennekin EmptySat Sep 16, 2017 5:55 am

Character has been approved!

Mille the Fennekin EhE9E7v

Please head over HERE to create your Character Records.  Once you've completed that, go have fun and roleplay!

Welcome To The End:

Character Records

Oh yeah, and I dabble in pixel art.  If you're interested, check out my shop.

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Mille the Fennekin
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