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 Synd'r the Vulpix

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PostSubject: Synd'r the Vulpix   Synd'r the Vulpix EmptySat Apr 11, 2015 8:05 pm

» Name: Synd'r
» Gender: Female
» Species: #037 Vulpix, The Fox Pokémon
» Affiliation: Herself, Reisei. Formerly associated with the Black Quill Thieves.

» Level: 5
» Energy: 16
» Ability: Flash Fire
» Moves:
- Ember - Fire, Start
- Tail Whip - Normal, Lvl 4
- Hypnosis - Psychic, Egg Move

» Personality:
Synd'r is the type of pokemon who prides herself on her independence and quick thinking. She is confident in herself and her abilities and this is something that will often come across to those she encounters. She's one to enjoy messing with people and getting under their skin for her own amusement, especially as she knows her limits and such things help her to feel in control of a situation. Since the retirement and subsequent disbanding of the Black Quill Thieves, Synd'r has become a little lonely as she doesn't really have anyone to share her experiences and thoughts with as she had before. However, with her stubborn nature, she refuses to admit such and as a result holds her 'friends' at arms length. This aspect of her personality does not prevent her from acting friendly towards others when it benefits her, such as to get close to a mark or glean useful information from others.
Despite her reservations about actively declaring a relationship as a 'friendship', Synd'r is incredibly loyal to anyone who manages to earn her trust, as trust is remarkably hard to come by as a thief and future outlaw. She would go extremely far to protect those whom she knows she can rely on and is not afraid to make their problems her own.

» Likes:
Strength of Character - Though she might not like an individual personally, Synd'r is one to respect someone who is willing to stand up for their beliefs, morals and ideals, even if said beliefs and morals don't match up with her own. She deems this an admirable quality for anyone to have.

Feathers - As her 'token' and symbol of the Black Quill Tribe, Synd'r has always loved feathers. They represent her home and family, as well as the freedom to be able to travel wherever you wish. As such, Synd'r is also a fan of bird pokemon and likes to watch them from afar as they soar through the skies.

Snowy Weather - Being a fire type, Synd'r doesn't often feel the cold so that side of it isn't much of a problem for her. As such, she is able to appreciate the beauty of ice and snow without the negative side. As a youngster, she also never saw snow very often, she she finds it interesting and beautiful when it does. Gentle snowfall is also something that easily relaxes her temper.

» Dislikes:
Betrayal - In the field that she specialises in, loyalty is everything. As a criminal, she cannot operate if those she is counting on are not loyal and trustworthy, and so to Synd'r, being disloyal and betraying her is the worst offense. She doesn't care if someone is an asshole, but if they betray her trust they're likely to find themselves on the recieving end of quite the beating.

Being Alone - Though something she will actively deny for the rest of her life, Synd'r doesn't actually like being alone. She likes the company of others, she just finds it hard to let others in as she's always had a set close few individuals that she knows she can trust. This is one of the reasons why she continues to search for Reisei

Rock/Flying Types - Mostly Aerodactyl, though she is cautious around the Archen line as well. This is due to the fact that the entire reason she was separated from Reisei was because of her and her friends' joint weakness to this specific duo of types and as a result neither could overpower them.

» History:
Eight months previous to Synd'r's birth a Gardevoir revealed that a child with the dimensional scream ability would be born, forseeing the future and unknowingly divulging this information to the leader of the - then infamous - Black Quill Thieves.

Eight months later, Synd'r was born and it was only a matter of weeks before the thieves took advantage of the information that the Gardevoir had given them. They wanted the dimensional scream ability for themselves, both for it's rarity and for it's usefulness. If the myths were true it allowed one glimpses of either the past or the future that could be triggered by certain objects, and this was an ability that - if used correcty - could become  invaluable to the thieves.

Tracking Synd'r's family down wasn't difficult due to the information the naive Gardevoir had given them. Soon enough they attacked the family, defeating a young Synd'r's birth parents but leaving them alive to watch as the notorious thieves stole their only daughter away. Oblivious to what was going on around her, Synd'r remained asleep until early the next morning.

To begin with, Synd'r was wary of the thieves, not recognising their faces, but as time went on and they showed their compassion for the child Vulpix, she eventually warmed up to them. A few notable members of the Black Quill Thieves were;
  • A Lilligant by the name of Brooke, who had looked after her when she was younger due to most other members not knowing how to raise a youngster. Brooke was almost like a mother to Synd'r during her early years with the Black Quill Thieves.
  • A Zoroark by the name of Roka. The son of the founder of the Black Quill Thieves and leader during the time that Synd'r spent with them, Roka was responsible for the group's running and upkeep, punishing those who would dare to betray them or harm a member of the group. When he wasn't occupied with this job he would often spend casual time with the members of the Black Quill Thieves and became especially close with Synd'r as he watched her grow up. Synd'r considers him a sort of father figure.

Synd'r was brought up by the Black Quill Thieves, valuing them as her family and friends; comrades who would help her if she needed it. She soon forgot about her birth parents, her memories of them being repressed in favour of her new family. As a result of being raised by thieves, she was taught to be a thief herself and, as she learned more about how her dimensional scream ability worked, was able to use the ability to aid the Black Quill Thieves with their elaborate heists.

After one especially successful theft, which resulted in more profit than any of the Black Quills could have dreamed of, the region's officers were beginning to close in on the thieves and so the group opted to retire and use their wealth to fund a relaxed life where no police officer could touch them. Roka, Brooke and all the others agreed to part ways, but keep their 'tokens'; the items that would identify them to any other wandering Black Quill member should they ever run into each other again.

Synd'r was upset to know that her family was going to separate, but decided to take advantage of the opportunity and make a name for herself without her skills being overshadowed by the other Black Quill thieves. She already has many counts of thievery to her name, though she is not yet actively known by the authorities and thus does not yet have a wanted poster. She aimed to make herself a reputation in the region's underbelly, whilst keeping mostly to herself. However, she still wore three black and white banded feathers behind her left ear; her 'token' from her time with the Black Quill Thieves.

One summer's evening, when casing an area for a potential theft, Synd'r came upon a Meditite brawling with a pack of Poochyena. The dog-like pokemon were protecting their territory, which the Meditite had unknowingly strayed into. The Meditite managed to defeat all of the Poochyena, but not without sustaining heavy damage herself to the point where she ended up falling unconscious shortly afterward.
Impressed with the Meditite's skills, Synd'r resolved to try and 'recruit' the Meditite to her cause. Strength like that would be useful for thefts that were impossible to complete alone. The Vulpix used her knowledge of basic herbs and berries to treat the Meditite's wounds and whilst the Poochyena pack were unconscious, carried the Meditite away from the area.

Upon waking, the Meditite introduced herself as Reisei, and revealed that though she was incredibly grateful for Synd'r's help, could not give the Vulpix anything in return. Having ulterior motives than just payment for helping Reisei in the first place, Synd'r didn't mind, and instead the duo struck up conversation. Synd'r told Reisei of some of her own travels, and learned that the mysterious Meditite had some form of amnesia and could no longer remember anything about herself except for her name and how to fight using her skills and the unique weapon she carried. Even more intrigued by this pokemon, Synd'r had been considering ways to recruit the Meditite when Reisei surprised her with a question.

"Could I.. tag along with you...?" the Meditite had asked quietly, "Just until I remember something about myself."

Reisei had proceeded to politely apologise for being so forthright, and claimed that she knew she already owed the Vulpix her life, but felt that travelling to many different places was more likely to help her regain her lost memories.
Of course, Synd'r couldn't be happier that Reisei had suggested such a thing and accepted on the condition that Reisei help out occasionally with the things she needed to do. Reisei agreed, and that warm summer evening was the beginning of their alliance.

As days went by, Reisei made it clear that she would do whatever she could to help Synd'r in order to thank her for saving her life. At first, Synd'r took subtle advantage of this, making Reisei do menial things that she didn't wish to do, but as time went by, the two developed a closer bond. One that could be akin to friendship if Synd'r hadn't obstinately declared otherwise.

The pair performed various thefts together, mostly small things that could be sold quickly and easily and would allow Reisei to deveop skills that were more on par with Synd'r's own. They continued like this, training themselves and growing used to each other's skills and company, until one fateful day when they found themselves face to face with a group of powerful Aerodactyl. Rei and Syn had always covered each other pretty well, but with the Rock/Flying types having moves to deal with both the Meditite and the Vulpix, the two battled hard but ended up separated in the fight and agreed to retreat and find each other later.

Synd'r ran until the Aerodactyl stopped chasing her, and as far as she knew Reisei did the same. Taking a short while to recover her breath, the Vulpix headed back to find Reisei, only to find both the Meditite and the Aerodactyl group gone. Unsure what to do, she remained in the area for a while just to wait and look for Reisei. As more time passed and even her ability failing to enlighten her on what happened, Synd'r relucantly left and headed for the nearest town, hoping to find some information on the Aerodactyl group that might lead her to her friend.

At current time it's been about a month and a half since she lost Reisei, and though Synd'r still refuses to openly consider the Meditite a friend, continues to search for her in her travels..

» Other:
  • The name Synd'r is based on the Yiddish for cinder (סינדער).
  • Synd'r wears three black and white striped feathers behind her left ear as a 'token' proving her position as part of the Black Quill Thieves before they disbanded. Example: Link
  • She possesses the Dimensional Scream ability.

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PostSubject: Re: Synd'r the Vulpix   Synd'r the Vulpix EmptySat Apr 11, 2015 8:24 pm


Character has been APPROVED!
Please head over HERE to create your Character Records.
Once you've completed that, go have fun and roleplay!


Synd'r the Vulpix OvDQUbE

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Synd'r the Vulpix
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