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 Jet the Buizel

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PostSubject: Jet the Buizel   Jet the Buizel EmptyTue Apr 01, 2014 4:55 pm

» Name: Jet
» Gender: Male
» Species: #418 - Buizel, the Sea Weasel Pokémon
» Affiliation: Hopes to join the Guild

» Level: 5
» Energy: 19
» Ability: Swift Swim
» Moves:
- Sonicboom {Start}
- Growl {Lv. 4}
- Aqua Tail {Egg}
- N/A

» Likes:

  • Training/battling to help toughen himself up. He wants to get stronger so that he can actually take care of himself properly and protect/help Pokémon who really need it
  • Sweet foods. Primarily Sitrus, Watmel and his favorite: Wacan Berries
  • Adventuring. Since he used to be confined to one area of the world, he enjoys seeing new places
  • Explorers. Ever since he was young, he's had a fascination with the actions of explorers and always stopped to watch them from a distance if he ever saw one.
  • Safety. He hates being put into dangerous situations and prefers thinking and observing from a distance. However, this can conflict with his desire to help other Pokémon, so he tries to fight this impulse and step up to the plate often.

» Dislikes:

  • Crime without proper reason. He has a strong moral compass will not stand for criminal activity if he discovers it.
  • Spicy foods. He is overly sensitive to the taste and thus cannot stand very much spice
  • Bullies/Abusive Pokémon. Due to past experiences, he despises Pokémon that pick on others or use others only for their own personal gain
  • Pain. Due to his abused past, he is overly fearful of taking damage to the point where, until he learns to control his fearful instincts, he can make himself an easy target when threatened
  • Failing. He can't stand failing a task he has set his mind to and refuses to accept defeat until his body fails him. Especially if it involves helping another Pokémon in need...he believes that he has let the Pokémon down if he fails them and quickly starts blaming himself for everything that went wrong.

» Personality: Jet is a naturally timid Pokémon who usually likes keeping to himself. However, he has a powerful moral compass and will strive to help any Pokémon he discovers that needs it...even if he knows that he won't be of much help. He will simply refuse to abandon anybody in trouble. He also has very little to no self-confidence, and is often blaming himself for everything that goes wrong, even if he is not at fault. He accepts all criticisms while trying to undermine compliments. He believes that he is worth nothing, and will do anything to prove to both himself and others that his life has meaning...and he does this primarily by helping other Pokémon, which makes him feel really good about himself and that he's actually accomplishing something.

» History: Jet was born and raised by Floatzel parents in the Cattail Marsh. For the first few years of his life, he did well enough. But when he was old enough to start learning to fight, things got worse. He soon discovered that his battle skills were virtually non-existent compared to his family and he was constantly pushed and berated by everybody he knew about his strength. He was often even teased and beaten up. Even his own parents would smack him around once in a while for supposedly being "worthless." The only thing his parents were ever proud of was his ability to master their signature move: Aqua Tail in a very short amount of time. They never appreciated his high level of intelligence. He quickly took to using this to his advantage and tried to fight like a tactician...but this earned only disrespect and branding as a coward.

The only things that kept Jet happy or sane were the explorers that would occasionally enter the marsh. He found them fascinating to watch from a distance and would watch as they helped other Pokémon. He began to greatly admire them, and strongly wished that he were strong enough to do what they can. This desire was grown greatly one day when he found himself cornered and hurt by another Buizel who had been enjoying kicking him around like a ball. A Pokémon he didn't recognize saved him that day by defeating the other Buizel. He never spoke with him, and he never got a good look at him...only the familiar badge that he had seen other Explorers wearing as they came in and out.

As a result, Jet eventually worked up the courage to leave home, fleeing from his abusive situation. His destination? Grassveil Town and the Exploration Guild he had eventually come to learn about. If there was any place that could teach him to help other Pokémon just like the one who had saved him did...it was the Grassveil Guild. Or at least, so he believed.

» Other: Father and mother are both Floatzel...and as a result of their abuse and pressure, he has developed an irrational fear of Floatzel. He is also a recent arrival to Grassveil, having been travelling from his home at a slower-than-average pace due to his careful and timid nature and he knows virtually nothing about the town.

Last edited by Digizel on Tue Apr 01, 2014 4:56 pm; edited 1 time in total (Reason for editing : Made description because I wanted to)
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Jet the Buizel Empty
PostSubject: Re: Jet the Buizel   Jet the Buizel EmptyTue Apr 01, 2014 9:44 pm

Character has been APPROVED!
Please head over HERE to create your Character Records.
Once you've completed that, go have fun and roleplay!

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Jet the Buizel
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