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 Miss Treavus the Misdreavus

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PostSubject: Miss Treavus the Misdreavus   Miss Treavus the Misdreavus EmptyWed Jan 28, 2015 12:32 am

Miss Treavus the Misdreavus 250px-200Misdreavus

» Name: Genevieve Treavus
» Gender: Female
» Species: Misdreavus, the Screech Pokemon (#200)
» Affiliation: Shop-keep

» Level: 5
» Energy: BE: 17, 22 energy at level 5
» Ability: Levitate
» Moves:
-Growl (start)
-Psywave (start)
-Spite (lvl. 5)
-Shadow Sneak (Egg Move)

» Personality: Miss T prefers to appear mysterious to others, as she lives up to her ghostly name. Although she can be quite a know-it-all once she finally decides to seem less mysterious and chooses to speak, it's that quality that allows her to better understand other Pokemon, and talk to them in a way they understand. She's one of those Pokemon who always carries around a book: the best source of knowledge. She's very observant, as she likes to identify plant types and their effects silently in her head, so she views everything and restates her knowledge of it. If she went to a library, she would never want to leave. The only Pokemon she could ever possibly get along with are those who are very similar to her, otherwise she'd rather not spend any more time with them.

» Likes:
Appearing intelligent: For as long as Miss T discovered she had a telent in brewery, she would always love to show it off, especially her parents, to be looked up upon.
Seeming mysterious: As listed above, she likes to seem mysterious and interesting, more so than other Pokemon, and enough so to recieve the attention she never got from her parents.
Learning new things: Because she loves to seem smart, T can't wait to learn new things. Something she didn't know about would spark her interest, especially if it had anything to do with her job.
Reading: Whether it's a non-fiction or fiction, reading allowed Gina to pass the time, learn new things, or get her creativity flowing and inspiring  more potion ideas.
Quiet: Because the Misdreavus is a meditator, quiet makes her feel nice and calm and able to focus.

» Dislikes:
Accusations: Whether it's about herself or even other Pokemon, she hates it when a Pokemon follows stereotypes or presumptions about herself and others, because ghost-types deal with a lot of this.
Repetition: In her view, things don't have to be said more than once, otherwise it's annoying. She never had to reread anything, so why listen to something a second time?
Hyperactive Pokemon: She can't stand Pokemon always bouncing off the walls, as it is distracting, and loud.
Interruptions: As interrupting the middle of reading is obnoxious, disturbing her while meditating is fatal, and bothering her while crafting potions is even more dangerous, it's probably best to leave this Pokemon alone while she's busy.
Failing: If any of her potions fail, or she is incorrect about something, she not only gets upset, but can accidentally harm the Pokemon she was originally trying to help, if the broken potion has bad affects.

» History: Genevieve grew up at the very peak of Blackmist Mountain, living in a town full of ghost-types. Because of their natures, most parents never bothered to take care of their children, and only taught them basic stuff and left them on their own. Due to the fact that this was how all ghosts were raised there, everyone saw it as normal and not cruel. She still lived with her parents, and lived off of what they provided her, but they never spoke to each other. When T was 3 months old, she began exploring the Mountain and its properties. From what she was told, she discovered the peak was made out of a mysterious rock that induced hallucinations in Pokemon other than ghosts. This intrigued Miss T to study such things, and pursued such a hobby. When her other friends would invite her to play and explore throughout her young life, she would tag along only to obseve herbs and their effects. All of her friends called her T, because she never told them her first name, which she always hated. Her parents could've named her something cool, which is why she went by "Miss T", which sounded like "Misty," just the kind of name she always wanted.
Eventually, when she was old enough to move away from her parents, she got her own house, which was the actual very peak of the mountain. Within the hollowed point, she dedicated her studies and work into her home lab, mixing and testing herbs and rocks. Many explorers made it to the peak, and were terribly affected by the illusions, which gave Genevieve the chance to experiment on real subjects. From what she observed, she decided on using a series of ingredients to brew a concoction that would relieve the Pokemon of their infliction, and surprisingly enough, it worked. Even though this caused the Pokemon to accuse her of witchcraft, she continued to create a variety of potions to see how they worked. The happiness and knowledge such a job brought her inspired her to become the town's healer, creating powerful elixers to enhance the ghosts' powers and abilities. However, the lack of profit from this hard-working job was sickening, so the Misdreavus eventually decided on opening a shop in another town, none other than Grassveil. There, she knew she could make Poke off of her ingenious ideas and creations, the benefit greater than helping others for free.

» Other: She's a witch. Yep.

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PostSubject: Re: Miss Treavus the Misdreavus   Miss Treavus the Misdreavus EmptyThu Jan 29, 2015 5:21 pm

Extra comments

Character has been APPROVED!
Please head over HERE to create your Character Records.
Once you've completed that, go have fun and roleplay!


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Miss Treavus the Misdreavus
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