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 Varda the Swablu

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PostSubject: Varda the Swablu   Varda the Swablu EmptyWed Aug 13, 2014 1:50 am


» Name: Varda
» Gender: Male
» Species: Swablu, the Cotton Bird Pokémon (#333)
» Type: Normal/Flying
» Affiliation: Wanderer

» Level: 5
» Energy: 19
» Ability: Natural Cure
» Moves:
-Peck (Start) | Flying | Physical
-Growl (Start) | Normal | Status
-Haze (Egg) | Ice | Status
-Astonish (Level 4) | Ghost | Physical

» Height: 1'04" (0.4 m)
» Weight: 2.6 lbs. (1.2 kg)
» Appearance:
    Varda is a Swablu and looks similar to most of the other members of his species. He's a small, bird-like Pokémon with a round, slightly pear-shaped body, covered in light blue, soft feathers. Not having an easily discernible neck, it seems like his entire body is just made of a head and not much else. The Swablu's eyes face forwards and are like two small, dark beads with a slight blueish tint – and one couldn't forget the two distinct long and floppy feathers sticking out from the top of his head, often swaying in the wind. Varda does have other features one might expect a bird to have, such as a rounded, white beak and small white, stubby feet – and some long and stiff light blue tail feathers, of course. His most distinguishing features, however, most likely would be his wings. The large, pure white wings are very soft and fluffy, almost like like clouds or balls of cotton – making it quite obvious why the Cotton Bird Pokémon is called the way it is.

» Likes:
  • Grooming – Varda is a clean Pokémon, and what feels better than grooming? Nothing, that is. You become clean and it feels nice? Count him in. It's also a favor the Swablu will return happily, as he enjoys grooming others as well.
  • Juicy berries – They are absolutely delicious.
  • Soft surfaces – Perfect for sitting and sleeping on, very comfortable.
  • Friendly Pokémon – Varda does like to be around others, especially friends! He likes to be very close to them too. Very, very close.
  • Getting orders – The Swablu just isn't very good at making his own decisions and he often ends up feeling quite lost as to what he should do. If he doesn't have to think too hard and someone tells him what to do, it's a lot easier for him.

» Dislikes:
  • Cold – Ice, snow, cold weather, doesn't matter. Varda gets cold very easily and that can make him sick, so of course he avoids anything too cold and tries to stay warm!
  • Strong wind – Having weak wings, he really doesn't have the strength to fight against the wind and fly without being thrown all over the place. It's not nice.
  • Spicy things – Varda's tongue just can't stand the heat, such strong flavors will only force him to spit it all out and quickly get something to drink.
  • Being made fun of – Even though Varda most likely won't realize it on his own, if someone manages to convince him that people are laughing at him... Well, that would break his heart.
  • Fighting – Varda doesn't like to be a part of a fight, whether being the one attacking or the one taking a beating. If it is at all possible, he would rather avoid such situations – though, if running away is not an option or if someone else is unable to get away from the situation with him, he couldn't just abandon someone! He would have to try to help and protect them somehow! It's safe to say that Varda's never the one attacking first though, and only fights in self-defense.

» Personality:
    Varda is, to put it bluntly, quite oblivious and slow. Perhaps it is a good thing, as he seems like someone who really enjoys life – even when it's not going all that well. It certainly makes him have a rather positive mindset, which might be the biggest advantage he has. A simple Pokémon only needs very simple things to stay comfortable after all. His slowness doesn't really seem to, well, slow him down at all, as the Swablu seemingly is able to live his life perfectly fine following his own tempo – and not much seems to be able to throw him off, either! It does seem almost as if he's living in his own little secluded world, almost like there exists a bubble around him where he sees everything through rose-tinted glasses, creating his perfect little utopia that doesn't actually exist but one he is able to see. A world where he belongs – and most importantly, a world he understands. In his own, simple mind, at least.

    His simplicity is a double-edged sword, however. Even though the Swablu doesn't really seem to understand what he's missing, he truly isn't the sharpest crayon in the box. His thoughts can be very childish and naïve, and there just is so much he doesn't understand when it comes to the world around him. And he can be fooled by others so easily too, being such an easy target that he most likely won't even notice any wrongdoings towards him if no one else tells him about it! It's almost as if he can't even fathom that others might be mean or even outright evil. Varda barely has any experience of anything and he lacks quite a lot of basic knowledge. Perhaps he's not outright stupid and perhaps he could learn with enough time and a patient teacher, but his ignorance and slowness aren't really going to make anyone deem him a genius. And it's not like anyone could be blamed for that – that just is how he is, and he's probably never going to get exactly sharp, either.

    Varda still tries his best, despite it all. It might not be enough, but he's not one to quit and give up. He might do it slowly and in a stupid way, but there just is so much determination behind those beady little eyes of his despite repeated failures. His failures don't even seem to affect him much, as he rarely outright asks for help if he thinks he might get it on his 60th try – though he certainly accepts help if offered! The Swablu has such a big heart, as well. While he's not the loudest and most hyper Pokémon there is, he is still very friendly and extremely accepting. If left on his own, he is rather quiet and passive, letting others decide what he should do... But he is very polite, gentle and eager to please, just wanting everyone to have a great time and be friends together. He's even willing to do menial work no one else likes just so everyone else will be happier.

    The Swablu might even seem fearless at points, considering how he seems to be able to approach dangerous situations with a calm mind and without even blinking. One shouldn't be fooled, however. It's not bravery, it's just Varda's slowness at play. He might not immediately realize how dangerous something is or how close he was to just losing his life until a moment later – and then he would panic.

» History:
    Varda was born to a flock consisting of many different kinds of bird Pokémon – though Murkrow seemed to be the most common. His mother was a kind and caring Altaria, while his father was a Honchkrow – and the leader of the flock, having inherited his position from his parents who had gained it from their parents and so on. It was a tradition that had been very important to the flock for generations and the leadership position stayed in one family, always given to the oldest child of the ruling pair once they were ready. As such, Varda was a long-awaited egg to be hatched, being the first child of the current leader. He was going to eventually inherit the title and position of his father, so he was quite important to his parents.

    Perhaps he wasn't exactly what they had been expecting. The Swablu was small, weak and sickly right from the start, not exactly the strong, healthy child the leader was supposed to have. While they hoped that he would get better as he grew older, Varda was mostly shielded from, well, everything during his childhood. Just in case so nothing would happen due to how weak he was, so he was supposed to spend most of his time in the nest. He wasn't allowed to push himself too hard or play like the rest, so that he wouldn't get hurt. He didn't really see that many Pokémon or develop friendships like that, only having his family around himself to talk to and no one else. Perhaps... That also was a part of the plan. Perhaps no one was supposed to see the leader's son in such a weak condition.

    His father would have been lying if he claimed to not be ashamed of Varda – though he certainly did not want to feel that way. It felt a bit unfair, as the child hadn't really done anything wrong and he honestly was a good kid. Just... Not up to the standards everyone held him up to. The Swablu never even seemed to realize that his father even had such feelings towards him, always so happy and acting like nothing was wrong. Perhaps the sheltered and secluded lifestyle Varda had to live also was a reason why he never seemed to grow much physically or mentally, either. As he never really had to do anything or even try to improve as his life was comfortable enough without, he couldn't push himself hard enough to become better. While his father especially had hoped that his son would become more of a leader as he grew older, it never happened. Varda stayed the same as he was since his birth: weak and simple, though still a loving son.

    As time passed, Varda even got a little brother. And boy was that baby different. Said little brother was much healthier and active, growing up to be even bigger than his brother – but he was still the little brother to Varda, of course. His brother clearly had all the signs of a leader however, becoming quite apparent as he aged. Stronger, smarter, faster and with actual leadership skills to boot, it was clear who really should have taken the spot after their father was supposed to give up his position. It was something the leader – and the father of the two – noticed, but unfortunately for them all, he couldn't possibly just let his second child become the leader and save them all the heartache. It would go against their tradition, which would surely enrage the flock. But then again, if Varda was put in charge, he surely couldn't do it and something awful would happen to the flock due to poor leadership! It was a dilemma that was constantly on the Honchkrow's mind, making it quite difficult to even spend time with Varda. He loved his son, but Varda just... Wasn't fit for the job he was supposed to do. He was a disappointment, honestly. But by going against their tradition and having the younger brother take the spot, he would just insult his own bloodline and outright accept that his children weren't good enough!

    Perhaps it was a curse or perhaps it was a blessing, but there was no choice to be made in the end. One day, a terrible storm came. Rain, thunder – and most importantly, a lot of wind. The strong wind was difficult for even the stronger and older Pokémon to handle, but someone like Varda? He never stood a chance. The moment he accidentally stepped away from cover was when the wind caught him, throwing him into the air and carrying the poor Pokémon along. It all happened in such a short time that the Swablu had flown so far away before anyone even managed to react! He couldn't fight it, his wings weren't able to flap fast enough to get back to safety. And in the darkness, no one even saw where exactly he was flying, thought surely they would notice his disappearance eventually.

    Varda didn't know where he was going, either. He was pushed by the wind for quite a while before the storm finally calmed down and the wind with it. His already poor sense of direction didn't have a chance after the wild ride – and once his head stopped spinning and he was able to actually see properly, his surroundings looked completely different! He was somewhere where he had never been before – which honestly could have meant he was just about a hundred feet away from his home, but it didn't change the fact that he was awfully lost with no idea where he was supposed to go. Obviously he had to get back though, and fast! Surely everyone was so worried about him, so he had no time to lose. A bit sore after bumping into things, he took off carefully and started to look for a way back home, back to his flock.

» Other:
  • Lacking fingers – and usable hands in the first place – Varda has to use his feet to manipulate things that require dexterity. They are rather nimble.
  • He is quite weak physically. He can fly quite well, but having to carry heavy things would be more or less impossible and the wind can easily send his light body flying in the direction it is blowing.
  • Varda tends to get sick very easily, especially in the cold.
  • Has a high-pitched, chirpy voice. Can also sing like a bird.
  • Is quite good at grooming others!
  • ...Has a very poor sense of direction, though, and gets lost easily.
  • Doesn't eat meat or fish. They don't really agree with his stomach.


I hope my additions aren't too silly. If something needs to be changed or if I made a mistake, just let me now and I'll get to it. Sorry to bother you, though! I would have added a picture too, but I'm not allowed to yet. Later, then.
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PostSubject: Re: Varda the Swablu   Varda the Swablu EmptyWed Aug 13, 2014 3:04 am

Looks good, approved!!
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Varda the Swablu
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