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 Flashing to a New Perspective

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Flashing to a New Perspective Empty
PostSubject: Flashing to a New Perspective   Flashing to a New Perspective EmptyThu Sep 10, 2015 2:22 am

Lumina looked down at the fire stone, sitting on the leafy ground amid the curling, tattered remains of a lost patch of fabric. Did she really want to do this? She knew there were plenty of vulpix that went their whole lives without becoming a ninetales, and they were perfectly happy with their lives. She knew that upon evolution, she'd be giving up the complete mastery over fire that she'd known practically her whole life.

In exchange for the promised longevity and psychic powers, a ninetales had to give up that mastery over fire. Fire was Lumina's whole life; it existed inside her as a burning flame, gave her life and spirit, and she felt it in every move that she made, every emotion she felt, the burning flame was there, ready to do her bidding in every way possible. Could she really give up that constant companionship for... what, a few more years on her life?

But... she'd spent so long searching for a fire stone. It had been a harrowing journey to this point; months of searching for one, and then the ordeal she'd just been through trying to get the damnable thing back from an outlaw who thought'd be a good idea to steal from her!

Plus, she'd spend most of her life looking up to her mother -who was a ninetales. She admired her mother's wisdom and quiet strength. She'd wanted to be just like her mother ever since she was a small kit. Now she had the chance, and she was hesitating? She shook her head. Perhaps she was being ridiculous.

This is what she'd been working and waiting for practically her whole life! Lumina nodded to herself determinedly. She wasn't going to wait for some jerk to come along and steal it before she could use it -again. She was going to do it... NOW!

She laid her paw on the fire stone firmly, and for a second nothing happened. Lumina's heart sunk, and she suddenly felt cold. Why wasn't it working? What if she cou- and then her world turned white.

She could feel her body changing, getting larger and her tails seemed to be splitting. After several minutes of the bright flashing light, it died, and where once a small vulpix sat, a magnificent ninetales stood proudly.

Lumina blinked open her eyes and looked around the world with new eyes and a new perspective. What had she been so worried about? This feeling of power was intoxicating. She breathed in sharply and she could feel the thrum of energy around her, and the small flame that was still inside of her. She knew that her mastery over fire was gone, but she could still control it; it was still a part of her.

Lumina knew that she could do anything now.

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Flashing to a New Perspective
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