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 Windrose Scouts Signup

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PostSubject: Windrose Scouts Signup   Windrose Scouts Signup - Page 2 EmptyWed Sep 02, 2015 6:59 pm

First topic message reminder :

- The Windrose Scouts -
Link to approved IO application.
Link to approved changes application.

Russell | @Solilo

Deimos | @blade12


An organisation that focuses on gathering information, the Windrose Scouts (WS for short) was formed by a Burmy(now Mothim) named Russell, who dreams of creating a full map of the world. His reasoning for forming the organisation was to gather friends and allies who might help him achieve his dream, whilst he also helped them achieve theirs. As such, the WS doesn't just map the world, but they also investigate various mysteries and oddities that are found in the world, both in the name of creating a world map, and to discover the reason behind mystery dungeons and their ever-changing properties which prevents such places from being mapped.

Features of the Windrose Scouts

Being so focused on gaining knowledge of the world, one of the WS's main purposes is to investigate various rumours. These rumours are posted on a board in the library and any WS member can take a rumour and investigate it. Once the rumour has been investigated, the character(and as such their Rper) must produce a report documenting the rumour and clarifying whether said rumour had any truth to it, or was completely false. Each report submitted concerning a rumour is eligible for a reward, though it is encouraged to work in pairs and write a joint report if writing at length is harder for you. Although there is no word minimum, better-written reports will get better rewards.

Reports about rumours are not the only reports that can be submitted in exchange for various rewards. In their quest for knowledge of all places, members may also submit 'Location Reports' about the general appearance, features and native populations of a specific dungeon or place. Location Reports are eligible for rewards even if they are not the first report submitted for a dungeon or place, as long as the member(s) that have written that report have not written about that location previously. Members can still gain more rewards from a second report about the same location if the report contains information that their previous location report did not.

Another feature of being a member of the Windrose Scouts is access to the 'Collection Box', which contains items that can either be taken for free, or have a trade tag attached to enable simple trades between WS members.

The Windrose Scouts are based in Fallen Leaf Copse, in a place called The Windrose Library. This library functions as both a residential area for its members and a giant library and archive. It is skillfully built into a large tree and cannot be located easily from the outside unless you have prior knowledge of its location. Those that do know of its location may only access the entrance floor of the library and some of the dormitories, unless they are a member of the Scouts at the Experienced Scout rank.

There are only two 'ranks' within the Windrose Scouts, Novice Scouts and Experienced Scouts and members may work up to the latter rank by completing a challenge set by Russell. Novice Scouts are only allowed on the entrance floor and below, whereas Experienced Scouts are acknowledged by Russell and can access the rest of the library. This is a precaution set by Russell to prevent people from using the information the Scouts gain for the wrong reasons.

Anyone who joins the Windrose Scouts may change their home dungeon to Fallen Leaf Copse if they wish for their character to live within the Windrose Library as long as they are an approved member.

Due to the investigative nature of the organisation, it is also possible that the Windrose Scouts may be responsible for discovering new dungeons through various WS exclusive mini-events. So if you decide to join, keep an eye out for those opportunities!

As of 3/3/2019, we will also be allowing people to submit concepts for dungeons and rumours even if none of their characters are members of the Windrose Scouts, however non-members may only partake in threads containing these sorts of investigations or events if there is a Scout member in the thread with their character. Non-WS members will also not be able to claim any rewards even if they helped write a report about a rumour.
If you wish to submit a rumour or dungeon concept, please PM me (@Solilo) or contact me on discord.

Short Version: Features;

• Exploring various rumours and phenomenon that are otherwise inaccessible.
• Forming reports based on your findings and discoveries in exchange for rewards.
• A mini trade center of sorts, exclusive to WS members.
• Potential mini-events exclusive to WS members.
• Discovering new dungeons.
• All members get a free personalised journal item once they reach Experienced rank.

Windrose Scouts Signup - Page 2 Bag_Gracidea_Sprite  Windrose Scouts Signup - Page 2 Bag_Basement_Key_Sprite Windrose Scouts Signup - Page 2 Bag_Gracidea_Sprite

Entry Requirements

There are a few requirements for joining the Windrose Scouts, including the form you will have to fill out a bit later if you decide you want to join. Most of these 'requirements' are things that need to be settled OOC due to the library not being as well known as say, Grassveil Guild is.

As such, it's unlikely for a character to merely walk into the library and join like you could with a Guild and one of the requirements for joining is that you must discuss with me, or another member, how you will find out about the Windrose Scouts and/or the library. This can be completely settled out-of-character and is merely done so Rpers have a reference in case it comes up at any point in future threads.

Upon approval of your sign-up form, your character will become a Novice Scout. In order to become an Experienced Scout and gain access to the rest of the library in-character, your character must also undergo and complete a small challenge of sorts. These are not designed to be hard, and are more Russell's way of testing your character's, well, character. In-character, Russ will make up a challenge on the spot, but OOC these usually consist of three different options for you to choose from. Once the challenge is completed, you will write a summarising report as one would for a Location or Rumour Report. When you are given your reward for this report, your character will become an Experienced Scout!

If you wish to do one of these challenges to gain the Experienced rank, merely PM me or speak ot me on discord.

There are a few more, solid rules that concern both joining the Windrose Scouts and being a member. These are as follows:

Windrose Scouts Signup - Page 2 Bag_Adventure_Rules_Sprite

Out of Character Rules

  • » Previously, a  member of the Windrose Scouts could not be a member of any other organisation. This is no longer the case and you may be both a member of the Scouts and other organisations such as Peak Academy, Grassveil Guild, etc.
  • » For a character to become a member of the WS, they must have some interest in exploring and discovering more about the world. As the head of WS, I will personally check character bios to make sure your character is suitable and that they aren't just being made to join so you as a RPer can gain the perks the WS offers.
  • » Outlaws can join WS, but are restricted to the Novice Scouts rank. This does not affect their ability to take on and complete rumours or WS events, only their IC ability to access information. Characters who occasionally do something morally grey and reformed outlaws are allowed to become Experienced Scouts, but the latter must somehow prove their reformation.
  • » Upon joining the Windrose Scouts, the RPer must decide whether or not their character's home dungeon will switch to Fallen Leaf Copse in order to live within the library.

In-Character Rules
Note that breach of any of these rules is grounds to remove your character from the Windrose Scouts.

  • » Characters must report all their findings to the library. If you accept the role of investigating a rumour, you will be expected to produce a subsequent report. (This goes for OOC too.)
  • » Characters must complete one challenge, the nature of which will be decided by Russell, before they can become an Experienced Scout and gain access to the restricted parts of the library.
  • » Experienced Scouts must not allow Novice Scouts or non-members into the restricted areas of the library.

Windrose Scouts Signup - Page 2 Bag_Adventure_Rules_Sprite

If your character is eligible after going through those OOC rules, then feel free to fill in the form below! When a form is accepted, your character's name will be included in an acceptance post that I will post in this thread. If your character is denied, I will likely message you the reasons why. I will not post in this thread to deny a form, so it is advised that you keep an eye on your PMs when waiting to be accepted. Denied signups will be deleted from the thread within a week of being denied unless they are pending edits to be accepted.

If a signup has neither been approved or denied but is still in this thread, then it is likely that I haven't read it yet. If this is true for a post that's been here for longer than a week, feel free to ping me on discord. ^-^'

Once again, to apply for a place all you need to do is make sure your character fits the prerequisites, and fill in the form below! Please consult the notes that follow the signup form before filling it in.


[size=11][b]» Character Name:[/b]
[b]» Original Bio Link:[/b]
[b]» Link to Character's Records:[/b]

[b]» Knowledge:[/b]
[b]» Challenge Complete?:[/b]

[b]» Challenge Thread Link:[/b]
[b]» Challenge Report:[/b]

[b]» Other Notes:[/b]

Signup Form Notes;
- Please make an attempt to use direct character record links rather than broad ones, unless the character is the first to be posted in your records. This means that the link I click will send me directly to the specific post that contains the appropriate character's records.
If you are unsure how to do this, just edit the post with the appropriate character in, click send, and then copy the link in the address bar after the thread re-loads. The url should have a set of numbers following the thread name as it shows up in the URL.

-The 'Knowledge' section requires you to consider how your character has or would find out about the library and/or the Windrose Scouts in order to join.

- The 'Challenge Complete' section should be answered with either 'yes' or 'no' and should be edited accordingly when they complete one of Russell's challenges to become an Experienced Scout.

- Challenge Thread Link basically just asks you to link the thread you completed your challenge in. Please use the [url=LINK] [/ url] codes rather than posting long thread links. Just put N/A if you wish for your character to join as a Novice Scout and edit if they become an Experienced Scout later.

- Challenge Report is essentially the report your character writes in order to become an Experienced Scout, after completing the challenge that Russell assigns. These will be posted in the Windrose Archives board and linked here using the [url=LINK] [/ url] codes as in the previous field. Again, if your character is joining as a Novice Scout, put N/A and edit later if they become an Experienced Scout.

- Any other notes to do with your character or their circumstance should be noted in this last section. Miscellaneous information that might be needed, or should be known. Such as, if your character is a reformed outlaw. Etc. Stuff I should know to be able to take into consideration when I'm looking through your bios just in case it isn't clearly available information, and stuff that could be key to leaning my decision to approve can also be noted here, such as traits that would make your character good for being a WS member etc.[/url]

If you have any other questions, feel free to PM me and I will add significant ones to an FAQ section in this thread ^-^

Windrose Scouts Signup - Page 2 P5_sty10

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Windrose Scouts Signup - Page 2 Empty
PostSubject: Re: Windrose Scouts Signup   Windrose Scouts Signup - Page 2 EmptyTue Dec 10, 2019 1:22 pm

» Original Bio Link: Robin Pyralis
   » Link to Character's Records: Character Records

   » Knowledge: Deimos encountered her on his travels and directed her to the library. While she isn't very well in touch with her interest in exploring yet, she joined in search of praise and attention when she eventually makes new discoveries - and perhaps she realized, on some level, that Windrose would give her a sense of direction that she currently lacks.
   » Challenge Complete?: No.

   » Challenge Thread Link: N/A
   » Challenge Report: N/A

   » Other Notes: Her interest in exploring is a rather minor part of her character, but since she isn't very in touch with her interests, I think it makes sense for her to develop said interest more as she starts to build her sense of identity. In that respect, Windrose would be very helpful for her, and it would be a way to start sparking some character development.
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Windrose Scouts Signup - Page 2 Empty
PostSubject: Re: Windrose Scouts Signup   Windrose Scouts Signup - Page 2 EmptyFri Jan 17, 2020 3:51 pm

» Character Name: Kestro
» Original Bio Link: https://pmd-roleplay.forumotion.org/t5959-kestro-the-cranidos
» Link to Character's Records: https://pmd-roleplay.forumotion.org/t5983-dracorexion-s-records#86007

» Knowledge: Kestro happened upon Russel and Deimos in Fallen Leaf Copse and was given a tour of the dungeon, including the library within. Kestro became interested in joining after this. (Thread still ongoing; will add more details once we finish it :u)
» Challenge Complete?: No

» Challenge Thread Link: N/A
» Challenge Report: N/A

» Other Notes: Kestro is already a student of Peak Academy. While it's not explicitly stated that he likes exploring, he's not opposed to it, and will probably grow to like it the more he does explore and the more he learns to be more perceptive of what goes on around him.


Kestro's Speech: [color=#DEB887][/color]
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Windrose Scouts Signup - Page 2 Empty
PostSubject: Re: Windrose Scouts Signup   Windrose Scouts Signup - Page 2 Empty

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Windrose Scouts Signup
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