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 Damien Neimad the Girafarig

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PostSubject: Damien Neimad the Girafarig   Damien Neimad the Girafarig EmptyThu Aug 13, 2020 6:49 pm

» Name: Damien Neimad
» Sex: Male
» Species: #203 Girafarig, the Long Neck Pokémon
» Affiliation: Spoiled brat on the loose/Amateur item researcher

» Level: 5
» Energy: 22 (17 base energy + 5 levels)
» Ability: Inner Focus
» Moves:
- Power Swap (level 1)
- Astonish (level 1)
- Confusion (level 1)
- Mean Look (Egg move)

» Natural Feats:

- Doing It Backasswards: Girafarig’s tail has a small brain of its own, which is too small for thinking. The tail does not need to sleep and can keep watch 24/7. It moves on its own and might react to scents and sounds by biting. Since the tail can attack, Girafarig can fight even when facing backwards. It can use some sort of mysterious power to drive enemies away (I imagine this to be the tail giving off unpleasant psychic waves that do not truly harm its targets but might make them want to keep their distance, but gimme a heads up (haha get it) if that’s not okay).

- Inner Focus: Damien has an unusually strong focus and won't flinch when hit by moves that would normally cause that effect.

» Relatives:

- Ingram Neimad the Swoobat

- Nicole Neimad the Girafarig

- Vance Neimad the Woobat

» Personality:

The first thing one would likely notice about Damien is his excessive confidence and pride. Although he is no longer the esteemed heir he was supposed to be, he has not gotten down from his high horse yet, and acts like he's still as invincible through wealth as he was when he had his family to back him up. His snooty, condescending behaviour might make him insufferable to some, and if it doesn’t, then maybe his careless belittling of others will. He does this partially out of habit, part to keep his own confidence up, since he struggles with the nagging feeling of perhaps having failed as a progeny (despite refusing to admit he feels that way). That fear of potentially not being as great as he’s believed to be all his life is his otherwise solid confidence’s weak point, and having the incident that spawned it mentioned is sure to put him on the defensive.

A lot of his confidence is rooted in his intelligence and ability to solve puzzles and mysteries, in addition to the way he was treated before things went to hell. And he’s not exactly dumb either, but he is much less of a genius than he thinks he is, and is still too irresponsible and bratty to be considered wise in any way. He is, however, a very curious individual who’s determined to learn, work and achieve. Unfortunately, his drive is oftentimes so high he might forego sleep and eating while he’s holed up somewhere researching items, or cause him to recklessly enter dangerous dungeons to gather more and rarer items.

Despite typically looking down on others, he is capable of noticing their talents and knowledge, and might even come to admire their merits. But as Damien is still very much his prideful self, he would rather pursue a rivalry with such pokémon and observe them through competition than swallow his pride and simply ask them to teach him. He’s also reluctant to ask others for help with tasks, and prefers mutual cooperation (where he can try to outdo his partner and show he isn’t helpless or anything) over one-sided aid. You could say he has a bit of an independency complex. This idealization of independency does make him respect particularly independent pokémon more, though.

Complete independency is, however, difficult to achieve for someone like him. Since he grew up spoiled and isolated from the world at large, he is still not accustomed to living a normal life and might struggle with very basic aspects of it. Dungeon-delving and getting his hooves dirty he’s used to, sure, but many other common things, such as cooking his own food (and eating normal, inexpensive food at that!) and staying in a regular-sized house without fancy facilities like pools or expansive gardens still feel alien to him. He has become a bit of a spendthrift to cope with the loss of his familiar surroundings, not really noticing the dents in his funds yet because he has so much. All in all, he could use some budgeting help and a Normal Life 101-session. Is he ever gonna ask anyone for that, though? Take a guess.

His tail, despite its brain being too small for any real sort of thinking, also has a bit of a personality in the sense of it having become more trigger happy and aggressive than what is usual for the species after the damage it sustained on Pricklemist Hill. It is usually manageable, but can get so sensitive it will even bite at the very body it is attached to if it detects a lot of unease from Damien. This has made Damien want to try and remain as calm as possible during battles and other conflicts, so that he is not hurt by his own tail.

» Likes:

- Luxury and expensive things: It’s what he has grown up surrounded by, and adjusting to living without it has not been easy for him so far. Splurging on expensive wares makes him feel more at home.

- Mysteries: They’ve deeply intrigued him since childhood, and he takes great pleasure in solving them not just for the rewarding feeling of knowing, but also because it lets him prove his intellect to others.

-Items: It is a theory of his that understanding the items in dungeons and their origin will be a great stepping stone for understanding dungeons as a whole. That, and their effects are entertaining.

- Books: As a big source of entertainment and knowledge in his life so far, he has grown to enjoy literature. He especially likes academic papers, mystery, crime fiction, horror and science fiction.

- Praise: He will act like he thinks he deserves all praise he gets but is not dependent on it, but deep down the compliments help him keep his fear of his own possible inadequacy at bay. If someone has a tendency to compliment him, he might stick around them more often even if he claims to dislike them.

- Games and puzzles: The mind needs exercise just like the body does, if you ask Damien. He especially enjoys having an audience or competitors while participating in such things, for the sake of flaunting his skills.

- Peaceful dungeon-dwellers: Since he researches dungeons and all within, cooperation from the ones who live in them is valuable to him. He is actually quite likely to treat dungeon natives willing to aid him better than he does pokémon living in towns. Even after the incident on Pricklemist Hill he appreciates them, understanding the Zangoose to only have been protecting their territory.

» Dislikes:

- Unassertiveness: Related to his admiration of independence. He tends to look down upon those that have too little backbone to stand up for themselves or try too hard to be inoffensive and pleasant. He is not above exploiting that to boss them around, though.

- Laziness: In the sense of others not giving it their all and challenging themselves. He believes them to be expecting others to do it for them. Thus, they are in some way dependent on those people, and just as bad as those who are unassertive. He also makes a distinction between "important" and "unimportant" tasks, and is alright with making others cook or clean for him and does not view himself as lazy for not doing those things himself.

- Cheap things: He’s highly sceptical of them, believing anything that’s not at the top of its price range to be inferior to the stuff that is. The price must be an indicator of the quality, right?

- Friendship: Because he believes it’s overrated and unnecessary. It’s totally not because he doesn’t have any, you dolt! (And because the only ones he ever had were related to him or basically hired to like him since nobody else could stand him).

- Others complaining about money: Having grown up within a wealthy, picture perfect bubble and only recently having entered the rest of the world for real, Damien has not witnessed true poverty, and thinks others are exaggerating when they say they are unable to survive with as little poké as they have. He believes the poor to have less than him, but still enough to survive if they don't spend it on unnecessary things, so the complaints annoy him.

» History:

Click to release the beast:

» Other: He wears glasses, as he is short sighted to the degree where his somewhat distant surroundings are just one big blur without them. Around his neck is typically a white cravat with a polished sapphire button (I can have it just be blue glass if that’s too fancy, though), and he tends to carry a white bag made out of fine Ariados silk.

Also I'm aware he might never be able to figure out what really creates dungeons since that's kept kinda vague and I'm not sure if you would be okay with the site getting its own explanation for it when there's little about it in canon. I'm fine with that, I just want him to have some fun scientific treasure hunter adventures m'kay.


Code reminder:

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PostSubject: Re: Damien Neimad the Girafarig   Damien Neimad the Girafarig EmptyFri Aug 21, 2020 4:26 pm

This character has been approved!

Thanks for your patience! I kinda love Damien he's such an interesting character haha. There's no problems with him looking for an explanation for dungeons, since the Windrose Scouts are pretty much doing the same thing ^^ As you said it's possible to explore the research angle without him coming to a full conclusion.

Anywho! He's great! Apologies for the wait I hope you have fun with him >:D

Please head over HERE to create your Character Records.  Once you've completed that, go have fun and roleplay!

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Damien Neimad the Girafarig
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