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PostSubject: Bluebird of Happiness   Bluebird of Happiness EmptyWed Aug 13, 2014 3:31 pm

Varda the Altaria


Link to Original Application: Varda the Swablu
Gender: Male
Species: Altaria, the Humming Pokémon (#334)
Type: Dragon/Flying
Ability: Natural Cure – All status conditions heal faster

Appearance (click to toggle):

Affiliation: Grassveil Town Guild, Team Mystical | Bronze Rank, 130 Points | Sleeping Quarters

Energy: 69 (17 base + 52 levels)

Level: 52
Pages until Next Level: 3/3
Pages in Total: 139
Joy Ribbon in use after level 7
Evolved at level 40, 2 levels gained from events

-Dragon Pulse (Level 38) | Dragon | Special
-Sing (Level 8) | Normal | Status
-Haze (Egg) | Ice | Status
-Cotton Guard (Level 34) | Grass | Status

Forgotten Moves (click to toggle):


    Coral Pink Joy Scarf | Tied around the base of his neck, fused item with Joy Ribbon effect (level takes 3 pages instead of 5)
    Similarly Colored Guild Ribbon | Tied around the bag's strap for identification, no effect
    Treasure Bag with 25 slots | In which the following items are carried:
    Explorer Badge
    Wonder Map
    Sky Powder | Raises Special Attack and Special Defense for Flying type Pokémon OR
    Cloud Ruff | Recovers HP when hit by an Ice-type move, Altaria only
    Sitrus Berry x2
    Oran Berry x2
    Pecha Berry x1
    Cheri Berry x1
    Aspear Berry x1
    Rawst Berry x1
    Persim Berry x1
    Reviver Seed


Held Items:
Evolutionary Items:
Thrown Items:


The Story Thus Far... (click to toggle):

    Ongoing 6 slots
    Ptricking the Pterrible Pterra | The Sky Pyramid | Pterra the Aerodactyl
      Pterra stole something important from Tropical, the poffin shopkeeper Varda had met previously! Not having any time to lose, the bird chased after the Aerodactyl, led to a strange floating island he had never seen before... But he had to retrieve the chest!

    Save the Happy Tree Friends!!! | Shadowhue Forest | Astir the Dratini
      An unofficial mission from the Guild sent Varda to the Shadowhue Forest, where he was supposed to locate a colony of peaceful Pokémon who might be in trouble. But… The trees suddenly started talking?

    Eggciting Event | Festivity Forest | Zed the Gligar
      It was time for the yearly egg hunt again! Varda couldn't help but be excited for it, for there were prizes! Or something. It didn't matter, it was going to be fun!

    A Pair of Eggheads | Festivity Forest | Stella the Onix
      Eggs in the Festivity Forest didn't find themselves. Varda has paired up with a rather large Pokémon that might have not been the best at finding those eggs, looking at her… But that wasn't something the bird worried about one bit!

    Life's a Peach | Pecha Forest | Lance the Riolu | Completed Pages: 2
      The big storm came and took Varda with him! Away from home and completely lost, he found himself in a strange forest he had never seen before. There's not much else he can do except to try to find his way out and back home – though maybe there are some Pokémon in the forest who could help him...?

    Very Lost | The Small Pond | Noel the Riolu | Completed Pages: 1
      A hot day in Grassveil Town can be quite difficult to handle, but luckily the small pond nearby offers both shade and refreshing, cool water. The perfect place to relax on such a day... And train! Varda has decided that he should build some strength in his wings in order to find his way back home, and what better place is there to do that than the refreshing pond and the surrounding areas? But what is Lance doing there? He stayed back in Grassveil Town!

    On the Pecha Trail | Pecha Forest | Tina the Fennekin | Completed Pages: 3
      The kind Dojo owner deserved berries for the help she had given to Varda! As it seemed like all the berries close to Grassveil town had been picked already, he had no choice but to head deeper into Pecha Forest to hunt for more. Unfortunately, the plump bird managed to get stuck during his search...

    Lost and Found | Pecha Forest | Greg the Bulbasaur | Completed Pages: 2
      The berry hunt continues! It seems like most of the berries close to Grassveil Town are already taken by the time Varda gets there, so he needs to head deeper. There might be some rare berries to be found there... And maybe something else, too?

    Starting Line | Pecha Forest | Lumina the Vulpix | Completed Pages: 8
      Another training session is in order! The Pecha Forest is hardly a place to be scared of, as the bird feels quite strong and unstoppable! Being a part of the Guild and having a map also means that he could never get lost again, right?

    A Toast to New Beginnings | Grassveil Exploration Guild | Lance the Riolu, Dawn the Ralts | Completed Pages: 3
      It was the fateful day when Varda was finally supposed to get signed up for Lance's team! Excited and a bit nervous, the Swablu made his way to the Guild, not knowing what to expect. What was going to be waiting him there?

    Berry Birds | Pricklemist Hill | Shara "Aria" the Pidgey | Completed Pages: 3
      Pricklemist Hill had become quite interesting to the Swablu since the last time he was there. He didn't have enough time to search it properly while he was on a mission, so doing it while he wasn't busy with something else was a great idea to him! Varda quite hoped that the hilly area would have some nice, rare berries growing in it for him to find – after all, Violet was going to need all the different kinds of berries she could get for her garden.

    Quest for Buff | Black Mist Mountain | Noel the Riolu | Completed Pages: 4
      A certain client's request had caught Varda's eye and he knew he had to join the Growlithe's training program at the mountains. The trip was going to be long, but he needed the strength if he wanted to find his way back home! Somehow, he also had managed to bump into an old acquaintance of his, Noel the Riolu. She had wanted to join the two after hearing what they were up to, and as the client was fine with it, the trio headed towards their destination to train...

    First Visit to the Guild | Grassveil Exploration Guild | Tina the Fennekin, Lance the Riolu | Completed Pages: 1
      After a long day of exhausting exploring and meeting a new friend, Varda and Tina are heading back to town to go to the Guild and meet another friend the bird wants to introduce: the leader of their team, Lance. Hopefully he actually is present – but even if he isn't, surely Tina will have fun just looking around in the Guild too.

    Elixir of Life | Pricklemist Hill | Okashi the Cyndaquil | Completed Pages: 3
      A bored Pokémon had left a request at the Guild, wanting someone to get something for him from a faraway place. It didn't seem to have much of a purpose, but to Varda, it was an excuse to go explore further from Grassveil Town to try to find his way back home! And Pricklemist Hill wasn't even too far! Of course, now he actually had to find the items he was looking for.

    Berried Treasure | Pecha Forest | Trace the Electrike, Zorre the Scyther | Completed Pages: 3
      A client came to the Grassveil Town's Guild, needing someone to find her Pecha berries for her muffins. Somehow Varda ended up being there and heard her story personally, so now he's determined to go pick those berries for the Pokémon himself, get the sweetest and freshest ones around!

    Freaking Hot | Fiery Chasm | Noel the Lucario | Completed Pages: 9
      The story of two warring tribes and a stolen item touched the Swablu's heart, and he couldn't just ignore it as a member of an exploration team. He had to take the mission of finding the sacred, important item, even though it meant a dangerous trip to the lands near a volcano. But even a dark cloud had its silver lining: this way he could gather some ash for someone else who needed it, too! Two good deeds at once was just too much to pass.

    Persuading the Pidgeys! | Pecha Forest | Crash the Tyrogue, Lumina the Vulpix | Completed Pages: 8
      A beautiful day for Varda is a good day for training, not having any Guild duties for the day. Pecha Forest has grown rather familiar to the bird, so that was where he wanted to head out. After all, one never knew what – or who – one could bump into in the peaceful forest!

    Echoes in the Dark | Serene Cave | Sova the Glaceon, Veriq the XII the Tropius | Completed Pages: 7
      A mysterious cave was found during one beautiful, sunny day. It was impossible to resist its call, but in the end, Varda ended up getting lost in the twisting tunnels inside. Was he ever going to get out at this rate?

    Forest of Dead Leaves | Fallen Leaf Copse | Silverdawn the Ekans | Completed Pages: 1 incomplete
      A new, mysterious place was apparently found by some Pokémon, causing Varda to become quite interested. He hadn't even found one clue to as to where his home might be, so talk of a secret island that had been so well hidden it couldn't be found until now might have been it! The Swablu had left immediately, not wasting any time – well, other than the fact that he had gotten lost and by the time he actually got to his destination, it was getting a bit late and the weather wasn't looking too good...

    Determined to Help, Determined to Fall | Frozen Stream | Sova the Glaceon | Completed Pages: 6
      Meeting a familiar face in the Guild about to head off to a mission, Varda just had to tag along and help! Too bad he missed the fact that the area would be freezing cold.

    Last Lifeline | Obsidian Crevice | Sova the Glaceon | Completed Pages: 5
      An urgent mission posted in the Guild's bulletin board caught the bird's attention, knowing that he could not turn down the chance to save someone's life. Even if the story was a bit odd... He had no reason to doubt its validity!

    Falling from the Skies | Black Spear Mountain Range | Pterra the Aerodactyl | Completed Pages: 5
      Varda continued to search for his home, taking another look at the black mountains in the north. While it was fun, things suddenly turned very not fun when he saw a large, potentially dangerous Pokémon in the same cave with him!

    Veiled in Shadows | Shadowhue Forest | Joey the Pichu | Completed Pages: 8
      A small Pokémon by the name of Joey was looking for an ally to tackle a Guild mission, so Varda of course obliged. It was time to return to the dark forest – but the bird didn't mind one bit. It was always so nice to help other Pokémon out!

    3spoopy | The Ruined Chateau | Sova the Glaceon | Completed Pages: 17
      Something strange was happening to Pokémon all over the world, causing them to lose their minds. The only clue to stop it is in the strange haunted house, and it just has to be checked out, right?

    Fluffy Meetings | Aileron Village Poffin Café | Tropical the Tropius | Completed Pages: 2
      A long flight to the skies took the newly evolved bird to the floating islands that seemed awfully familiar. The skies were dark and the Pokémon were tense, and for a good reason. But Varda himself was starving!

    Gloomy Sunday | Shadowhue Forest | Sova the Glaceon, Keith the Jolteon | Completed Pages: 7
      A Blissey came to the guild with a very important mission to defeat depression. As usual, Varda came along quite easily – but this time, he not only got an old friend to help him, he also got a new friend joining them in the dark forest!

    The Definition of Overkill | Pecha Forest | Sova the Glaceon, Skylar the Vaporeon | Completed Pages: 7
      Varda bumped into Sova at the Guild with a teammate of his. It was her first job ever... And the Glaceon had ended up picking three jobs to do! It was a rather tall order for a newcomer, so the bird stuck around to help. It had been such a long time since he had been to Pecha Forest, too...

    House of Hallways | The Ruined Passageway | Sova the Glaceon, Jak the Charmeleon | Completed Pages: 16
      After a small... Detour, the journey through the strange house continued. The collection of music box pieces was growing, and the pair seemed to be getting closer to their destination to save the world... Or something.

    Twinkle Re-joins the Team! | Grassveil Exploration Guild | Lance the Riolu, Dawn the Ralts, Twinkle the Stunky | Completed Pages: 1
      A day that had started as usual ended up becoming something quite unusual when Lance came back from his trip and announced that he had bumped into an old member of their team, the first ever member of Team Mystical! Said Pokémon was waiting at the Guild, ready to be accepted into the team once more... Now the rest of the team just had to regroup and accept their new member to their ranks.

    Toxic Workplace | Venen Gulch | Lance the Riolu | Completed Pages: 1
      The journey to look for Varda's home continues. Or perhaps he just came along to help Lance, or both! It was such a good feel to travel together with the Riolu again – even if the place they went to was covered in a thick layer of poison mist...

    The Solution | The Ruined Chamber | Sova the Glaceon, Jak the Charmeleon | Completed Pages: 6
      The music box is in one piece. A new ally has joined their team. Now… There's only one doorway in their way, where they supposedly can bring the whole darkness to an end.

On Hold:

    Lance the Riolu | Played by Riolu
      Lance was the leader of a rescue team! He's pretty nice and helpful, a very good teacher who knows many important things. Has promised to help Varda find his way back home. Ended up leaving the exploration team he created, Team Mystical, instead giving the reins of leadership to Varda.

    Noel the Lucario | Played by Rezikun
      She was a Pokémon that looked quite familiar to Lance, first met at the pond close to Grassveil Town. Apparently she was a bit lost and was looking for the town, so Varda helped her to find the path after almost accidentally flying into her. She seems like a rather kind Pokémon, willing to help with missions. She's also very strong and tough, a really good fighter. Has evolved into a Lucario.

    Tina the Fennekin | Played by Penultimate Pi
      A very smart and strong fox Pokémon! She helped Varda free of a bush he had been snatched by and helped him to find berries as well, even though they found none on their first trip through Pecha Forest. Her nose was really good at finding Gummis! She was heading for Grassveil Town's Guild, perhaps looking to join a team?

    Greg the Bulbasaur | Played by Neosonic97
      Greg had gotten lost in Pecha Forest while looking for the Grassveil Town's Guild to join it, but luckily Varda happened to bump into him while looking for berries! He seemed like a very wise and insightful Pokémon. He was a great help at finding berries and fending off wild Pokémon!

    Faye the Meganium | NPC
      She is the Guildmaster of Grassveil Town's Guild! She is very kind and big – in a good way! Not scary at all despite her size. Maybe she is some kind of a flower? Varda would really like to have tea with her one day.

    Lumina the Vulpix | Played by PhantomSun
      Lumina is a very wise Pokémon who knows a lot about exploring, Pokémon and items that might be found everywhere! She is also very tough and can fight a lot – maybe a bit too much sometimes. But it was very fun to explore with her and Varda hopes to do so in the future as well. Joined Grassveil Town's Guild after she was told more about it despite not being all too interested in the idea at first.

    Dawn the Ralts | Played by StarBright24
      Another team member in Team Mystical, joined at the same time. While Varda doesn't know her all too well as they met recently, she seemed to be very nice and friendly, even offering to share a tasty Gummi. She offered to help the Swablu find his way home once she heard she was lost and even felt very positive about it, saying that he will surely find his way back eventually! Dawn also has telepathic abilities.

    Aria the Pidgey | Played by Dediles
      Originally introduced herself as Shara, but later took it back saying that neither of the names she had said was her real name. Seems to want to stay unknown and distances herself from flocks of bird Pokémon for some reason – most likely because she seems to be a secret agent of some kind! She can really sing too and is a strong fighter with very keen eyes! Hopefully she will move to Grassveil Town one day...

    Trace the Electrike | Played by TraceNoil
      A very fast and energetic Pokémon who apparently met Lance before Varda and Dawn were in his team. Seemed like a very fun and helpful Pokémon as he was willing to help with a mission, but unfortunately he pulled Varda off a bush too hard and sent him flying far away! The two haven't been able to meet after that incident...

    Crash the Tyrogue | Played by Jikumo
      Someone whose name Varda actually never learned, but he seemed like a rather nice and polite Pokémon. Their meeting was very short, however.

    Okashi the Cyndaquil | Played by Okashi
      A Fire type Pokémon that is a part of Grassveil Town's Guild, the leader of a team called Team Retro-Flare. She ended up falling from the sky right on top of Varda as he was on a mission and after that, the two decided to finish the mission together. She seems like a Pokémon with a good sense of humor and she was quite the fighter even when she was at a disadvantage! Unfortunately she did end up getting injured on their mission, but the mission was still a success.

    Zorre the Scyther | Played by Silver
      A large bug-like Pokémon with scythes for hand! A rather strong fighter, definitely. Very helpful too, as he helped Varda when he was separated from his friend on a mission. Apparently is a member of the Guild, though the team's name is still a mystery.

    Veriq the XII the Tropius | Played by BlueKat12
      Huge Grass-type Pokémon with what seemed to be amnesia. Is looking for something called a princess. He actually seems pretty nice and gentle, though doesn't like it when this monar-key thing is insulted! Doesn't seem to like blood at all, last time he fainted...

    Sova the Glaceon | Played by Lord E V
      Fellow Guild member and an explorer, seems to be a leader! The two of them have done some missions together. Sova is a really nice Pokémon, but treats himself way too harshly.

    Silverdawn the Ekans | Played by Silver
      Snake Pokémon able to create flutes from sand and ash! She's blind.

    Pterra the Aerodactyl | Played by Silver
      A big Pokémon who was injured, but Varda offered him a berry. Seemed like a really nice Pokémon who was very eager to help! But... He stole something and might be up to no good?!

    Joey the Pichu | Played by coaster3000
      Another member of the Guild Varda bumped into by chance and the two ended up doing a mission together. The Pichu is a very energetic and happy person, a personality type that someone like Varda obviously works well with! He's still small and not extremely strong, but there's a lot of potential. And it was pretty fun to do missions together, too!

    Tropical the Tropius | Played by Silver
      A large flying plant-like Pokémon who looked quite similar to Veriq! But this one wasn't the same Pokémon, instead being a shopkeeper selling delicious things called poffins. They were good. Had a chest of some sort stolen from him by Pterra!

    Keith the Jolteon | Played by Lord E V
      A teammate of Sova, a rather timid and quiet Jolteon. But that's alright! It doesn't mean there's no chance of a friendship.

    Skylar the Vaporeon | Played by Lord E V
      Another member in Sova's team, a really nice and kind Pokémon! She can turn into water and it's really amazing. Her tail might taste good?

    Jak the Charizard | Played by coaster3000
      A Pokémon that was met in the strange haunted, changing mansion while Varda was trying to find music box pieces with Sova. Jak seemed to be doing the same thing, but had gotten his pieces stolen from him. Sova and Jak knew each other from before – but the lizard denied being the Glaceon's servant. Ended up evolving in front of Varda's eyes, amazing!


Artwork of Varda (click to toggle):


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PostSubject: Re: Bluebird of Happiness   Bluebird of Happiness EmptySat Apr 02, 2016 12:03 am

Wellrose the Audino


Link to Original Application: Wellrose the Audino
Gender: Male
Species: Audino, the Hearing Pokémon (#531)
Type: Normal
Ability: Regenerator
Natural Feats:
-Exceptional Hearing: Able to hear even the smallest of sounds, sneaking up on this Pokémon is next to impossible. The curled feelers on the ears enhance the ability even further, acting as stethoscopes that can assess another Pokémon's feelings and physical condition.

Appearance (click to toggle):

Affiliation: Wanderer

Energy: 22 (17 base + 5 levels)

Level: 5
Pages until Next Level: 3/3
Pages in Total: 0
Joy Ribbon in use after level 5

-Wish (Egg) | Normal | Status
-Misty Terrain (Start) | Fairy | Status
-Play Nice (Start) | Normal | Status
-Helping Hand (Start) | Normal | Status

Forgotten Moves (click to toggle):


    Joy Ribbon | Tied around his neck, Joy Ribbon effect (level takes 3 pages instead of 5)
    Stick | Used as a walking stick
    Treasure Bag with 10 slots


None :<


The Story Thus Far... (click to toggle):

    Babysitting Blues | Pricklemist Hill | Shinka the Goomy
      Another miserable day, this time with a lot more mist clouding up Wellrose's vision. Just what he wanted. Perhaps by climbing up the hill he found, he will be able to find the town he was looking for – assuming he isn't bothered by something annoying...

    None :<

    None :<
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