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 Wellrose the Audino

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PostSubject: Wellrose the Audino   Wellrose the Audino EmptyFri Apr 01, 2016 4:19 am


» Name: Wellrose
» Sex: Male
» Gender: Male
» Species: Audino, the Hearing Pokémon (#531)
» Affiliation: Wanderer

» Level: 5
» Energy: 22 (17 BE + 5 Levels)
» Ability: Regenerator
» Moves:
-Wish (Egg) | Normal | Status
-Misty Terrain (Start) | Fairy | Status
-Play Nice (Start) | Normal | Status
-Helping Hand (Start) | Normal | Status

» Natural Feats:
-Exceptional Hearing: Able to hear even the smallest of sounds, sneaking up on this Pokémon is next to impossible. The curled feelers on the ears enhance the ability even further, acting as stethoscopes that can assess another Pokémon's feelings and physical condition.

Of course, this hearing also makes loud noises rather unbearable…

» Height: 3'07" (1.1 m)
» Weight: 68.3 lbs (31.0 kg)
» Appearance:

    Wellrose is a bipedal Pokémon with a rounded, bottom-heavy build and stubby limbs ending in small paws. He is colored pastel pink with a cream underside, and his fur is short – and it even was rather velvety and soft back in the day. But now the Audino is old and his youthful looks have abandoned him, his fur now coarser, drier and more disheveled-looking – with maybe the exception of his fluffy white tail that still looks soft enough. It's clear that he's no longer in his prime, his age apparent in his posture and the creases that have appeared in various places. He's hardly as limber as he used to be, his movements cumbersome and sluggish – and walking especially seems to be a bit difficult as Wellrose is forced to limp due to his injured left leg.

    An Audino's defining trait might be their fluffy, kind of bell-shaped ears and the curled feelers attached to them, and while Wellrose does indeed have these ears, they're probably not the first thing Pokémon notice about him. His right eye is that usual big blue oval, but his left never seems to open – and in fact seems to be a bit sunken in. Indeed, there is no eyeball behind that eyelid, so his eye remains permanently closed. Well, unless he or someone else decided to pry it open with their fingers. If you really wanted to take a look into someone's empty eye socket.

» Personality:
    First impressions of Wellrose might make him seem like that stereotypical grumpy old Pokémon who waves his cane at whippersnappers that bother him – and that wouldn't be entirely wrong. He is quite the curmudgeon, and rather bold and blunt with his words. He might call it being honest, but, well, considering that he seems to find situations where someone else suffers some kind of misfortune to be amusing, it's quite probable that he's just being rude for his own amusement. It is rather hard to get him to crack a smile otherwise, at least.

    He's not completely awful to be around, though! The Audino has lived a long life, and has traveled around for pretty much the half of it. He is experienced when it comes to the world and its wonders, and is quite knowledgeable – and might even be willing to share those nuggets of wisdom, if necessary. In dangerous situations, Wellrose is one who can keep a calm and rational mind… Well, usually, at least. He doesn't really appreciate having company, but sometimes it is possible to catch his attention with say, some interesting abilities a Pokémon might have. He is always up for some… Research.

    And hey! At least Wellrose never seems to hurt anyone or anything, so maybe he's nicer deep down than he acts, right?

    ...Well, it's not quite so. Considering that he's old and greatly weakened, he's not exactly in any situation to fight back – not to mention that he is quite literally barred from doing so, no matter what. The Audino has always been a rather bitter Pokémon, and his current condition has not helped him get over that. His own helplessness is annoying and lashing out at others is one way he tries to cope with it – with a good dash of sarcasm and apathy, applied as he thinks is the best. Actually growing to like someone… Well, it has happened in the past, so it's not impossible. But it's certainly difficult, and not something Wellrose is trying to intentionally make happen!

    If it does happen? Well, maybe he could try being a bit nicer. He never has been one for politeness and good manners, so…

» Likes:
  • Solitude – Being quite the hermit who has gotten used to traveling alone, there's the certain kind of peace you only get when one is on their own. Given the choice, Wellrose definitely would rather spend his time in his own company.
  • Silence – Or at the very least, quiet. His ears are sensitive, so perfect silence is difficult to achieve – and the opposite is just unbearable!
  • Hot drinks – A nice cup of something is great for calming the nerves. And warming your old limbs right up.
  • Research – Wellrose is curious and of the scholarly type, though his interest does lie in things like Psychic-type Pokémon and their abilities, ghosts as well as various rituals and hexes… But hey, everyone needs their hobbies, right?
  • Reading (non-fiction) – It's like research, but you don't actually have to do any fieldwork. Amazing!
  • Being given the respect he deserves – Naturally. Not enough do that, these days…

» Dislikes:
  • Noise – Ah, noise. That thing that tends to come with, well, anything. And for someone with good hearing, it can quickly become way too much. Or painful.
  • Walking – With a bad leg, he's not going anywhere fast. And it kind of hurts, too.
  • Dragons – Not necessarily Dragon-types, but Wellrose just doesn't really like those Pokémon that look like dragons. You know, big, intimidating, lots of teeth and sharp claws. Usually very powerful, too. He's an adorable pink fluffy blob, while those guys got the looks and everything without even trying. He won't admit that he's jealous, though.
  • Overly sweet things – That sickly sugary taste in your mouth? Blech.
  • Others touching his feelers – They are sensitive. You're also much too close if you can do that. Rude.
  • Someone trying to throw him something – Considering that he lost his eye, his depth perception has suffered. Reminding him of that by literally having it smack him in the face won't win you any points.
  • Kids that should get off his yard – They should seriously learn to respect the boundaries set to them, sheesh! That's his territory.

» History:
    A long time ago, there happened to be an outlaw. A Marowak, preying on travelers who should have been traveling much lighter than they were – something he was ready to help others with, certainly. Working fast and unseen, many bags and other items ended up disappearing from Pokémon to be sold off. It wasn't something that made anyone rich, no, as it was quite rare to stumble upon something truly valuable. But it was easy and had no risk to it.

    Though one day, something he stole ended up having an egg in it. A Pokémon egg.

    That didn't go according to plan. The Marowak, now of course he hadn't planned on stealing something like that! And hey, even if he was an outlaw, he wasn't heartless. He wanted to return the egg, but unfortunately he couldn't even remember who he stole the egg from. Look, he did a lot of stealing, okay. It wasn't easy, trying to trace back who he might have taken something, especially because he didn't really pay all that much attention to what he was taking from someone!

    And the Marowak never quite managed to do it before the egg hatched. While that bright pink fur of the little baby Audino was a quite good clue as to what type of a Pokémon he was supposed to be looking for, the Marowak couldn't even remember if he had taken something from an Audino! He couldn't turn to the authorities either, not wanting to be arrested! And… No one he knew certainly couldn't handle raising a baby, so…

    Somehow, despite the Marowak not being at all prepared for it, he ended up keeping the kid – couldn't just abandon the little tyke after all! Well. He might have tried a couple of times, but never quite managed to do it with those big blue eyes staring at his back. That was how Wellrose came across his rather strange family – though back then, he wasn't even called Wellrose. He never was really properly named, his adoptive father – who did not like being called a father, as that was weird – not being the best when it came to names. Always calling the kid, the kid ended up being named, well, Kid.

    Like one might expect from an outlaw raising a child, it wasn't exactly the best environment to grow up in. The lessons in life Wellrose learned were warped at best, but it was the only thing he knew – and even now, Wellrose doesn't blame this adoptive father of his for that. Even a curious child learned quickly that the world could be a hostile place where only the strongest would survive and a rare few could be trusted. The young Audino grew up into a wary Pokémon who wasn't afraid to take what wasn't his to survive and try to become someone no one would dare to cross paths with.

    Being what he was, cute and cuddly, that… Was a bit easier said than done.

    Perhaps Wellrose overcompensated. He wasn't content with being a nobody – or worse, a laughingstock – so his father figure's tactics of stealthy and easy weren't to his liking. No, he wanted something bigger, he wanted to be something bigger. Infamy was better than nothing at all, and the reputation of a ruthless, fearsome bandit was quite tempting indeed. He might have been an Audino, but he certainly was quite the feisty, strong Pokémon back then.

    Alas, all Pokémon weren't created equal, and there was only so much he could do alone – especially when one started to make more difficult enemies. While it was something he detested, Wellrose did have to, on occasion, work with others to have some backups in case things went wrong. And oh, things could go wrong. He wasn't powerful enough to protect himself, despite everything…

    What could he do except turn to the occult? There were many mysteries in the world, many strange powers at play. Surely, with some research, he could figure something out. Lust for knowledge and power might have become a bit of an obsession for the Pokémon, but perhaps it was a small blessing in disguise. Spending less time and effort on committing crimes and more on research and travel, the outlaw that was Kid the Audino disappeared slowly but surely over the years.

    He didn't even really notice that, so caught up on trying to find the answers he sought. Many things to try and even more things that led to absolutely nothing. And, ultimately, nothing did give him what he wanted. Frustrating, yes, but Wellrose didn't feel like he hadn't made any progress at all. Years of traveling and the knowledge it brought with it was going to be useful. And, in the end, he even managed to stumble across a rather interesting rumor…

    The tails of a Ninetails were said to be filled with mysterious power. A power that, perhaps could be harnessed or transferred in some way. There was really only way to find out for sure, wasn't there? A Ninetails wasn't a weak Pokémon, so he had to be prepared – yet, at the same time, he couldn't go after a weak specimen. If he wanted power, he needed a powerful tail. So he sought out the most powerful Ninetails he could find and left for the mountains to find this reclusive Pokémon. Not an easy task, but he prevailed in the end.

    And when he had proven himself to be nothing more than an old explorer who was no threat, he could attack.

    With the surprise on his side and all of the supplies he had brought, it was easy enough to immobilize the Ninetails. All he needed to do was take one tail – maybe a couple of more wouldn't hurt, but one was what he really needed. And Wellrose had brought a hatchet just for that task. Rising the blade into the air with his left arm, he brought it down with a quick chop.

    At the moment of the strike, a terrible burning pain coursed through the Audino's body. A pain stronger than he had ever felt, one that forced him to scream louder than he ever had during his entire life. His vision went blank and he stumbled backwards, losing his footing and plummeting down off the cliff. His body falling on a rock forced the air out of his lungs, but his fall didn't end. After a couple of more such impacts, he must have passed out.

    He hadn't expected to open his eyes after that, yet somehow, he managed to regain his consciousness. The ground felt cool against his cheek. He hurt all over. He was bruised and battered, something had to be broken, but… There was no singed fur or burn-marks he could see, at least. And no Ninetails in sight, which was a relief.

    Yet he was afraid. For the first time, Wellrose was in a really bad position he might not have been able to recover from. His body didn't seem to respond to him, and he was all alone. Maybe he even regretted what he had done – or more specifically, regretted that he hadn't been able to do the job well. How stupid he had been, overestimating his capabilities… He didn't want to die, not like this!

    The Audino must have passed out after some time, as the next time he saw something, he was in a completely different environment. Instead of the cold mountain range and the dusty, hard ground, he was inside a charming little house, in a warm little bed. Still in pain, but better than before. And what else, it seemed like bandages had been wrapped around his injuries. Wellrose couldn't believe it. Was he actually going to survive that whole ordeal?

    The Pokémon that had taken him in soon noticed that Wellrose was awake and explained the situation. Wellrose himself of course saw no need to actually explain what had happened for real, rather trying to forget that whole thing. It was easy to feign ignorance. But unfortunately, there was one thing he had to say. His name was asked, as was normal. Perhaps the Audino could have tried making up an excuse and pull up some amnesia thing, but it was something that escaped him at the moment. He couldn't say his name. It had been ages since he had last uttered his name to someone, and perhaps people had already forgotten of the outlaw he used to be. But just in case, he couldn't say it. He had escaped the law this far, and he wasn't going to be captured now!

    First word he blurted out happened to be the well he saw from the window, but that was no name. His eyes quickly found the rose that happened to be in a vase in the room, and that was added to his name. Wellrose. It was… Stupid, but look. He had been called Kid his entire life. He hadn't exactly inherited great naming abilities there!

    Life never was the same after that. Wellrose had been greatly affected by the whole incident, physically mostly. His left eye he had lost, his eyelid now permanently shut and sunken. In fact, his entire left half seemed to be weakened and aching, his leg barely able to carry him. And worst of all… It seemed as if his strength had been sucked out, leaving him unable to perform his moves! Something was seriously wrong there. He was just so helpless!

    When he was strong enough to leave, the Audino didn't waste any time. It all was a lot to take in. Everything he had worked towards, and… And he pretty much ended gaining the opposite. Being a prideful Pokémon who had been after power and could do most things by himself, it wasn't easy to try to learn to accept help from others. In a way, he's still not completely fine with it. He's just… Choosing to not really acknowledge it. Wellrose didn't – and still doesn't – have the luxury to throw tantrums in his state. What he needed to do was to stay low, live his new life and try to figure out a way to regain even parts of what he had lost.

    Even if he was stuck with a pretty stupid name. He was committed, he wasn't going to abandon his story and create a new one in case someone would find out the holes and ask more questions!

» Other:
  • Wellrose has been cursed. Not only is he weaker, he is unable to use any attacking moves or status moves that would end up causing damage to an opponent. No "normal" attacks that don't count as moves, either! Hard mode time.
  • Lack of an eye gives him a pretty big blind spot on that side, and his depth perception isn't the greatest.
  • His left side in general is weaker. His arm doesn't really have much strength and his leg can barely take his weight – and even then, it aches. Everything on that side kind of hurts, especially attacks!
  • Speaking of hurting, loud noises hurt him, a lot. Sound-based damage is almost crippling to Wellrose.
  • Would like to have a stick as a walking aid of some kind. I can just give him one from Varda if that's alright!

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PostSubject: Re: Wellrose the Audino   Wellrose the Audino EmptyFri Apr 01, 2016 10:02 pm

Wellrose be like;

Character has been APPROVED!
Please head over HERE to create your Character Records.
Once you've completed that, go have fun and roleplay!

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Wellrose the Audino
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