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 vonSteakhand's records

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vonSteakhand's records Empty
PostSubject: vonSteakhand's records   vonSteakhand's records EmptyTue Oct 04, 2016 1:10 pm

vonSteakhand's records Clovis10

» Link to original bio
» Name: Clovis
» Gender: Male
» Species: Piplup (#393, Penguin Pokémon)
» Affiliation: Citizen


» Level: 16 (1 from Pokemon Day event)
» Pages: 29 (21 with joy ribbon, 8 without joy ribbon.)
» Spare posts: 30 (Joy ribbon in effect after first 15)
» Energy: 29
» Ability: Torrent
» Moveset:
- Pound (Level 1)
- Hydro pump (Egg move)
- Ice Beam (TM)
- Toxic (TM)
- Attract (TM)

» Forgotten Moves: - Growl (Level 4)
- Bubble (Level 8)
- Water Sport (Level 11)

» Inventory: (Italicized - Not for trade | @ - Equipped)
-Stick (x2)
-Blast seed
-Heal seed (x6)
-Reviver seed
-@Joy ribbon
-Trawl orb (x3)
-Oran berry
-Persim berry (x2)
-Golden Mask
-Strange Ticket (x2)
-Used TM (TM Ice Beam)
-Used TM (TM Toxic)
-TM Defog
-Diet ribbon
-Steel dust
-TM Steel Wing
-Used TM (TM Attract)
-Cherri berry
-Tiny mushroom
-Used TM (TM Hidden Power)
-Used TM (TM Thunder)
-Orange gummi
-Lum berry (x2)
-Watmel berry
-Deluxe box
-Pounce orb
-Green gummi
-Sleep seed

» Active threads: On The Run
Social Quandaries (1 joy ribbon equipped page)
Hot Dogs and Frogs (2 joy ribbon equipped pages)
Autumn Frost (1 joy ribbon equipped page)
Plains, Plainly

» Inactive threads: Wanderers Galore (2 pages) (Semi-canon)
Vanity Fair (5 pages) (Locked)
Diving into Trouble (1 page) (Locked)
Slushy Water (2 joy ribbon equipped pages) (Locked)
A Midday's Meal (2 joy ribbon equipped pages) (Locked)
Marsh Madness (3 joy ribbon equipped pages) (Locked)
The Late Easter of 2017 (3 joy ribbon equipped pages) (Locked)
Summer Trees and Iron Things (Locked)
Beau Monde, Swamp Savage! (5 joy ribbon equipped pages) (Locked)
A Mildly Curious Meeting (1 joy ribbon equipped page)
Fallen Bear Copse (1 joy ribbon equipped page)
Poke for your Thoughts
On the Road for Better or Worse

Canonical Thread Timeline (Work in progress):

» Relationships:

» Other: ([color=#ccffff])

Fun piplup fact

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vonSteakhand's records
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