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 Re-readopting Trace the Eletrike

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Re-readopting Trace the Eletrike Empty
PostSubject: Re-readopting Trace the Eletrike   Re-readopting Trace the Eletrike EmptySat Apr 17, 2021 7:51 pm

» Name: Trace
» Gender: Male
» Species: #309 Electrike, the lightning pokemon
» Affiliation/Rank: Unaffiliated

» Why do you want to adopt them?: I will convert this question into "Why do you want to come back to PMDRPG?" I answered most of my question When I made this thread about me returning, but to reiterate: I sometimes have days of depression so bad that all I want to do is to lie in bed all day and let me get energy for tomorrow. In other places I have roleplayed through the years (Twitter, discord/telegram rp groups, and even some other forums) I often feel like that is something you simply CAN'T do. Either you're not available to react/respond to timeline interaction posts on Twitter, or you're skipped over for taking too long in an rp room, or you have to grind out posts constantly to keep up with the site's general power creep. It ends up feeling more like a second job or a chore to maintain your position/presence at these places, and I quickly lose the enjoyment of roleplaying while under that mindset.

Due to a lot of the battling interactions here being between randomly generated npc and the players, getting more levels here isn't something you need to explicitly focus on and instead is more of a passive "oh hey, my character is a little stronger now." Also there is much less of a time constraint worry due to how chill most of you all, and I mean case in point is how long the current site-wide event has gone on for.  Re-readopting Trace the Eletrike 1f61c

So yeah, long story short: I want to come back because you are all chill AF writers who are more interested in nice stories and having fun inside a sustained universe/lore.

» Sample of roleplay: Do I need to do this? Trace is a boi born to run. Run from you, from that fire, even from his own problems. The moment he learns to run TO things will be the day he grows as a character.

» Link to the original bio: Here lies what might still be my best designed, flawed character
» Links and page/post count of original threads:
- Lost in the Woods
> Page count: 2
- Bonding in the forest of Shadows
> Page count: 1
- Berried Treasure
> Page count: 3
- Living in a Forest
> Page count: 2
- Lost Apple
> Page count: 1
- First steps into a new life
> Page count: 0
- The Weary Wanderer's Waltz
> Page count: 0
- riolupallooza
> Page count: 0
- Monkey Business
> Page count: 1
» Levels of existing characters: None, I am reclaiming my starting character
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Re-readopting Trace the Eletrike Empty
PostSubject: Re: Re-readopting Trace the Eletrike   Re-readopting Trace the Eletrike EmptyTue Apr 20, 2021 6:55 am

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Re-readopting Trace the Eletrike
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