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Pokemon Mystery Dungeon RP

Prepare to face a new set of challenges in this brand-new Pokemon world as you square off against new enemies and rivals, forge new friendships, and create teams to travel the world with on your quest of discovery
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The chill is merciless. You don't know how far you've traveled, but it must have been a while with how weary you are. You look up ahead and spy something. Is...that a cabin? Relief washes over you as you hurry closer. The size of the cabin appears much larger than you originally thought. It towers over you, decrepit and run down.

There's a light on inside, someone's home. You don't even need to knock, for as soon as you step foot onto the property, the door swings open and slams against the side of the house. An absolutely massive Abomasnow ducks its way out the door with a wide, red, and infuriated glare. At the top of its lungs, it shouts as it began to change shape with a brilliant glow.


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Boss Kerhs would like to battle!


  1. Kerhs' levels scales with yours, you're free to make him as powerful as you want in your threads but it should not be a cakewalk for your characters no matter what.

  2. You are free to make Kerhs' moveset whatever you please so long as a Abomasnow can learn it. The only consistency is that he will always have mega and Dynamax capabilities.

  3. He has 15 HP and he cannot be defeated until you deplete all of it. Every time you begin a new page, one member rolls the damage dice. ([roll="Damage"][/ roll], remember to take out the space) the number rolled determines how much damage you do.

  4. Once you've knocked out Kerhs, you may roll [roll="Kerhs"][/ roll] to claim your reward. Each member may roll Kerhs reward pool once. Trawl orbs and so on have no effect here.

  5. You may not canonically kill Kerhs, if he is in danger of perishing, allow him to flee. This doesn't mean your character is required to release him without a fight, it just means he has a 100% chance to get away no matter what your character does. Kerhs will also never intentionally kill or fatally wound another character or NPC. Once you're down, he'll leave your character alone.

  6. A normal thread with the boss will involve mostly just you fighting the boss. Speech, actions beyond fighting, and so on from the boss are kept to a minimal amount as the thread is completely focused on combat. If you wish to interact/fight with Kerhs on a deeper level, you can contact another staffer to roleplay as the boss. Note that this may result in slower threads, but more may come out of it in terms of interaction since you can do more than only fight.

  7. Rules may be subject to change as time goes on. Be sure to check back for edits and alterations before you begin a new thread.

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