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Prepare to face a new set of challenges in this brand-new Pokemon world as you square off against new enemies and rivals, forge new friendships, and create teams to travel the world with on your quest of discovery
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 The Hidden Quarry's Information

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The Hidden Quarry's Information  Empty
PostSubject: The Hidden Quarry's Information    The Hidden Quarry's Information  EmptyTue Dec 08, 2020 10:32 pm

It's dark, it's deep, and it's dangerous.

You step into the expansive room, completely in awe of the sheer size of it. You take time to marvel at the various structures, massive complex contraptions, and everything that holds this place together. Something happened here once, long ago. However, whatever it was, it's impossible to tell now. You walk further towards the center, ready to progress in your journey through the complex, but you're quickly stopped.

The ground beneath you rumbles. Every pebble and and rock seems to shiver in fear as a horrific screech rips through the air. It grows closer...closer...and closer. Until finally, a silence befalls the area. You look around desperately. Your heart is pounding, ready to jump out of your chest as whatever hairs you may or may not have begin to rise. You feel as if you're in danger, but there is nothing there.

Just when you thought it was safe to relax, the ground before you bursts. Dust and wind whip at you and around you, forcing you to protect your face in any way you can. When the dust clears, you look back to the floor before you. Your eyes trail up to see a steelix, far larger than any of its kind, glaring down at you.

"I am Bastion, guardian of the sacred treasure that lays within my lair," he speaks with a rough voice. As he does so, the metal coat seems to ripple and shine with a rainbow of colors. His form shifts and shapes as he takes on a new appearance.

"If you wish to lay even a finger upon them, first you must get through me."

The Hidden Quarry's Information  E0IEbFE
Boss Bastion would like to battle!


  1. Bastion's levels scales with yours, you're free to make him as powerful as you want in your threads but it should not be a cakewalk for your characters no matter what.

  2. You are free to make Bastion's moveset whatever you please so long as a Steelix can learn it. The only consistency is that he will always have mega and Dynamax capabilities.

  3. This Steelix has 15 HP, he cannot be defeated until you deplete all of it. Every time you begin a new page, one member rolls the damage dice. ([roll="Damage"][/ roll], remember to take out the space) the number rolled determines how much damage you do.

  4. Once you've knocked out Bastion, you may roll [roll="Bastion"][/ roll] to claim your reward. Each member may roll Bastion's reward pool once. Trawl orbs and so on have no effect here.

  5. You may not canonically kill Bastion, if he is in danger of perishing, allow him to flee. This doesn't mean your character is required to release him without a fight, it just means he has a 100% chance to get away no matter what your character does. Bastion will also never intentionally kill or fatally wound another character or NPC. Once you're down, he'll leave your character alone.

  6. A normal thread with the boss will involve mostly just you fighting the boss. Speech, actions beyond fighting, and so on from the boss are kept to a minimal amount as the thread is completely focused on combat. If you wish to interact/fight with Bastion on a deeper level, you can contact another staffer to roleplay as the boss. Note that this may result in slower threads, but more may come out of it in terms of interaction since you can do more than only fight.

  7. Rules may be subject to change as time goes on. Be sure to check back for edits and alterations before you begin a new thread.

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The Hidden Quarry's Information
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