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 Shield's Character Records

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Shield's Character Records Empty
PostSubject: Shield's Character Records   Shield's Character Records EmptyMon Sep 09, 2019 5:13 pm

My characters:

Shield's Character Records Pikipek
from: http://pokemondb.net/pokedex/pikipek
(Valen the Pikipek if he isn't wearing his sky-blue ribbon - although now he wears it basically all of the time).

Shield's Character Records Honedge
from: https://pokemondb.net/pokedex/honedge
(Tatsu the Honedge)

» Shared Inventory: (Italicized - Not for trade)

- Berries
 - Apicot Berry x2
  - Aspear Berry
 - Ganlon Berry x2
  - Lum Berry x3
  - Oran Berry x6  
  - Pecha Berry
  - Persim Berry
 - Petaya Berry
  - Razz Berry
  - Sitrus Berry x14

- Evolutionary Items
  - Fire Stone

- Gummis
  - Black Gummi
  - Grass Gummi
  - Green Gummi x2
  - Pink Gummi x2
  - Sky Gummi
  - White Gummi

- Held Items
  - Curve Band
 - Joy Ribbon

- Orbs
  - Escape Orb x2
  - Shocker Orb
  - Spurn Orb
  - Switcher Orb
  - Trapper Orb
  - Trawl Orb

- Other Food
  - Apple
 - Banana x3
  - Honey

- Seeds
  - Allure Seed
  - Blast Seed x2
  - Heal Seed
 - Joy Seed
 - Plain Seed
  - Reviver Seed x6
  - Sleep Seed x2
  - Totter Seed
 - Vile Seed x2

- Special
  - Baked Chestnut Bag (Winter Festival)
 - Deluxe Box x2
 - Strange Ticket x3

- Throwing Items
  - Geo Pebble x5
  - Gold Thorn x3
  - Silver Spike x3
  - Stick x16

- TMs
  - TM Dig
  - TM Hidden Power
  - TM Ice Beam
  - TM Natural Gift
  - TM Scald
  - TM Secret Power

- Vitamins
  - Max Elixir

Last edited by Shield on Mon May 31, 2021 7:37 pm; edited 105 times in total (Reason for editing : Inventory update)
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Posts : 311
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Join date : 2019-09-03

Shield's Character Records Empty
PostSubject: Re: Shield's Character Records   Shield's Character Records EmptyMon Mar 29, 2021 10:50 pm

» Link to Original Bio: https://pmd-roleplay.forumotion.org/t6129-valen-the-pikipek
» Name: Valen
» Gender: Male
» Species: #731 Pikipek - the Woodpecker Pokemon
» Affiliation: Peak Academy student (Majors: Expeditionary Studies and Essential Skills), Aileron Guild member (Team Current, Grey rank), and Novice Scout in the Windrose Scouts
» Peak Academy merit points: 1
» Team Current (Aileron Guild) exploration points: 5
» Speech Color: #00cc99

» Level: 12 (+2 from Pokemon Day events (2020, 2021), 24 pages, 1 page until next level, 19 bonus posts, 11 more bonus posts until next level)
» Energy: 23 (11 base energy + 12 from level)
» Ability: Pickup
» Moveset:
- Rock Smash (Level 9)
- Knock Off (Move Tutor - Springfall Dojo)
- Mirror Move (Egg)
- Echoed Voice (Level 7)

» Forgotten Moves:
- Growl (Level 3) [Forgotten to learn Knock Off]
- Peck (Level 1) [Forgotten to learn Rock Smash]

» Dream Moveset:
- Beak Blast (Evolution into Toucannon [Level 21 here])
- Fury Attack (Level 24 [Toucannon])
- Knock Off (Move Tutor - Springfall Dojo)
- Roost (Level 21 [Trumbeak, probably a bit before evolving into Toucannon])
- Mirror Move (Egg)
- Bullet Seed (Level 40 [Toucannon])

» Personal Inventory: (Italicized - Not for trade | @ - Equipped)
(A note - while Valen is a member of the Aileron Guild, he's been doing a lot of stuff in and near Grassveil recently. Therefore, he often keeps items he isn't using yet and sleeps in a hole that he drilled himself in a random tree on the outskirts of Grassveil. He doesn't want it to be near a lot of other Pokemon for fear of thieves. Ever since he joined the Windrose Scouts, he's been wondering whether he should keep all of his stuff in the Windrose Library instead - while he hasn't done that so far, he does stay there at times).
   - Defense Scarf
   - @Exploration bag (15 slots)
   - @Flyinium Z
   - Gray Band (guild)
   - @Sky-blue ribbon (purely decorative, no real effect)
   - @Sky Gem  
   - Time Flower
   - Weather Band

» Threads:
- Autumn Frost? (Windrose Scouts Rumour Thread) (4 pages)
- It's always rainy in Pecha forest.  (Open) (Guild Missions and Windrose Scouts Rumour thread) (1 page)
- The Island that Time Forgot (3 pages)
- Picking Up Eggs [Easter 2021] (2 pages)

Completed/Permanently Left:
- Expectations (1 page, 2 bonus posts)
[Summary: Valen started exploring dungeons on his own, and for his first time, he went to Pecha Forest. There, he ended up meeting a Cubone named Saturn and eventually managed to get over distrust and fear caused by the bones Saturn wore and wielded, joining him to rescue an Oshawott named Tempo. They ended up doing that (dealing with a feral Weepinbell along the way, and Tempo really came back on his own). And then Valen got straight into a dispute between a different, civilized Weepinbell and some Nidoran and Zigzagoon, and while not a pleasant experience, he managed to help the feuding sides along with Saturn and Tempo. And after that, Valen, Saturn, and Tempo managed to leave Pecha Forest safely.]

- Hunger for knowledge. On topic! [Independent Studies] (Independent Studies, Essential Skills Major, Peak Academy) (2 pages, 0 bonus posts)
[Summary: After joining Peak Academy, Valen decided to find something to study completely on his own, as no formal classes were available at that time. But then he met a Sandshrew named Yigo. While Yigo was also a student at Peak Academy and even shared one major (Essential Skills) with Valen, Yigo didn't know how to read! Valen tried to teach him, but didn't get nearly as far as he had hoped. So Valen then showed him Mirror Move, and after that, they said goodbye, with Valen wishing that Yigo could make more progress in the future. 1 Merit Point was obtained from this.]

- Spooky, Scary Forests [CATALYST] (Open) (Catalyst) (0 pages, 3 bonus posts)
[Summary: Valen decided to explore Shadowhue Forest to prepare more, after he had explored Pecha Forest already. However, he ended up in the middle of a conflict between several Pokemon again, but this time, it was an actual fight. Valen noticed Yigo, whom he had known from Peak Academy, and tried to ask him what was going on. However, Yigo didn't seem to recognize him in the confusion and ran away. Valen ended up getting attacked by an Ariados, but managed to make it flee. But when he was trying to rescue Yigo from the Pokemon that were attacking him, a pair of Noctowl took advantage of the situation to attack Valen. He barely survived and ended up fleeing Shadowhue Forest altogether in a panic.]

- Welcome to Grassveil Town [CATALYST] (Open) (Catalyst) (2 pages, 1 bonus post)
[Summary: Valen was looking to shop in Grassveil Town when he met the Murkrow whom he had briefly noticed in Shadowhue Forest before, who now seemed to be worried about something. They talked, and Valen discovered the Murkrow's name was Radar. Valen ended up asking some questions that apparently made Radar even more worried, but Valen managed to change the subject, and Radar calmed down somewhat. Valen then accepted Radar's offer to go on a tour of Grassveil Town... They saw a shop that sold scarves and was run by a Leavanny - though both looked at the wares, neither of them bought anything. Next, they went to a shop run by two Kecleon, with Valen deciding to get some mixed berries to eat as he was hungry. Due to TempGuardian leaving, the thread had to be ended after this.]

- A new recruit? (Guild Signup) (0 pages, 1 bonus post)
[Summary: Valen felt ready to join the Aileron Guild, so he showed up there for the signup process. (Note: Due to there being nobody who had the time to consistently roleplay the Guildmaster then, only one post was made and the actual signup was settled OOC.)]

- A First Guild Mission (Guild Mission) (3 pages, 2 bonus posts)
[Summary: Valen, right after joining the Aileron Guild, took on a mission to fight a Hawlucha in Cattail Marsh. Along the way, he met Tempo the Oshawott again, but they had some problems with finding their target. They fought a feral Froakie and Frogadier - Tempo nearly drowned and Valen was knocked from the sky, injured, and confused, but they eventually managed to defeat both of the Pokemon, and Valen managed to get bubbles the Froakie had covered Tempo with off. They ended up talking for a while, but they were still unable to find the Hawlucha. Valen called out a challenge, but it got a Surskit and a Greninja (the latter was actually the previous Frogadier evolved, but Valen didn't know that), to attack. And then, finally, the Hawlucha they were looking for swooped in and defeated the feral Pokemon. So Valen and Tempo managed to fight the Hawlucha, and the two won after a difficult battle. At the end, Valen suggested that Tempo think about whether to join his team or not.]

- [Student Service] Making Paint (Student Service, Peak Academy) (0 pages, 2 bonus posts)
[Summary: As student service, Valen and many of his Peak Academy classmates went to Fallen Leaf Copse to collect some leaves for making paint at Peak Academy... but it didn't get very far before FoxFireAlchemist became inactive, and the thread had to be locked much later. A bit of an interesting conversation did start, at least.]

- Much Ado About Soaring (Guild Missions Thread) (1 page, 2 bonus posts)
[Summary: Valen had two guild missions in the Black Mist Mountain: escort a Wurmple to the peak and then take off with them, and convince a runaway Furfrou pup to come back home. While on the mountain, he met Leander the Seedot (who had also technically been there while Valen was with Radar in Grassveil earlier, but the Pikipek had not really noticed), and Alki the Jigglypuff, whom he knew from before as a Peak Academy classmate. They were there to collect mushrooms, but they decided to come along with Valen. Russell the Mothim, head of the Windrose Scouts, ended up showing up a bit later as well. They ended up finding the Furfrou, who not only did not want to go back home, but had made friends with many native Pokemon of the mountain. Unfortunately, the thread became inactive after that, and was locked much later.]

- Snacks, Conversation, and Performance [Halloween 2019] (1 page, 3 bonus posts)
[Summary: Peak Academy was running a Fall Festival. Students could get Merit Points by running an activity or stall based on one of their majors or a club they went to. Therefore, Valen decided to run an activity based on his major of Expeditionary Studies, in which he hid items somewhere within a certain area and other Pokemon had to find them, with the idea being that it could help others improve skills that could help them find items in dungeons. First, a Kirlia (the same one who had helped him earlier when he had been tutoring Yigo about reading) did the activity. Meanwhile, Saturn the Cubone had set up his own activity, and Valen, who had met Saturn a few times before and now considered him a friend, decided to try it out. However, it turned out to be about type matchups - which Valen had particular problems with remembering - and he accidentally said Steel-types resisted Fighting-type attacks when they were actually weak to them. A Totodile named Chiron, another student at Peak Academy, insulted Valen for this - even when he later made his own type matchup mistake - seriously annoying Valen. Finally, Saturn tried Valen's activity out (Chiron didn't want to and used that as an excuse to insult Valen more, although Valen, despite everything, would still have been fine with him participating) and after that, it was late enough that they packed up and left. 8 Candy were obtained from this (5 for participating in the Peak Academy event + 3 from a roll); whether Merit Points were earned will have to wait until the thread can be submitted to FoxFireAlchemist for review.]

- Everspring Exploration [Event] (Zygarde Event thread) (4 pages, 3 bonus posts)
[Summary: Valen went to Everspring Vale in hopes of helping Zygarde get the final recruit needed to stop the war between legendary Pokémon. There, he met Tempo the Oshawott and Darcy the Skitty, though the latter soon left. Then, they were attacked by a Bouffalant, who was revived by a Reviver Seed after being defeated once. That was when Regigigas showed up and attacked everyone there. Valen's attempt at talking didn't work, so they fought. But it seemed that nothing they did had much effect either, and when Valen dropped Regigigas from a height, by using a Switcher Orb to switch places with the titan, Regigigas just took the opportunity to use a combination of Gravity and Earthquake. Fortunately, Valen and Tempo were rescued by Latios and Latias, and after a discussion, the two explorers decided to leave Regigigas to the siblings and instead try to get the inhabitants of the Vale out to a safe area. While trying to help a Teddiursa injured by a Basculin, Tempo was seriously hurt as well. Fortunately, Tempo had found two Rufflet, and Valen had found a Furret who in turn got a Sawsbuck and a Basculin, and they managed to carry Tempo and the Teddiursa out. Along the way, they rescued an injured Pineco and saw a geyser erupt.]

Temporarily Left/Locked (Can be restarted later):

Last edited by Shield on Sat May 08, 2021 8:16 pm; edited 8 times in total (Reason for editing : Forgot to add an s where I should have, whoops)
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Shield's Character Records Empty
PostSubject: Re: Shield's Character Records   Shield's Character Records EmptyMon Mar 29, 2021 11:11 pm

» Link to Original Bio: https://pmd-roleplay.forumotion.org/t4999-up-for-adoption-tatsu-the-honedge
» Link to Adoption Application: https://pmd-roleplay.forumotion.org/t6420-adopting-tatsu-the-honedge
» Name: Tatsumasa (Tatsu for short)
» Gender: Male
» Species: #679 Honedge - the Sword Pokemon
» Affiliation: Wanderer (wants to be a guardian)
» Speech Color: #cccccc

» Level: 5 (4 pages, 1 page until next level, 0 bonus posts, 15 more bonus posts until next level)
» Energy: 19 (14 base energy + 5 from level)
» Ability: No Guard
» Moveset:
(Note: I believe this character was originally created in the days of X and Y, and has a starting moveset from that time. Future moves learned will be per the most recent generation that is used on-site and this Pokémon is in, as usual).
- Tackle (Level 1)
- Swords Dance (Level 1)
- Fury Cutter (Level 5)
- Shadow Sneak (Egg)
» Forgotten Moves:

» Dream Moveset:
- King's Shield (Evolution into Aegislash)
- Iron Head (Remembered through the dojo as a Level 1 move [Aegislash]
- Shadow Sneak (Egg)
- Sacred Sword (Remembered through the dojo as a Level 1 move [Aegislash])
- Shadow Ball (TM [Aegislash])
- Swords Dance (Level 1)

» Personal Inventory: (Italicized - Not for trade | @ - Equipped)
      - Bounce Band
      - Pierce Band
      - @Sportsmanship Belt (Easter 2021)
      - @Steel Dust

» Threads:
- Back-to-School Blues (2 pages)
- Sword and Club vs Titan [Event] (Zygarde Event thread)
- Egg-scuse? [Easter 2021] (2 pages)

Completed/Permanently Left:

Temporarily Left/Locked (Can be restarted later):

Last edited by Shield on Sat May 08, 2021 8:12 pm; edited 8 times in total (Reason for editing : New page)
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Shield's Character Records Empty
PostSubject: Re: Shield's Character Records   Shield's Character Records Empty

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Shield's Character Records
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