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 (Up for Adoption) Tatsu the Honedge

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(Up for Adoption) Tatsu the Honedge Empty
PostSubject: (Up for Adoption) Tatsu the Honedge   (Up for Adoption) Tatsu the Honedge EmptyFri Feb 12, 2016 10:59 pm

» Name: Tatsumasa (Tatsu short for those he trusts)
» Sex: Male
» Gender: Male
» Species: National Pokedex #679 - Honedge, the Sword Pokemon
» Affiliation: Guardian

» Level: 5
» Energy: 19 TE (14 BE + 5 LE)
» Ability: No Guard - Tatsu radiates an aura of some kind. All Pokemon in that aura are unable to miss with their moves, Tatsu included.
» Moves:
- Tackle (Starting Move)
- Swords Dance (Starting Move)
- Fury Cutter (Level 5)
- Shadow Sneek (Egg Move)

» Natural Feats: 
- Drain Life: Tatsu, as a Honedge, is able to drain the life force of other Pokemon by constricting them with his ribbon-like arm. The degree of draining depends on the Pokemon and how "fit" the Pokemon is. Under no circumstances is he able to drain a sentient Pokemon to the point where it dies. As for ferals, they have to be severely weakened or having been under the influence of Tatsu for an extended amount of time. With this, he is able to restore his own vitality but not his Energy. Escaping is relatively easy as the ribbon arm is not very strong physically. He is also unable to drain Pokemon much larger than him as he has to wrap around the whole body.

» Personality: Tatsumasa is a solemn sword, rarely talking as he usually has no one to talk to. He prefers to be the silent guardian/bodyguard of whoever is willing to carry him. Of course, he can bring in his wits and his opinion if someone asks for it but otherwise he is not really a conversationalist. This however he can offset by his adaptability to combat situations and his judging of other Pokemon's natures. He also possesses an unshatterable loyalty towards his "superior" though it depends on how the other Pokemon sees it. He himself is quite satisfied with being a guardian for another Pokemon and will devote his life to that Pokemon until he or she betrays him. 

» Likes: Loyalty - He believes in mutual loyalty between himself and the Pokemon he is protecting. This loyalty includes honesty in the way that all words spoken are supposed to be the truth. He can understand if there is information withheld from him but if the one he is travelling with outright lies to him, he does not hesitate to sever all bonds and simply leave him or her, looking for a new one. In his eye(s), loyalty and honesty are the basis for a relationship of this kind.

Resting - Though he has sworn to protect those that need him, he also values a good day's rest to regain his energy and sharpening his body. This however does not mean that he thinks being lazy is good, at least not in his position. He always needs to be able to defend his master or mistress but he can do so when there are days where they can rest, allowing him to prepare himself for the next situations. 

Getting Carried Around - While he will act in any way to protect his master/mistress, in the end he is just a sword. And as a sword, it is not his nature to engage, rather to follow his wielder and following said leader's orders. This he can do best by always being by his/her side, quite literally in fact. He would never admit it but he also simply likes being carried around. It just feels right for him to hang around at the side or the back of whoever is asking for his abilities as a guardian.

» Dislikes: Chatter - Not in the sense of the signature move of a Chatot but rather in the sense of small talk, he isn't one to talk much and rather restricts himself to being a guardian and a guide, offering his opinion on things and some information he might find useful. Otherwise he dislikes too much talking about nonsense things, from his perspective that is.

Cheaters and Liars - As his relationship with his wielder is based around loyalty and honesty, he despises those who do not uphold those values. That goes from cheating customers about items to taking advantage of others in order to betray them in one way or another. If his wielder ever decides to lie to him or betray him in any way, he will up and leave them without a chance for those to redeem themselves. He never forgets who betrays him but never goes as far as enacting vengeance on them. 

Large bodies of water - Compared to the others, this might sound odd but he usually stays away from lakes and seas. Though he wouldn't be able to drown as he is a ghost possessing a sword, he would sink to the ground, fearing to be forgotten at the bottom to the end of time. 

» History: His history is pretty simple. Born as the only child of two Aegislash, he has always been close to them, his parents protecting him like the treasure he was to them. His father taught him how to fight and taught him the values he learned to uphold, that he should make use of who he is by protecting others who he can trust. After years of living together, they all finally decided that the young Honedge should be on his own way, following those he deemed worth and protecting others. He has been travelling on his own and with others for some years now and is always looking for the next one to protect as this is his sworn duty.

» Other:
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(Up for Adoption) Tatsu the Honedge Empty
PostSubject: Re: (Up for Adoption) Tatsu the Honedge   (Up for Adoption) Tatsu the Honedge EmptyFri Feb 12, 2016 11:46 pm

(Up for Adoption) Tatsu the Honedge Tumblr_lqzehne2ig1qmj8beo1_400

Character has been APPROVED!
Please head over HERE to create your Character Records.
Once you've completed that, go have fun and roleplay!

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(Up for Adoption) Tatsu the Honedge Empty
PostSubject: Re: (Up for Adoption) Tatsu the Honedge   (Up for Adoption) Tatsu the Honedge EmptyThu Oct 17, 2019 10:38 pm

Character Put Up For Adoption
Pokemon has been put up for adoption due to inactivity

(Up for Adoption) Tatsu the Honedge KatSignatureRotator
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(Up for Adoption) Tatsu the Honedge Empty
PostSubject: Re: (Up for Adoption) Tatsu the Honedge   (Up for Adoption) Tatsu the Honedge Empty

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(Up for Adoption) Tatsu the Honedge
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