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 Adopting Tatsu the Honedge

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PostSubject: Adopting Tatsu the Honedge   Adopting Tatsu the Honedge EmptyTue Feb 16, 2021 10:41 pm

» Name: Tatsumasa (Tatsu for short)
» Gender: Male
» Species: #679 – Honedge, the Sword Pokémon
» Affiliation/Rank: Guardian

» Why do you want to adopt them?: Basically, Tatsu is a sentient sword who wants to guard others. This is a relatively simple character concept, but it’s one that I feel has potential. While character records were created for Tatsu, it doesn’t seem that he was actually used in roleplay, and it seems to me to be a bit of a waste if he never will be. His desire to find someone he can guard could easily serve as a hook to help him get into interactions with other characters.

Tatsu is also different from my first character, Valen the Pikipek. Valen is interested in exploring, finding treasure, and helping others in general. To this end, he’s joined quite a few organizations, and even when he’s looking for or has a partner, it’s more for the pragmatic fact that partners can be useful. In contrast, Tatsu’s focus appears to be more on being loyal to a single worthy Pokémon. I don’t see him as the type to join an organization (unless just maybe the Pokémon whom he wanted to guard was in one and Tatsu felt that joining as well would be useful in protecting his master/mistress). This contrast could allow me to have a range of RP types I could engage in that might not work as well with Valen.

Also, Aegislash is my favorite Pokémon. That certainly doesn’t hurt.  

» Sample of roleplay: (For the purposes of this sample, I’ll be using an NPC for him to guard, because I believe that will be an easy way to show the defining concept of his character.)
It was dusk as a cluster of tents came into Tatsumasa’s view. A Riolu who was holding a bag of coins in her left hand stopped and looked at the tents before turning to Tatsu, who was floating by her side. “We’re at the outskirts of Grima Outpost,” she said, “Hopefully nothing too bad happens… Be on the lookout for a Lucario and a Low Key Toxtricity. I should be able to find them, but just in case.

Understood,” Tatsu replied. He had met the Riolu back in Grassveil and decided to guard her, starting with accompanying her to Grima to give some money she had earned to her Lucario and Toxtricity parents. Her honest, hard-working nature and dedication to her family had earned his respect.
The Riolu started walking towards Grima Outpost again, with Tatsu still accompanying her, but she suddenly stopped again, saying “That – that aura…” Then, a Croagunk and a male Nidoran burst out from behind a tent and ran towards the two, with the Croagunk snatching the bag of coins from the Riolu’s hand before the Toxic Mouth and the Poison Pin Pokémon started running away.

The Riolu stood in shock, but Tatsu had prepared himself. He had heard that outlaws were quite common in Grima Outpost earlier, after all. He quickly sent his shadow at the fleeing Croagunk, attempting to knock the bag out of the Pokemon’s grasp. However, while the Croagunk did stop and turn when the Shadow Sneak hit, they kept their hold on the bag. “Let us have the money and you won’t get hurt,” they said.

No! It’s for my family!” the Riolu said, apparently having recovered somewhat from the shock. With renewed confidence, she looked at Tatsu for a moment before rotating her fists to send a Vacuum Wave at a hand of the Croagunk. This time, the poison frog did drop the bag.

All right,” the Croagunk laughed, “We’re going to have to smash your face in. And break that stupid sword into pieces.” At that, Tatsu started up a Swords Dance, increasing his power for the obviously imminent battle. But as the Croagunk stared, the Nidoran rushed at the Riolu, jabbing at her with a Peck from his horn.

Tatsu responded with another Shadow Sneak, this time aimed at the Nidoran – but then the Croagunk used the opportunity to suddenly hit the sword with a Sucker Punch. It was super effective, but Tatsu, as a Honedge, had good physical defenses. He quickly retaliated against the Croagunk with a Tackle, boosted from the earlier Swords Dance. In turn, the Croagunk slapped at Tatsu with a grabbing hand.

The Thief, though it could not steal an item because Tatsu did not have one, was still another super effective move. But Tatsu’s primary concern was for the Riolu he was protecting. He could tell that she was fighting the Nidoran, but she seemed to be weakening. He needed to get to her! With all of the strength he could muster, he Tackled the Croagunk again, sending them off-balance.

Tatsu took this opportunity to launch a third Shadow Sneak at the Nidoran. It hit as the Riolu slammed the Poison Pin Pokémon with a Force Palm. The two attacks finally managed to knock the Nidoran out. The Croagunk took a look at their fallen partner in crime and at the still-reasonably strong Tatsu, and then fled, leaving the bag of money on the ground.

Phew,” the Riolu sighed, taking the bag, “I know they’re outlaws, but still, just abandoning someone like that… You understand?

Indeed. Let this be a lesson on what thievery and associating with dishonorable outlaws will lead to,” Tatsu said, looking at the Nidoran who was still lying on the ground, unable to move.

Thank you, Tatsu!” the Riolu said, “You don’t seem too injured, and I think even that Nidoran will recover soon, but… I think I’ve been poisoned. And I didn’t buy anything that could cure it because I wanted to save as much money as I possibly could for my parents…” Her tone grew more sorrowful.

The worried Tatsu thought for a bit. “Do you know whether any healer could be found here?” he asked, “Unfortunately, though I myself cannot be poisoned, I have nothing that could cure it in others either.

I don’t think so,” the Riolu replied, “…Just find my parents. Hopefully they can find something to help me… They’re the only Pokémon here who live here that I can trust.” She slowly managed to walk into Grima Outpost itself, with Tatsu following and looking out for a Lucario or a Toxtricity.

» Link to the original bio: https://pmd-roleplay.forumotion.org/t4999-up-for-adoption-tatsu-the-honedge
» Levels of existing characters: Valen the Pikipek (Level 10)

Avatar is a picture of one of my characters (Valen the Pikipek), cropped from Scypho's New Year 2020 picture with their permission.
Character records: https://pmd-roleplay.forumotion.org/t6131-shield-s-character-records
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PostSubject: Re: Adopting Tatsu the Honedge   Adopting Tatsu the Honedge EmptyMon Mar 29, 2021 9:23 pm


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Adopting Tatsu the Honedge
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