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Prepare to face a new set of challenges in this brand-new Pokemon world as you square off against new enemies and rivals, forge new friendships, and create teams to travel the world with on your quest of discovery
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 8BitSky's character records... full of nerds

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8BitSky's character records... full of nerds Empty
PostSubject: 8BitSky's character records... full of nerds   8BitSky's character records... full of nerds EmptyTue Apr 12, 2016 10:11 pm

» Link to Original Bio: Thankfully we're frozen in here oh wait we're out there and he's the sheriff
» Name: Lalna
» Gender: Female
» Speech color: #DADA25
» Species: Pichu
» Affiliation: None/Wanderer
» Level: 4, 5 pages to level up.
» Energy: 11 BE, 15 Energy.
» Pages: 4 w/o Silk
» Ability: Thunder Rod
» Moveset:
Thunder Shock
Thunder Punch
» Forgotten Moves:

» Inventory: (Italicized - Not for trade | @ - Equipped
| ! - Not on her)
(Useless) Cyan scarf @ (History Item)
10x Chesto Berry ! (Easter event)
Sitrus Berry (Page 2 of This)
Trawl orb ! [From cute box on Imazumi Swap Shop
10x Lum Berry ! (Easter Event)
» Completed/Locked Threads:
A clever egg pun that ISN'T trash [Easter 2016, 2 pages complete.]
Guarding a grave [1 Page complete, topic locked.]
Lost, Found and Lost again [1 Page completed, topic locked.]
Glittering Pond [ 0 Pages Complete ]
Couldn't come up with a title, sorry (LOCKED: might continue someday if netsoup exists ever)

» Active Threads:
-Fallen Bear Copse [ 1 Pages Complete ]
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8BitSky's character records... full of nerds
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