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 Tribe of the Renewed Life

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Tribe of the Renewed Life Empty
PostSubject: Tribe of the Renewed Life   Tribe of the Renewed Life EmptyThu Sep 17, 2015 10:56 pm

» Organisation Name: Tribe of the Renewed Life
» Aims: To band a group of pokemon together who have similar moral values and lifestyle choices.
» Base Location: Cattail Marsh

» Organisation Head: Breeze of the Morning Rain
» Link to bio of head: https://pmd-roleplay.forumotion.org/t4666-breeze-the-mudkip
» Second-In-Command: N/A
» Link to bio of second: N/A

» Does your organisation need a separate board?: Yes
» Justification: Because most of the pokemon in the Tribe will all be living together in a camp, it would be easiest for there to be a separate board for threads that are specifically in the Tribe's camp rather than cluttering up Cattail Marsh with threads that are essentially all in one location. It would also make it easier for the hunting to be done without the need to roll the pokemon in Cattail Marsh.
» Other needs: A Ten-sided number Dice for rolling Pokemon Remains, as well as permission to use the Mission Dice for Hunting prey.

Roll A Dice for Remains

1 - Pokemon Bone
2 - Pokemon Beak
3 - Nothing: Sorry, the remains are broken.
4 - Pokemon Claw
5 - Pokemon Fang
6 - Nothing: Sorry, the remains are broken.
7 - Pokemon Feather
8 - Pokemon Scale
9 - Nothing: Sorry the remains are broken.
10 - Pokemon Skin

Roll Mission Dice for Prey - Once per page.

1 - found 1 prey
2 - found 2 prey
3 - found 3 prey
4 - found 0 prey

» Board Name: Renewed Life's Territory
» Board Description: In the farther depths of the Cattail Marsh, lies the territory of the Tribe of the Renewed Life. The territory is marked in a large circle by large crosses decorated with scales, feathers, and other pokemon remains from the prey eaten by the omnivorous pokemon who live in the Tribe. In the center of the territory is a small island with a large redwood tree in the center, where the Tribe's Camp is.

» Rules of your organisation:
- Must either be carnivorous (meat-eating), or not bothered by the idea of other Tribe members eating other pokemon.
- Can be part of other organizations (like a shopkeeper), as long as you contribute to the Tribe in some way. Discussions will be had if this is the case.
- Cannot be an outlaw of any kind, unless one is a reformed outlaw. Neutral characters are allowed, but if they have a bounty on their heads, they are not allowed in the Tribe.
- Must follow the Code of Morals, to be described below.
- Be open-minded about Breeze's religious beliefs, also to be described below. (Open-minded defined as willing to listen and not judge, even choose to believe the same)
- Upon joining the Tribe, unless you are part of the Guild, your home dungeon will automatically change to 'Cattail Marsh.'

» Extensive Description of Organisation:

The Tribe of the Renewed Life is a way for pokemon to be 'reborn,' in a sense. They shed their old lives and old scars for a new way of life. Breeze doesn't care where you came from or what you did before as long as you are willing to devote your life to the Tribe now. She will protect anyone who comes to her for help, as long as they don't stab her in the back -then she will show a rageful side and toss the pokemon out.

Breeze did not believe in all the restrictions that the Covenant had placed on her, but she greatly respected the spirit in which it was made. She likes the idea of having a set guideline of how you live your life -almost like a standing moral code. She also misses the feeling of having a group of pokemon that live and work together under one united idea, one unifying force that keeps them together and has them closer than family to one another.

She also misses having other pokemon around who believe in the same theologies as she does. Though she was cast out of the Tribes, and is farther away than her Tribe Ancestors can reach -if they even wanted to reach out to her- she still believes in the theologies of the Tribes. Thus, she has a desire to find pokemon who are like-minded and band them together under a new Tribe, with new rules that make more sense to her.

Code of Morals

1. Every pokemon must contribute to the good of the Tribe. This means that they either hunt for food for the Tribe at least three times a week, guard the Tribe's borders at least three times a week, or contribute to healing/taking care of the weaker members of the tribe.

2. The happiness of the Tribe is the top priority. When inside or outside of the Tribe, making decisions; one should always make the decision that is best for the Tribe, rather that what is personally best for that pokemon.

3. When a Tribe member hunts and takes the life of another pokemon, one must remember to give thanks for the pokemon's life, that it was sacrificed for the good of the Tribe. There is to be no playing of prey, as it it disrespectful of the life given up for the Tribe.

4. There is to be no killing of other pokemon for sport. There is to be no killing of any sentient pokemon unless you have no other choice but to defend yourself or the Tribe to the death.

5. Whenever there is a child in danger or needs help, regardless of whether the child is of the Tribe or not, one is to stop what you are doing immediately and help that child. Children are precious and are to be treated as such.

6. Everyone in the Tribe has a right to speak at Tribe meetings, even if one's opinion goes against what the Leader or everypokemon else is saying. The Tribe is open to listening to each member and their concerns. Differing opinions are to be respected and infighting is non-allowed.

7. Disagreements with other Tribe members are, unfortunately, to be expected. When one has a disagreement with another Tribe member and one is unable to solve the problem on their own, they are to bring the problem to the attention of the leader, who will do their best to solve the problem to both pokemon's liking.

8. Tribe members are not allowed to tell other pokemon where the Tribe's camp is without the leader's strict permission. One is not allowed to bring pokemon wanting to join the Tribe to the camp before the leader has met them and decided that they are trustworthy.

Religious Beliefs of the Tribe

Breeze believes that every pokemon, once it dies, is made into a star and released into the heavens, whereupon they look down on the land they once roamed and kept an eye on those important to them.

These pokemon in the stars are referred to as the Ancestors, and when they collect together for a singular purpose, they are given powers by the Goddess (i.e. Legendary Pokemon) Cresselia. Though Breeze has never had an encounter with the Goddess herself, she has heard legends of previous Skytellers and Medicine Pokemon actually meeting the Goddess in their dreams.

These Ancestors, given the power to speak to living pokemon in dreams and signs by Cresselia, warn the Tribe(s) in times of danger or give prophecies regarding future events. These times are rare and in between, though, and mostly they just watch over the Tribe and do what they can to protect their loved ones from beyond the grave.

NPC Tribe Members

Various Mothers:
Shell - Vaporeon with two little ones: Vixen and Sparrow
Shadow - Absol, still carrying.
Beatrice - Staraptor with three chicks: Leon, Maxine, and Tyler
Theresa - Feraligator with one child: Falina

Various Guardians:
Terrence - Charmeleon male
Michael - Mightyena male
Craul - Dewgong female
Masie - Leafeon female
Alice - Houndoom female
Steven - Salamance male
Alex - Houndour male

Other Members:
Cryzien - Sableye who extracts pokemon remains from prey and makes talismans and charms with them, as well as helping with the effigies at the edge of the Tribe's Territory.
Charaon - Dusklops in charge of disposing of prey remains and any fallen Tribe members or enemies in the Tribe's grave site.


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Tribe of the Renewed Life Empty
PostSubject: Re: Tribe of the Renewed Life   Tribe of the Renewed Life EmptySun Sep 27, 2015 5:34 pm

Approved by @Solilo
The Renewed Life's Territory board will be added under Cattail Marsh shortly and you can post any threads you might need there. You're already a mod as a whole but you'll basically be in charge of moderation of that specific board so that you can more easily take advantage of the forum's features for your organisation.

Don't forget to write up your description and entry requirements and send them to an administrator so they can be added to the IO list found in the rules board ^-^

NOTE: NPCs are not formally approved here and so the NPCs in this thread are also not formally approved. You will have to fill in complete bios for them using the NPC application to get them fully approved.

Tribe of the Renewed Life P5_sty10xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxTribe of the Renewed Life Skiddo
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Tribe of the Renewed Life
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