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 Katz Rp (open)

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PostSubject: Katz Rp (open)   Katz Rp (open) EmptySat Sep 20, 2014 5:54 am

Katz Template

Welcome to the world of Katz, and modern world at first appearance but quickly  becomes a world full of mysteries and wonders behind closed curtains. This Earth has many secrets that lay unseen by many humans, but to the cats they are clearly visible. But it’s only the few special cats that are capable of  interacting with these things, and only they can fight them off from entering fully on to the earth.

So come and join us for the epic journey of the Katz! Yes, it is a horrible name, blame Foxfire ( points paw at glowing red cat) Err….back to the program! Now a new evil has risen from the depths of darkness, a evil that veteran Katz cannot fight. So a new breed of Katz must come forth to fight the great evil. To do this they only have one hint, ‘Find the four and the path to power shall be granted.’ Now it is time for the new Katz to gather and take action, don’t let us down or your failures will doom us all. (Snort, Hehehe. Shut up FireFox! Oh Fine yesh!)

The Veterans

The Veterans are the four great Katz who once saved the world from the evil long ago. They Found their powers and had rise to the top, the completed all the challenges set before them and won against the evil without guidance. It appears the the evil has become immune to their powers, as they made one mistake while trying to defeat the evil that caused it to not die but instead become stronger. The Four Veterans all together ( A rarity ) agreed on taking a apprentice capable of defeating the evil, and training them to use their powers as they traveled on their journey.

  • FireFox, The Leader of the Veterans. FireFox is a Red Birman, with fur that gives the illusion that he is on fire, he is a large, strong cat and is a nightmare to face in battle.  This great Katz Was the first of the four to discover his powers and was a courageous yet carefree. He tends to joke around and be silly, even if he is the strongest of the group. FireFox's Ability is over fire, that added to his great skill in combat allowed him to fight against the evil even if he lacked strategy, which thankfully Starrox covers for. FireFox is good at teaching Combat and morals, he is optimistic and encourages his apprentices to be great yet caring.

  • Starrox, the mind of the Veterans and the one whose strategic mind trumps all. A childhood friend of FireFox, he always made sure to keep his best friend from getting himself killed. No push over in battle, this Aqua blue Cornish Rex is able to hold his own against even the most toughest enemies. It was Starrox who realized that they could not defeat the evil, and also him who convinced the group to take apprentices. Calm and collected, Starrox balances out FireFox's outgoing nature. Starrox tends to be quite blunt and is not easy to anger. He is good a teaching tactics, minor combat, and magical abilities to a degree. He is strict and no nonsense, a harsher teacher then FireFox but not as bad as Duskray.

  • DuskRay, The  Dark mage of the Veterans and with a even darker attitude. Duskray was always a loner, he disliked social interactions and tends to argue with Firefox, always pointing out the flaws in his ideas, though even he has a grudging respect for his leader. It was Duskray who first fought the evil, he was swayed by it for a time before Firefox broke it's hold over him. Dismayed and embarrassed at being so weak of mind, he grudgingly stood beside FireFox, helping him to get revenge on the evil that manipulated him. Dark toned and almost humorless, it's a wonder him and firefox can get at all. He and Starrox tend to make the plans for the group. Duskray is a harsh, no nonsense teacher, he specializes in witchcraft, more specifically black magic. This shadowy Singapura isn't likely to take nothing but perfection.

  • Hellapora, The kind hearted healer of the veterans. Hellapora is a sweet white Manx, happy to deal out healing to her injured teammates. Hellapora was a house cat before she was dragged into the conflict. She was kind to strangers and other animals, and didn't like hurting them one bit, but even she can make a exception for the evil and it's minions. Everyone in the Veterans have a soft spot for this she-cat, being the youngest of the Katz. Hellapora is like the peacekeeper of the group, she has the ability to calm down her teammates from even the most violent states. Hellapora is a very kind teacher, specializing in medicine and white magic. She gently pushes her students and dutifully makes sure they are growing at a pace comfortable to them. She is the sweetest of the teachers.    


  • Only 1-3 Rpers(Excluding Me) are allowed due to the overcrowdedness of 4 or more. Rp can be done with only 1-3 rpers.

  • All Pmd rules of role-play allowed.

  • No God modding

  • Only one special ability at start

  • Supernatural breeds are not allowed due to high chance of god-modding with them. The only supernatural things would be the one ability, though even that has a limit.


* Filla (Juggernaut) - Starrox
* Dawn (Healing Lily) - Hellapora
* Xion (Battle Mage) - Duskray



Katz Nickname: (Unused until certain part of the story, corresponds to Katz Mark.)

Age: (Kittens over 7 months to cats 6 years)


Special Ability:
(One thing unique to you Cat. Also the Passive effect of the ability, the Active effect of ability, and the drawback of the ability.)

Katz Mark:


Body Type:

Fur Colors:





Background:(general history, How they discovered their power, when it went to the 2nd level, how they got their Katz mark. And Which of the four veterans will teach them (During RP))

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PostSubject: Re: Katz Rp (open)   Katz Rp (open) EmptySat Sep 20, 2014 8:02 am

Name: Filla

Katz Nickname: Juggernaut

Age: 6 years old

Gender: Female

Special Ability: (Passive) Enhances all muscles in body above average. (Active) Body is Greatly Physical enhanced. (Drawback) Has trouble dealing with some non-combat situations and can use too much power.

Katz Mark: Katz Rp (open) Brand(placed on her right side)

Breed: Abyssinian

Body Type: Athletic, Lean, taller than most Abyssinians, and 15 lbs of muscle.

Fur Colors: Mix of Chocolate, Cinnamon, Apricot, and specs of Fawn.

Appearance:Katz Rp (open) Download (Mostly like this)

Personality: Filla is a curious and energetic cat, she often runs around and has lots of energy. Filla is blunt, she would rather give the cold hard truth than lie and might hurt other cats feelings by mistake. She is usually a quiet, preferring to take action than to speak. she’s all bite with no skill with barking.

Likes: Playing, eating, being free, swimming, running around, rolling in dirt, hunting, and many other activities.

Dislikes: Sitting around waiting for things to happen, cats that are all talk, not being able to run around, and closed off spaces.

Background: Filla Grew up out in the park. She was never adopted by any humans and lived only by what her mother managed to scavenge for her, being the last of her first and only litter. Around when Filla was a months she finally left her mother’s over protective grasp and ran out into the world, unknowingly saving herself from the fate her mother faced.

Filla lived for the rest of her life in the large park near a school in northern Michigan, she was only 3 years old when she unknowingly developed the next level to her special Katz ability. Even when she was a kitten she was much stronger than the average cat, which allowed her to survive what killed her littermates.

The moment when her powers reached the next level was when she was cornered by three stray large dogs who had always tried to torment her, The DreadFang gang they called themselves, Who lived only to torment all cats is what they say. Filla was easily, even with her passive enhancements she was still beaten quite thoroughly. It was when the Alpha of the back, Fanger, tried to take a bite out her neck that she became desperate enough to reach the next level. In a amazing show of willpower, she leap up while glowing a brilliant red and scratched the Large grey dog, surprisingly sending him flying into a tree. Still in a rage, she took out the other two dogs, Chikenuggte and Rathe, in even less time. That day, though confused, Filla walked proudly through the park, having stopped three of the meanest dogs in the park, and helping the other animals from their torment. That night she gained her Katz mark., the mark of the Juggernaut.

It was now, on her 5th birthday that Filla was meet by one of the veterans, Starrox, the Powerful Blue Cat who once helped fight of the evil. Starrox told her that she had the potential to become a true Katz and offered to teach her how to fight the menace that will soon come to threaten earth. She of course agreed to this, loving the thought of a new challenge to face, and gladly when with his training. This is how her story begins.

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Katz Rp (open) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Katz Rp (open)   Katz Rp (open) EmptySat Sep 20, 2014 8:45 am

Wow am i that bored imma try this ... *sigh* ya i am

Name: Xion

Katz Nickname: Battle mage

Age: 4 (why don't ask)

Gender: Female

Special Ability: (passive) gives her the ability to focus with mana while fighting (Active) has the strenth of a warrior and the magic of a mage (Drawback) needs to get in close to attack

Katz Mark: Uhh it's a large staff with a bladed hilt (could not find a image had to improvise)

Breed: Snowshoe

Body Type: Has a slim body type with few muscles. is also quite tall.

Fur Colors: Pure black

Appearance: Like this but blacker Katz Rp (open) Images10

Personality: She is quiet and never really talks much but when she does you better be ready. she only talks to someone if she thinks that they are really smart or really dumb so when she does speak either be prepared for a complement or to be told you are stupid. Most of the time her actions speak louder then her words

Likes: Quiet reading and training

Dislikes: annoying people, loud noises, idiots

Background: She was born to a nice quite small family nothing ever really happened to her for the first year of her life but after that year she got separated from everyone she knew and loved, that sadness pushed her over the edge and let her obtain her mark,

She lived the next year as a loner moving from place to place barely surviving if she had not unlocked her powers once she was separated she would of died that first year. over time she learned to fight just to survive and spent most of her life training her body so she could live.

She got then next level of her mark during a large brawl, these strangers for some reason thought that she was trying to attack them so they all attacked in a full assault, knowing that she was gonna die there she decided to at least try to beat them and fought as hard as she could during the same fight she had unlocked the powers and the force was enough to blast most of them back giving her a chance to win and she took that chance after a hard battle she was left alone standing over all the unconscious foes but due to the number she had fought she was left drained and could not stay away and she fainted soon after

Duskray soon found this girl passed out in the field with all of her enemies down. he had decided to take pity on her and took her away from the area to train her This is where her story begins.

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PostSubject: Re: Katz Rp (open)   Katz Rp (open) EmptySat Sep 20, 2014 3:52 pm

It's looks great! However I'd prefer that you but a Breed and the Picture of the Breed. It doesn't have to be completely accurate, like how Filla pretty much looks like the image, but has different colors. I'd suggest going to google and googling  Cat breeds with the characteristics of your cat. If really don't want to use a pic you can write a clear description of the cat, not all of them looks the same. But you must have a real Breed. Please and thank yous~ (This will defiantly be approved if you fix these *thumbs up*)

Edit: All Good know~ Accepted!

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Katz Rp (open) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Katz Rp (open)   Katz Rp (open) EmptySat Sep 20, 2014 7:37 pm

Name: Dawn

Katz Nickname: Healing Lily

Age: 8 Months

Gender: Female

Special Ability:
Passive: Able to focus magical energy well.
Active: Great focus in spells and long range.
Drawback: Terrible at physical fighting.

Katz Mark: (On her right front paw)
Katz Rp (open) 8071e0ecabff5c3e9d990baeef73559c

Breed: Silver Tortoishell Classic Tabby & White Maine Coon

Body Type: Small, quick, but not much strength.

Fur Colors: White, gray, black, and a small bit of light brown.

Appearance: Dawn looks like this: Katz Rp (open) HellCat

Personality: Dawn is a kind and outgoing cat. She is very peaceful and dislikes hurting others, unless they are being bad and it's the only way to make them stop.

Likes: Dawn likes nature, especially plants. She also likes to help others and learn.

Dislikes: Seeing others get hurt/Hurting others, unless they truly deserve it.

Background: Dawn is a cat that had a nice life with her family, but wanted to know more about the world. She decided to venture out of her home and wander in the park to explore.

She discovered her powers and Katz mark when she saw a few dogs from the DreadFang Gang trying to hurting another cat. Out of anger, she jumped the dogs and the cat and without realizing it made a blast of light hit one of the dogs and burn some of his fur. Being the cowards that they were, the DreadFang Gang dogs ran away, the hurt one whimpering with it's tail between his legs.

Then, a cat came over to her, saying that she had the potential to become a Kat, a cat who will fight the new coming evil. Dawn, wanting to help as much as she could, agreed. The cat who came to Dawn was Hellapora, a veteran Kat, who took her in as her apprentice.

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PostSubject: Re: Katz Rp (open)   Katz Rp (open) EmptySat Sep 20, 2014 7:42 pm

Wah! It looks great. Good job! Accepted!
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PostSubject: Re: Katz Rp (open)   Katz Rp (open) EmptyMon Sep 22, 2014 12:55 am

The roleplay has started, still accepting one more Katz, first come first serve with the posting order.

Feel Free to add on to you Characters history as the rp progresses.

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PostSubject: Re: Katz Rp (open)   Katz Rp (open) Empty

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Katz Rp (open)
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