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 Dystopian RP Sign Ups

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Dystopian RP Sign Ups - Page 2 Empty
PostSubject: Dystopian RP Sign Ups   Dystopian RP Sign Ups - Page 2 EmptyThu Apr 09, 2015 1:40 am

First topic message reminder :


A world where everyone obeys a single organization. Constantly monitored, constantly happy, and constantly working for the sake of benefitting everyone. Everyone is the same. Everyone is happy. Everyone is happy with their jobs, and everyone does it all for the sake of The Ministers and everyone else. However, things seem to be a bit...odd. There is no wars, no fights, not even amonst siblings there is conflict. Everyone lives the same life, in cities that are the same, and nobody seems to leave their cities willingly. Something is rather...off about these cities. Thought its not quite known or noticed except by those above, the gods.

Once a year, some Divine intervention occurs, and a few people are selected to be...released. Released from what you ask? A spell. What spell? A hypnosis. Two gods have been enslaved by the ministers, and are being used to control the world and rob people and pokemon alike within the confines of civilization of free will.

One night, several humans were selected by the gods, and dragged from their homes and into the wilderness. There, they were released from the spell and they regain their own personalities that was denied to them since birth. They are chosen and given pokemon to the hopefully to-be heroes that will succeed this time! Seeing as the heroes of the past seemed to have...uh...failed in many many horrible ways. Will they do it? Who knows! How? Who knows? Gods don't care, they've got years upon years to fix this mess. Why worry? When heroes are expendable.

1.) Don't be stupid.
2.) Don't use forbidden gods
3.) Don't stray from rp's canon
4.) If you have any questions about the world, DO NOT HESITATE TO ASK. Use this TP to type your questions down and I'll answer it when I can. https://titanpad.com/PMDDystopiaRPQA
5.) Pineapple
6.) No special snowflakes amongst the special snowflakes that is everyone in this rp please. No way are you going to have blue hair, be a pokemorph, or have already been released or be immune to the spell.
7.) Mary Sues get ripped apart viciously
8.) No special abilities like seeing aura
9.) Fill out the forms provided, hold back no information. Pictures are acceptable.

Bio Template

[b]Awakened Personality:[/b]
[b]Patron Legend:[/b]
[b]Additional Inforation:[/b]
[b]Assigned Pokemon[/b]
[b]Chosen Egg Move[/b]
[b]Chosen Gender[/b]
[b]Chosen Personality[/b]

Name: Pretty Obvious
Age: Nothing below 14 and nothing above 20
Awakened Personality: Their true personality, when under the spell everyone is forced to have the same personality of being kind loving and caring to everyone, so now that the spell is released, what's their REAL personality?
Appearance: Pic or words, i don't care, just no special "I HAVE BLUE HAIR NATURALLY AND DIFFERENT COLORED EYES BECAUSE IM SPECIAL :D" People can still get accessories and tattoos and such in the city though.
History: I don't expect some amazing fifteen paragraph essay, just mention some events that happened that might trigger some kind of phobia, some kind of scar, ect. Drunken parents are a nono, slavery is a no-no, no substance abuse. Perfect families, perfect lifestyles. Very few differences are between the lives of the characters, just think of socities ideal modern family and you're good.
Patron Legend: What legend chose and awoke your character?
Fears: They will not know of their own fears yet, since all they know is what the utopia has given them. They will not know they're afraid of the dark, they will not know they're afraid of spiders, they just don't know what actually scares them. However, put down what their fears WILL be.
Comforts: Same as fears, but what comforts them.
Additional Inforation: Any additional information you would like to place.
Assigned Pokemon This is something I will edit in. When you have completed your character, it will be assigned a pokemon that your patron god will give you.
Chosen Egg Move When you recieve your pokemon, choose the one egg move you would like for your character.
Chosen Gender: same goes for gender
Chosen Personality: and personality

General Information

Pokemon are in the society, but each person gets one pokemon at the age of 20 at random. That pokemon is to assist them in their daily lives and their jobs. There are still wild pokemon but they are not under the control of the society, once a wild pokemon enters the city, it becomes under the spell's control. Characters can befriend wild pokemon, but they're not protected from the spell of the city nor catch them in things like pokeballs since they don't have any. People are free to spawn things as they please so long as they're not doing things like suddenly dragonite coming to wreck everyone's nice things, because I can take away those nice things easily.

Character's pokemon
These pokemon are given to the characters by the patron god, and can evolve at any point in time and are free to use any move from their level ups, however tutors must have another pokemon in the team(all of the rpers in the rp) that can learn the move via level up teach them the move. Egg Moves are limited to one of your choice. TMs must be obtained via RP, there may be points where I allow everyone to choose a TM of their choice, i'm not sure on this.

How The Society Works
Basically the modern world with 0 problems. Everything looks normal except Unemployment rate is 0, everyone can afford everything perfectly fine, and everyone has the same income and amount of money. Everyone is happy with their lives, but can still feel disappointment and forget things. They think they're choosing what to do and everything is fine thanks to the ministers, but they do not know that they are under the spell.

Banned Patron Gods

Claimed Patrons

Remember, if you have any other questions go here and ask them

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PostSubject: Re: Dystopian RP Sign Ups   Dystopian RP Sign Ups - Page 2 EmptySat Apr 11, 2015 9:04 pm

Gale Kantain Chose
Dystopian RP Sign Ups - Page 2 408
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Dystopian RP Sign Ups - Page 2 Empty
PostSubject: Re: Dystopian RP Sign Ups   Dystopian RP Sign Ups - Page 2 EmptySun Apr 12, 2015 12:28 am

Rinya Ormin Chose
Dystopian RP Sign Ups - Page 2 570
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Dystopian RP Sign Ups - Page 2 Empty
PostSubject: Re: Dystopian RP Sign Ups   Dystopian RP Sign Ups - Page 2 Empty

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Dystopian RP Sign Ups
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