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 Mega Evolution, Z-Moves, Dynamax and Gigantamaxing Rules

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Mega Evolution, Z-Moves, Dynamax and Gigantamaxing Rules Empty
PostSubject: Mega Evolution, Z-Moves, Dynamax and Gigantamaxing Rules   Mega Evolution, Z-Moves, Dynamax and Gigantamaxing Rules EmptySat Mar 28, 2015 12:56 am


As you all may know, the most recent generations have added a variety of new mechanics to the games for pokemon to use. While Mega Evolution does exist in the most recent PMD additions, we take a different approach to it than the Emeras used in Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon.


What do I need to get?
Mega evolution, dynamaxing, and gigantamaxing all require a special item called “Mysterious Stone” that can only be obtained through participating in events. Once your character activates or touches this item, it will become bound to your character-meaning no other character can use it. Each form of empowerment requires a different stone, meaning if you choose to use your Mysterious Stone for mega evolution, you will need another in order to Dynamax or use a different mega form.

Each Mega/Dyna/Giga stone has a max of 10 charges. Each stone starts with 0, but you can go to the Admin Request Thread and request a certain number of charges. Each charge costs 200 poke.

Z-Moves, on the other hand, can require a variety of things. Rules, restrictions, and how to obtain them can be read here.

How do I use them?
No matter which one you choose to use your Mysterious Stone on you will expend your charges at a rate of 1 charge per page. You can change your form at any point in a thread so long as you have the charges available to do so.

You can only use one of these forms and attacks at a time, meaning you can’t combine Mega Evolution and Z-Moves and you can’t Dynamax your Mega-Evolved pokemon. There is no limit on using all of these at different points in a thread, however.

When Mega-Evolving, be sure to take special care in paying attention to Pokedex entries of your mega evolved pokemon if any are available. Mega evolution is not an easy feat to control, as the energy is often too powerful for pokemon to handle without someone to keep them grounded.

When Dynamaxing, your pokemon will not become as large as they’re depicted in the games. It’s too absurd in a roleplaying setting. Your pokemon will get bigger and still have powerful moves, but you’re not going to become titanic.

Gigantamaxing is not exclusive to specific members of a species like it is in the games. Any pokemon that has a gigamax form can gigamax regardless of heritage or birthplace. Gigantamax is treated like a combination of mega evolution and dynamaxing. However, if you have a character like eevee, who can gigantamax, and evolve it, it will no longer be able to achieve its gigantamax form. The Giga-Stone is then converted to a regular dynamax stone.


Mega Evolution, Z-Moves, Dynamax and Gigantamaxing Rules KatSignatureRotator
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Mega Evolution, Z-Moves, Dynamax and Gigantamaxing Rules
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