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 Heathens OOC

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PostSubject: Heathens OOC   Heathens OOC EmptyWed Jul 16, 2014 1:56 am

Hello, welcome and my warmest salutations! Greetings to all you boys and girls, ladies and gentlemen, ghouls, goblins, and whatever the Hell else you might be! You all are about to embark on one of the greatest RPs of your lives! You'll laugh! You'll cry! You might even have some gas! But, it will be FANTASTIC!!!!

First, however: Some boring rules.

Oh do shush. You knew this was coming. Now read these or you won't get any pudding. You can't have any pudding if you don't read the rules.

Rule #1: Follow General Role-Play etiquette. No Mary Sues, no God-Modding, etc.

Rule #2: Don't be an asshole, asshat, assbag, or any other of the numerous variations. (Unless it pleases me. Then do please do your best to break this rule.)

Rule #3: Don't Panic. (If you do panic, you shall not be provided with a handy-dandy paper bag.)

Rule #4: Do you know where your towel is? Do you have it on you? If not, remedy both. The penalty is to be read the greatest examples of Vogon Poetry the galaxy has to offer.

Rule #5: Do be sure to wash behind your ears.

Rule #6: Ignore rule #5. He's a wanker and we all bloody know it.

Rule #7: Have fun, or so help me I will take this belt off...

Rule #8: You have earned your reward. Congratulations! Proceed to the next rule for pudding!

Rule #9 :

Right! Now that that business is done with: Tally Ho!

This RP is essentially one of religion. For as long as humanity has had culture, we have had gods. Until very recently the number of religions around the world was much larger and most were polytheistic and followed the rules of animism. If it existed in a culture, there was a god for it. However, with the rise of monotheistic religions, many of these "pagan faiths" were either wiped out or assimilated. Little do many of us know, however, that these Gods are more present and real than we think.

Sometime around the rise of Mesopotamia a group of Gods offended the Old Order, the group of gods that governed things before humans began to appear. These Gods defied the Old Order, wanting to be the deities for the humans. They cried it was only fair, as these Gods had guided the humans in their evolution, the humans were practically their children. However, the Old Order would have none of it and in a twist of irony imprisoned these Gods in human form. Though they were still immortal, these Gods lost most of their power. These Gods are referred to as the New Gods.

With the New Gods imprisoned, the Old Order formed the pantheons of religion found in our textbooks. Zeus, Odin, Quezacotl, all Old Order Gods. The New Gods were forced to watch as the Old Order received the praise that they did not deserve. It continued this way until the rise of the Monotheistic religions.

It appears that when one God finds He can hold sway over the majority of the Earth's population all by himself, He becomes a tad greedy. This led to the trend of the Monotheists wiping out or converting any other religion. The Monotheists were also told of the New Gods, and soon began to wipe them out behind the scenes. The Crusades, the Inquisition, the Witch Hunts, every one was a way for the Church to find these New Gods and destroy them.

But the New Gods would not be done in so easily. Cunning and sly, the New Gods found that if they took on Mortal Partners, their true powers could be unlocked through prayer and sacrifice, if only for a short time. So, these Partnerships began to be formed and the New Gods found a way to fight back. Still, many perished. Those who lasted found their Mortal partners aged and died, and so they were forced to move from partner to partner through the years.

Now, in the present day, very few New Gods remain. The monotheist are stronger than they have ever been. Behind the scenes, their agents conspire against the New Gods at ever turn. And to make things worse, the Old Order has become impatient with the New God's slow demise. To wipe out the New Gods, they have begun to send their own servants, known as the Archangels. Though the name comes from biblical tradition, these servants hail from many of the Old Order. They have power on par with the New Gods and none of the restrictions.

So, now backed into a corner and fighting for their lives, the time has come for some of the New Gods to choose new Partners. Though all hope seems lost, it has been whispered through the tight-nit group of New Gods that there may be a way to end this conflict, once and for all...

Welcome to "Heathens"!

Now, with the exposition out of the way, let me explain how submissions will be handled. I know everyone will want to play the Gods, but we need to give some love to their Mortal partners, right? So, I will be randomly putting all applicants into teams and randomly choosing who will be God and who will be Mortal, this way no one will feel treated unfairly.

(Except Fox and I. We're on a team liek 4-evar. And maybe Sol and Pika. Got a problem with that? Too bad. After the pudding incident did you really expect me to be fair?)

After teams and roles have been selected, you will be required to fill out the bio below, but that's it.



Physical Appearance:


Power (Gods Only): ex. God of Love, God of Cleanliness, God of Cocktail Parties, God of Dove Hand Soap.


Right? We all settled? Well, what are you waiting for? A written invitation? No one uses those anymore. Welcome to the 21st century.
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Heathens OOC Empty
PostSubject: Re: Heathens OOC   Heathens OOC EmptyWed Jul 16, 2014 2:00 am

Behold! My bio!

It's not the best I've ever done, but meh.

Name: Drottin Fjorlagg Vardmader

Gender: Male

Physical Appearance: Fjor is currently trapped in the form of a black cat... Not much more to say than that.... What?


No. You don't need a picture or anything. He's a cat. That's it. Stop looking at me like that.

Personality: Aloof, Eclectic and Reserved. At times, he has his moments of eccentricity, but for the most part he keeps his cards close to his chest. Being trapped as a cat for thousands of years has given him an odd outlook on life, and sometimes he will share odd insights. His imprisonment has also made him slightly bitter and jaded. He can, at times, seem sardonic and arrogant. Still, beneath his cold exterior, he feels a deep responsibility for the other New Gods and holds affection for each of them, even if their Mortals tend to pester him constantly. He considers himself the head of what is left of the New Gods, whether they accept it or not.

Power: God of Death (He is currently very weak, even when his powers are activated.)

History: As a special punishment by the Norse Gods, Fjorlagg was not only changed to a human, but a small black cat. This severely hampered his powers and was especially humorous to the gods. It's said Loki laughed for nine days and nights.

When the New Gods began to be wiped out, Fjorlagg made the journey from his home in what is now modern day Norway all the way to Egypt. He made his way to Thebes, enlisting the help of the local priests. He was going to make use of the local magic to attempt to change his form to that of a human, so that he could at least be of some use. However, he procrastinated for awhile, as black cats are especially revered in Eygpt. For awhile, he lived out his life, content to bath lazily in the Egyptian sun.

However, soon Islam would sweep into Eygpt like a wildfire. Soon, any practitioners of the old magic that had transformed Fjorlagg where either dead or had fled the country. Fjor found he was now imprisoned in his form, doomed to walk the earth as a feline.

He then traveled to Asia and stayed there for a good amount of time. A large majority of his time was spent in Japan, where he spent his days around the Buddhist temples. Cats are treated with great respect in Japan and here Fjor found a home, far from the influence of the Church. During this time, he absorbed the Eastern spiritual teachings, becoming noticeably more mellow and calm than his younger years.

More recently, he migrated to America with the large influx of Asian immigrants. He has since made his way across the country, largely on a whim, and is now residing on the east coast.

When he could find a mortal who was willing to accept a talking cat as their God, his powers were nearly useless. At best, he can only summon a few spirits. So, he has elected to watch quietly from the background, directing the efforts of the New Gods and supporting them every once in awhile. Meanwhile, he spends his free time researching any way to free himself and taking long cat naps in the sun.

Fjor also holds a deep rooted grudge against the Old Norse Gods for tricking him into his body in the first place. He has vowed, should he ever be released, he will prove the ancient texts wrong. It is written that Ragnarok, the end of the Norse Gods, shall come from the brother of Thor, Loki. Fjorlagg intends to slay Loki first.

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Heathens OOC Empty
PostSubject: Re: Heathens OOC   Heathens OOC EmptyWed Jul 16, 2014 2:41 am

Name: Nomina (Mina) Torres

Age: 24

Gender: Female

Physical Appearence:

Drawing for you:
Some other day /SHOT

Nomina has jet-black hair and light olive skin, as well as Aquamarine eyes (the result of a mixing between her parents' green and blue eyes). She comes from both Japanese and Portuguese decent, and while her traditions and habits (like removing her shoes before entering her living space) more clearly reflect her Japanese heritage, her appearance (beside her black hair anyways) heavily reflects her Portuguese blood.

Personality: Nomina is generally a quiet person (at least in public, although get to talking with her and she'll usually force herself to open up more) and appears rather tough. She likes peace and quiet, despite living in a city where she rarely gets it. She's been put through a lot of hardships already, and really just wants to live her own normal life (and by "normal" I mean her standards of normal). She's rather big-hearted and caring under her quiet and tough city person façade. She often just goes through the motions, and is often soundly content with doing so.

History: Nomina grew up between Portugal and Japan after the early divorce of her parents when she was 7, eventually losing her Japanese citizenship at around the age of 11 as the more lax dual-citizenship laws of Portugal began to look more and more beneficial to her future. At the age of 14, she went to live in a historic apartment complex in Philadelphia with her caretakers at the time, her Father's brother and his wife. She was exposed to a lot of the finest and prettiest classical architecture the city had to offer, and this encouraged her to start looking into art. This resulted into a certain devotion to the arts to bloom inside her.

Nomina had a hard time fitting into the American high school she was enrolled into. She could speak fluent Japanese and Spanish/Portuguese at this point, but she still struggled with English and was teased for misspelling and mispronouncing even simple words at the age she was at. The more she started to learn English, the more she started to understand the teasing of her peers and the more she started to relize that even people who she thought were being kind to her weren't actually being kind at all. Her parents had enrolled her in a public school despite the desires of her father, and so she found she could not even count on the teachers for shelter from the assumptions of her peers. On the contrary, they often took on the very same perspective that the children used to taunt her, "you are too old to talk this way" and "you're in America now so you should be speaking English."

She finally reached a breakthrough when she started releasing her art to her peers. She would win a contest every now and again, and her art would be hung in the halls and made visible to the other students. This garnered her some respect, and she completely changed in her peer's view to the point where she started to make friends even despite the language barrier. One of her fellow students and the art teacher at her school introduced her to calligraphy, which aided in the acceleration of her adaptation of English considerably and also caused her to have really, really fancy handwriting.

This was all good for Mina, who was finding more and more that she couldn't rely on her Aunt and Uncle for virtually anything. Her home life was slowly becoming a wreck as the two began to have a falling out similar to the one her parents had. Mina's Aunt even started to become jealous of her for being a native Portuguese speaker, making her Aunt feel distant from Mina and her Uncle. Their contentious relationship affected Mina's life in a myriad of ways, ranging from forgetting to give her lunch money to getting into arguments about dinners and payment for tuition, sometimes leading to arguments where both would refuse to pay unless the other did it. Mina found herself on the receiving end of many terrifying letters demanding money that she couldn't pay even once she started working, and had to beg her Aunt and Uncle into a ceasefire in order to get ANYONE'S tuition paid, even her cousins. Those cousins were on the brink of scapegoating her, though she managed to garner the empathy of most by being the provider of meals during long parental feuds as well as being a life coach for the other kids on top of her own life problems.

Halfway into Junior year of high school, Mina's Aunt and Uncle split, causing tight budgets and more struggles. Mina floundered her way through her highschool diploma, dropping from A grades to mid-level grades in the wake of the fallout and causing her to lose out on some scholarship opportunities. She poured herself into her portfolio, considering it her last and biggest chance to garner any substantial college money. Her Aunt and Uncle's bitter rivalry also left her without an appointment for a citizenship test, opting instead to procrastinate and just getting her green card renewed at the last second.

Mina's Aunt went off the grid quickly after the dust settled, leaving barely any trace or contact info. She eventually felt a lot of guilt, especially towards Nomina, who she recognized was mostly innocent having been moved into their home out of necessity (as they had agreed wholeheartedly to take her in). She resumed contact with Mina and apologized, attempting to make up for her past transgressions by offering up money towards Mina's college tuition, though it wasn't much, realistically. The two stayed in contact and eventually built both an understanding and even a friendship, with Mina now being the only person who knows exactly where her Aunt resides and what her contact info is.

It was around this point that Mina's mother stepped in, desiring to put a hand back into Mina's life while pushing her to go to a big and influential college to start a successful career. Mia was skeptical about this, but in the face of a $85,000 tuition minimum required for her to stay in the Philadelphia area she felt compelled to accept the suspiciously eager request from her mother. Upon agreeing to her acceptance as well as taking her scholarships, Mina quickly knew the regret of one with a meddling, overbearing mother.

Currently, Mina is a dual major Architecture/Graphic Design student at Drexel University, minoring in Philosophy. She lives alone in a campus-affiliated apartment complex (completely abandoning the traditional dorms because f**k that shit) and although she still doesn't talk much, she feels as though she's found a community where she can belong. She works part-time at a little nearby bookstore, and her hours are generally very flexible to meet her study schedule.

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PostSubject: Re: Heathens OOC   Heathens OOC EmptyWed Jul 16, 2014 4:03 am

Name: Faeneth 'Fae'
Gender: Female
Physical Appearance: A young female, looking about 19 in age. Faeneth has long, pale brown hair that looks almost golden in the sunlight and bright, icy blue eyes. Fae has a pale complexion and stands at a slightly shorter than average height. Attempting to adapt with the times, Fae currently wears her hair in a messy ponytail, sporting pale blue jeans, a white tank top and a thin, mint green, zip up hoodie, the sleeves of which Fae tends to push up to her elbows, preferring the feel of the breeze on her arms.

Personality: Faeneth has always been lighthearted, despite everything she's experienced over the years. She attempts to always remain positive and cheerful, even when a situation is dire. Peppy and energetic, most wouldn't guess that a goddess so seemingly immature and carefree would have lived for as long as Fae has, experiencing the dawn of humanity and witnessing both the wonders and horrors of the human race. Though not leader material, Faeneth likes to keep others' spirits high. She can however be rather calm and reserved at times and has taken an interest in tranquil places, enjoying sitting in quiet areas purely to watch the world go by.

Power: Goddess of Winter, Ice and Snow
After being given a mortal form, Faeneth spent most of her days in natural areas such as forests, or near lakes. Even when they were not covered by snow, she was fascinated with the wildlife that lived there. She survived for a while using her knowledge of edible berries and plants of nutritious values and would often be spotted by others speaking to the wildlife as if she could understand them.
Nowadays Faeneth blends in well with today's society. Using fake identification -though she wishes she didn't have to forge it- she gained a job working in a park in Philadelphia in order to hide herself better and pass off as a normal human in the wake of the other New Gods being hunted down. She can also be found spending time in the local library.
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PostSubject: Re: Heathens OOC   Heathens OOC EmptyWed Jul 16, 2014 4:06 am

Name: Justin Wagner.

Age: 18.

Gender: Male.

Physical Appearance: Justin has darker colored blonde hair, going down to his neck and usually looking as if he just got up, a pale complexion, and hazel eyes. He has an almost scrawny body type and wears blue jean, a white polo shirt and a black vest. Over his shoulder he usually keeps a brown satchel, and inside it is a pen and a smaller sized journal he uses to note things, important or not. Also inside is a small emergency flashlight he carries with him at all times.

Personality: Justin has a relatively relaxed and calm personality, tending to sometimes come across as aloof and getting lost in his thoughts. He tries to be friendly with most people, though if someone gets on his nerve he won’t hide the fact that he doesn’t like them. Some times he can be a bit skeptical of others, and is prone to using sarcasm often, for better or for worse. As far as religion goes he doesn't consider himself a part of any one religion and instead keeps to his own beliefs and what he has seen as proven fact. Also, he has a slight fear of the dark.

History: Justin was born and raised in the Boston, Massachusetts area, spending all of his life before college there. He had a relatively normal upbringing, and at school was able to make friends and actually enjoy being around them. Thanks to the relative normality of his life, he found himself reading books often as a sort of escape and for simply his own personal enjoyment. One thing lead to another and he began to take an interest in writing, creating his own stories and adventures to be had by characters. His friends didn't see the point of it, but also didn't hold it against Justin or use it as a reason to bully him about it. Deciding to further his interest, once it became time to go to college he decided to go to Drexel University and major in screenwriting, wanting to go out and head somewhere else instead of staying around the same area he had been living in for so long. Currently he is living in a dorm on campus and enjoying his time there.
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PostSubject: Re: Heathens OOC   Heathens OOC EmptyWed Jul 16, 2014 6:35 am

Name: Arrakis Cynosura

Gender: Female

Physical Appearance:
Arrakis looks like a young woman of about 25 years old. She has dark brunette, curly hair that reaches halfway down her back. She has a thin face with pale skin and hollows in her cheeks, and dark shadows under her stormy grey eyes, from years of stress and worry about the Old Order's plans for the New Gods such as herself.

You really need a picture after that description?!?!



Arrakis is very practical and logical, following with her sphere of power: intelligence. She is a perfectionist and may have a slight case of what mortals call OCD. Everything has to be in its place and in order around her or she will try to fix it, sometimes (often) being obnoxious about it. Her immortality has given her a skewed vision of life, and she is apathetic to almost everything that doesn't affect her directly.

Power (Gods Only): Goddess of Intelligence

Arrakis originated from the culture of the Nordic regions. When the New Gods were cast away from the Old Order, she left her country of origin and traveled the world, exploring what the human world was like. She did not like what she saw in the human race, and wished that she had her old power back to change things for the better instead of squabbling among other gods and generally making mortals' lives harder like many of the Old Order. But she could not do anything without her powers, so she shut herself off from those feelings and became apathetic to the plight of the human race. Because of her constant roaming, she has been able to keep ahead of her enemies who seek to destroy her and her power for good. She has been on the run since the New Gods broke away from the Old Order, and this has given her a cynical point of view and many a sleepless night even though as a Goddess she doesn't really need sleep like a mortal would. In recent years, she as found a couple of mortals to worship her and bring back some small measure of the ancient powers she had once wielded so easily.
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PostSubject: Re: Heathens OOC   Heathens OOC EmptyWed Jul 16, 2014 4:29 pm

Name: Canas Arlong

Gender: Male

Physical Appearance: Canas has short, black hair and is light skinned. He wears glasses so that his vision can be close to perfect an allow him to see the detail of different things easier. He usually wears simplistic clothing such as a plain white shirt with blue jeans. He always carries a backpack with him wherever he goes that contains a notebook and pen within it, just in case he feels the need to document something.

Personality; Canas is a very calm and collected individual. He is insanely intelligent, able to answer practically any question thrown at him and he's always getting smarter everyday. Due of his logical thinking style and his dedication to knowledge, he keeps his emotions tucked away inside himself, sometimes confusing certain emotions with others. Because of this, Canas can sometimes come off as emotionless even if it's not fully true. The only times his emotions fully come out is if he has to interact with impossibly idiotic people or if something he encounters defies all logic and reasoning.  Other than those moments, he is generally friendly towards others and is willing to help people in anyway possible as long as it doesn't require physical activity. While he isn't physically weak, he doesn't enjoy physical activity in any fashion and believe that solving problems with his intelligence would be much simpler.

History: Canas was born in Weston, Connecticut to one of the wealthiest families in the world, filled with scholars and prodigies. His family was known for their immense amount of wealth and their record of intellectual greatness. 80% of the family members were academic scholars who passed their grades at much younger ages than normal and nearly 30% of the family members were billionaires who either lived peaceful lifestyles or ran gargantuan companies. His family lived off of the virtue"Knowledge is power" and Canas took this phrase to heart. Not only did he live by this virtue, but he devoted his entire existence on it. He spent every ounce of time he could on developing his intelligence, wisdom, and knowledge. He didn't care to do physical activity as he believed that brain was mightier than brawn. He excelled through all of his educational facilities faster than anyone in his family, graduating from high school at the age of 13 and graduating from collage at the age of 16, both times being at the top of his class. Immensely impressed and proud of the young scholar, Canas's family rewarded him for his educational endeavors with a large quantity of money that would give him the freedom to live his life however he pleased. Canas decided to open up a gigantic library and import books from all over the world there, believing that his knowledge will increase significantly if he was surrounded by such a wide variety of reading material. However, after a few years, he realized that this wasn't enough for him. Despite having read new kinds of books and having  gained more knowledge, Can as felt unsatisfied. Eventually, he sold off the library to a friend of his and decided that he would travel the world in search of more knowledge. With the wealth he received from his family, he began his travels for more wisdom, knowledge, and intelligence, roaming the earth to see what awaited him.
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PostSubject: Re: Heathens OOC   Heathens OOC EmptyThu Jul 17, 2014 12:02 am

Name:Stephen Blackmore

Gender: Male

Physical Appearance: One standard male pic to go

Personality: Stephen is a cynical individual, spreading pessimism and dark humour whereever he goes. But while he may pretend not to care for his fellow man, he actually is quite the helpful and compassionate person. Nevertheless he remains deeply sceptical, more often than not doubting the claims presented to him. He prefers to think first and act later, fearing for the unforseen consequences of brash actions. Despite his good intentions, his negativity and scepticism can easily be viewed as antisocial, which has led to im not having many friends and stunted his social skills.

Power (Gods Only): God of Mortal Powerlessness.

History: Born as the son of a geologist and a history teacher, Stephen's life was fairly uneventful. That was until a friend of his fell victim to Bulimia Nervosa. While Stephen knew of it, he didn't take it seriously until the disorder had taken quite the toll on his friend. He got better, but still the event left deep scars on Stephen's mind, contributing a great deal towards both his helpfulness and his cynicism.
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Heathens OOC
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