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 Ripple's Spectacularly Weird Dream!

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Ripple's Spectacularly Weird Dream! Empty
PostSubject: Ripple's Spectacularly Weird Dream!   Ripple's Spectacularly Weird Dream! EmptyThu Aug 23, 2012 9:33 pm

So in the beginning, there was a family carrying a little baby into a room. It was dark but the room was really fancy and shiz and there were portraits all along the walls. There was a small pool of water in the room, edge lined by flat stones. The portraits were sort of Harry Potter-y because the people in them were able to talk. However, these people can come completely out of the portraits and walk aorund. The woman carrying the baby set him down in the pool of water and it like.. glowed. There were other kids in there too. Then the kid climbed back into the pool by himself and they were forbidden to ever come back to this place and some random chick died.

We switch to a room that's empty, and a picture appears on the wall. Loki is in the picture when suddenly a woman who runs the house or summin rushes into the room and the picture switches walls to keep from being seen. It does that a few times before a scene switch to a couple of hunters.

There are a pack of wolves playing around and the hunters are hiding and getting ready to shoot at a pair of them, light tan in color. One hunter stops the other from shooting the playing wolves and then we scene change once more.

We end up back in the house and see a black wolf there. It looks like the same one who was playing, just a different color. A tan wolf is sneaking in and the two have a conversation.

Somehow, someway that I can't remember, Loki does summin (By the way, Loki and Thor are human now XD) and the world is freakin breaking apart or some shiz. But after we wait out the storm or something, it's supposed to get better and the storm is a side affect of the solving the world crisis thing.

So, I'm in the dream instead of viewing it now and I'm running with my family and we run over to this bridge. We have to hold on ridiculously tightly as the bridge is like.. yanked around by a tornado or something and then once everything finally settles down I say something like "Is it over?" and then this mad scientist dude is like "No, next comes the tremors." And suddenly EARTHQUAKE. And then we're expecting a Tsunami too but thankfully we get a scene change xD

Thor is arguing is arguing with a rather beat up looking Loki (Remember, they're both human now XD) and behind them is a train. Loki gets into the train and it drives off, leaving Thor to walk home angrily.

Aand if you thought things were weird before, just wait. Now everything is like it would be in a 3DS. It's snowing by the way. I can see through my eyes I suppose because I can hear myself talking to someone. Silver, probably. There's a tiny toy train with smoke coming out of it and it stops right in front of us. It opens its doors and you can see the seats switching around and out the door in a tiny seat is a miniature toy Loki. I'm fangirling over it and I put it somewhere special or summin whilst Silver is nagging me to get going cause apparently we have somewhere to be. When I turn around, there are Miis (3DS remember XD) and they're buying little dresses that I remember making. I think that must have been in another dream that I forgot about because I remember making those little adorable dresses. I'm over here like "Yes! Cash!" and then Silver's still complaining and then I'm like "Oh wait. Those are cute dresses. LEAVE ONE FOR ME." Aaand right about here it where it ends.

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Ripple's Spectacularly Weird Dream!
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