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 Finding What's Left Sign-Ups

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Finding What's Left Sign-Ups - Page 3 Empty
PostSubject: Finding What's Left Sign-Ups   Finding What's Left Sign-Ups - Page 3 EmptySat Oct 12, 2013 5:41 pm

First topic message reminder :

First, a little bit of background: Click Here

Now, onto the plot:

It's been almost a year and the sky is still dark. The ash and fallout block out the sun and the blue sky with it. Ever since the terrible days, when demons had poured out of the ground and thousands of angels filled the sky, the Earth had been like this. When the demons had first appeared, magic flowed into our world, with many otherworldly beings coming out of hiding. Some sided with the demons, other with the angels, but hardly any held concern for us. The angels had been more focused on containment of Hell's forces than protection, a strategy that would result in countless human casualties. As the fighting spread across the globe, it became obvious that conventional weaponry could not be used against the clashing forces, and entire nations would fall into anarchy and destruction.

The war would finally climaxed with the Fall of Los Angeles, the single most destructive battle in human history. The 'City of Angels' was practically leveled by the intense fighting, and it appeared to be a last stand by the angels. After a week, less than one percent of the city's human population remained alive, and the forces of Heaven were seen retreating from the ruins. Fearing the massive demon presence, the remaining American government authorized a preemptive nuclear strike on the demonic army, with the ensuring blast apparently wiping out Hell's forces there. Similar scorched earth tactics were soon adopted by other governments, but as a consequence of the multiple nuclear detonations, fallout and ash began to fill the atmosphere. Small concentrations of humans still exist, but nearly all unified nations are gone as humanity begins its slow spiral into destruction.

Recently, there have been rumors. In the small villages and settlements still left of the human race, there are now whispers of a place known as the Sanctuary. A place protected by some type of magic, with those inside free of the toxic air of the outside world. Many have wandered, trying to find this place, to know if it truly exists; few have made it alive. Some doubt the safety of this rumored city, as fragments of the demon armies still wander the world, decimated by nuclear attacks and their inability to return to Hell.

Of more concerning matters, something dark is rumored to be forming in Los Angeles. Something that even the demons themselves fear. Many have lost contact with the small settlements in the surrounding the area and all scouting parties sent have never returned. So who are you in this decimated and despair ridden world?

Character Application:
Appearance (pictures allowed):
Affiliation(i.e. the Sanctuary, Nomad, Hell, Heaven, etc.):
Notification(Whether or not you want to be notified by PM when it's your post.):

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Finding What's Left Sign-Ups - Page 3 Empty
PostSubject: Re: Finding What's Left Sign-Ups   Finding What's Left Sign-Ups - Page 3 EmptyMon Oct 28, 2013 10:16 pm

Say wut now? I already fixed it D: I fixed it 11 days ago now!
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Finding What's Left Sign-Ups - Page 3 Empty
PostSubject: Re: Finding What's Left Sign-Ups   Finding What's Left Sign-Ups - Page 3 EmptyMon Oct 28, 2013 11:13 pm

BlueKat12 wrote:
Well let's see here Bronze:
1. This is the internet, swearing will occur whether you like it or not.
2. I'm not going to censor myself just because you're a kid, you should know better to not use the words and should not force people older than you to censor themselves because of you in my opinion.
3. You're applying for a PG-13 rp that will likely have buckets of blood, gore, swearing, cursing, Extreme religious views in both good and bad ways, and you're worried about me and Jax cursing on sign ups?
4. the definition of "Impressionable" is "easily influenced because of a lack of critical ability" definition of Critical Ability is "The natural instinct to question information before adopting it into your world view. The capacity to act on that instinct and draw reasonable conclusions during the meaning making process." If you know that the words SHOULDN'T be said and are thus slapping us for it, then why do you call yourself impressionable?
Yep. i'm done here.
^No reply to this Bronze?
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Finding What's Left Sign-Ups - Page 3 Empty
PostSubject: Re: Finding What's Left Sign-Ups   Finding What's Left Sign-Ups - Page 3 EmptySun Nov 17, 2013 4:42 pm

Yeah... I really don't feel like filling this topic with what most people would consider spam that they would have to scroll through while we argue.
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Finding What's Left Sign-Ups - Page 3 Empty
PostSubject: Re: Finding What's Left Sign-Ups   Finding What's Left Sign-Ups - Page 3 Empty

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Finding What's Left Sign-Ups
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