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 Dragon ball z RP Sign-ups (Retry)

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Dragon ball z RP Sign-ups (Retry) Empty
PostSubject: Dragon ball z RP Sign-ups (Retry)   Dragon ball z RP Sign-ups (Retry) EmptyThu May 23, 2013 7:41 pm

The Story begins...

With Goku, Vegeta, and some of the other Z Warriors out of commission, the Earth was plagued by space pirates, tyrants, and disasters. The Earth's best military, the ERF, has sent a plea for help to all the neighboring galaxies, asking for them to send warriors, young or old, to be sent to earth to be trained and put into separate strike teams. All around, people sent their best to Earth, for them to be trained under the last few Z Warriors left. Meanwhile, a bigger threat is growing, unknown to everyone. It will soon destroy the earth, will you be the one to stop it?

Choose your story, young warrior! Will you be a gallant hero? Or a nefarious villain? The choice is your's.

Oh, but there are some rules (Jiku's Ten Commandments):
1. No godmodding
2. No Super Saiyan, I will bestow people with that as I see fit.
3. No fusing, unless someone is leaving and allows you to. Proof will have to be submitted, and they must post themselves putting on the potara earring. (Note: Potara Earring only because the fusion technique is only temporary.)
4. Ask me if you're unsure about doing something, don't just do it without knowing if it's right, as you will have to change your post.
5. Romance is allowed, but...no "funny business". Keep it PG-13, guys.
6. There is no posting order, but don't continuously post, give someone else a chance to post. (Minimum of 2 posts after your's until you can post again. Just to keep it diverse)
7. I'm going to use an idea I got from bluekat12 (Credit to bluekat12), in which there will be seperate "instances" for the different strike teams.
8. You can use any race in the DBZ universe, but please be original, I don't want 100 saiyans, 50 nemekians, and 2 Tuffles. (List of races here: http://dragonball.wikia.com/wiki/List_of_Races )
9. Death: Uh, I need some suggestions with this, but so far, all I know is that when people die, they can be revived by the regular dragon balls once, but the nemekian ones, you can have infinite. So until I figure this out, try not to die! ^3^
10. There are different classes, such as Fighter and Ki Control. Look to the bottom for explanations. Classes are made to make teams actually work as a team instead of going solo. It also helps teams bond, having to work together. (This doesn't mean you have to be friendly to your teammates, feel free to be a Vegeta-type guy. >:3)
11. Have fun with it! Don't be afraid to do things, as whatever you would have done would surely add to the uniqueness of the storyline!
(I will decide who goes in which strike team.)

[b]Home Planet:[/b]
[b]Good or Evil?:[/b]
[b]Class(Ki Control, Fighter, Healer, Psychic, or Villain):[/b]
[b]Special Abilities:[/b]

My character:

Name: Jikumo Kairon
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Race: Full Saiyan, one of the last
Appearence: He has black hair, which would have stuck up like Goku, except it swept to the side oddly. He wears a white sleeveless t-shirt, with a red Capsule Corp. jacket over it. He wears baggy blue jeans, with black sneakers. He has tan-ish skin, not too dark, and not too light. He has a fair complexion, with dark brown eyes. He is fairly lean, and a bit tall at 5' 7'', 145 pounds. His tail is pure black, and moved around freely.
Home Planet: Planet Vegeta(Plant) but he fled to Earth once it was destroyed
History: Jikumo lived on Planet Vegeta, as part of a mercenary team. He was the stern, quiet one. He never was good at following rules, and he always had a wisecrack whenever he was scolded for it. When Bardock had said the planet was about to be destroyed, he believed him, and tried to get his family out of there. When they said that he was an idiot son, and that they never wanted him, he fled the planet on a space pod built for one.

When Jikumo reached Earth, he was mildly surprised, he had landed in a barren wasteland, with no one around for miles, except a military bunker nearby. Jiku, not knowing the danger, went to investigate it, hoping to find sanctuary. He read the sign that said "Bunker 51", and smiled. A military bunker was just the place he wanted to go to, or so he thought. He flew over the fence, and entered. He was immediately captured and experimented on. They examined his fighting strength, his Ki energy, flight powers, and the like. They decided to cryogenically freeze him, stopping his body from aging. When they decided to thaw him out to test his tail's power to change his form, it was when the world was in peril, and they wanted to use his powers to change the military into Great Apes. They taught him how to resist the weakness of his tail, and eventually his tail wasn't a problem to him anymore. He went into the full moon one night, to show them how he changed form, but he tricked them, he changed, but he used his energy to break free of the bunker and escape, eventually finding the ERF, where they were recruiting people for the strike teams. He quickly ascended in ranks, and became a Leader.
Good or Evil?: Generally good, but he has a reckless spirit, and doesn't follow commands very well.
Class(Ki Control, Fighter, Healer, or Psychic): Leader
Special Ablilties: He can move extremely quickly, people describe it as, "Blink, and you'll miss him." He has clocked in a total speed of 349 m/s, but nobody really knows how fast he can really go, and he once taunted that, "If I would go at my fastest, he could probably open up a wormhole and go back in time!"

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Dragon ball z RP Sign-ups (Retry)
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