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 Hero Sign Up RP

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Hero Sign Up RP - Page 4 Empty
PostSubject: Hero Sign Up RP   Hero Sign Up RP - Page 4 EmptyFri Apr 26, 2013 10:20 pm

First topic message reminder :

In a world where superhero sponsoring is a big business thing, Trainees have just passed their exams and have been deemed official superheroes. The squad's first assignment: Rob a bank and allow yourself to be beaten. Turns out every crime and murder spree that a superhero has saved is SCRIPTED. The public knows none of this and worship the false heroes, who know nothing of real crime situations and turn blind eyes on them. Those with bad grades in the academy are the villains, and those with the best are the heroes. Those who turn against the agency are either blackmailed or killed off, those with the best grades aren't even aware that the scenarios are scripted! Then, when a truly evil organization comes along, the major heroes flee in terror. Will the trainees, who have little training and battle experience be able to defeat this force? Or might they push up daisies and be chased after the rest of the heroes?

1. No God Modding or OVERPOWERING
2. Stick to the posting order
3. You may only have ONE power!
4. Be reasonable on what your powers are and put LIMITS on them! For example, you can shape shift but you have to put some kind of limit on it, like you can only change into mammals or aquatic creatures, or maybe creatures from a certain prehistoric era.
5. No powerplaying you can only play as your character.
6. you have 3 days to post, if you do not post without notice you will be skipped. if it happens twice in a row you will be removed from the rp.
7. If a lot of people want to join(Such as what happened in Life) multiple threads will be opened.I will rp as an actual chara in each. Each "room" has a max of four people besides me.
8.With powers: When i say power, it basically means theme. For example, you can change into a magpie and be able to throw poison tipped feathers at the foe and maybe do a few other bird like things. Another example is Fire. Maybe your character could set themselves on fire, and be able to shoot things on fire and set a certain substance(Something rarely found of course) on fire.

Real Name: (chara's real name)
Public Name: (Superhero name)
Personality: (optional, you can rp it out)
Appearance: (You don't have to wear an suit but you DO have to have something the public can recognize you by, like a hat or a pendant that has your logo on it.)
Sponsor: (Put down the company that's helping you live to advertise for them)
Hero or Villain: (Were you assigned Hero, or a villain?)
Weakness:(If your power's restraint is big enough then you can leave this empty)
Notification: (if you wished to be notified every time it's your turn through PM please put it down so here. AND I MEAN EVERY TIME. Bluekat12 is not responsible for annoying you xD)

Bluekat12 Villain(In all rooms)
SereneLittleRose Villain(Requested private room)
Pikashock Villain (Requested private room)
Tenshineko TRUE Villain(in a room)
TeamAshen TRUE Villain (Requested private room )
Drawr Hero(in a room)
Sakura Hero (in a room)
NerdyNed ??? (Requested private room)
ShadowScyther ??? (not sure if joining)
Kirby Hero(in a room)
Vulpes Hero(In an room)
Estrios Hero(in a room)
SoulTH Hero(Requested private room )
Akanewie Hero(in a room)
SwirlySwirl Villain(In a room)

Room One: (full)
Sakura, Akanewie
Bluekat12, SwirlySwirl

Room Two: (Full)
SoulTH. Vulpes, Kirby

Room 3: (full)
Drawr, Estrios,
SereneLittleRose, Pikashock, Bluekat12
Nerdyned(when he makes his Character)

Room Four:

Credit to Sdds for idea of a superhero genre rp and Credit to Ratman Manga for advertisement on superheroes idea. I built off of those xD


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Posts : 7933
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Hero Sign Up RP - Page 4 Empty
PostSubject: Re: Hero Sign Up RP   Hero Sign Up RP - Page 4 EmptyThu May 23, 2013 7:35 pm

Sorry Vulp, Canceling it. I might bring it back later.
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Hero Sign Up RP - Page 4 Empty
PostSubject: Re: Hero Sign Up RP   Hero Sign Up RP - Page 4 EmptyThu May 23, 2013 8:03 pm

Haha it's fine I'm leaving today anyway ^_^

Not permanantly xD
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Hero Sign Up RP - Page 4 Empty
PostSubject: Re: Hero Sign Up RP   Hero Sign Up RP - Page 4 Empty

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Hero Sign Up RP
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