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 Phantom Thieves Signup!

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PostSubject: Phantom Thieves Signup!   Sun Jul 09, 2017 2:47 am

- The Phantom Thieves -
Link to approved IO application.

Synd’r | @Solilo

Alki | @Mada

Have you ever wanted to be a part of a heist? To steal things from under the nose of the undeserving and use the profits to help those who are worse off? And even get a cut out of it for yourself? If so, well you’re certainly in the right place!

The Phantom Thieves are an organisation that does just that; stealing from high profile targets and sharing their profits with those who need it most. Though they’re certainly not above taking a sizeable cut for themselves. Members of the Phantom Thieves can vary from outright criminals to pokemon who feel that the law doesn’t do enough to help those in need and everything in between. For some it is a somewhat honourable outlet for their thieving tendencies, and for others it’s their sole way of earning.

-- Features --
For the short version of the features skip down the page a little bit :)

- Heists -

The main feature of the Phantom Thieves is the ability to consistently team up with other characters in order to pull off a heist. The presence of multiple characters banding together under one organisation allows them to steal from more high profile or complex targets than they would perhaps otherwise be able to handle alone.

To this end, the Phantom Thieves organisation has it’s own ‘Bulletin Board’ of sorts, where preparatory tasks for a heist will be listed. These consist of smaller tasks, such as gaining intel, or obtaining a specific item for example. These tasks are usually left vague enough that RPers may get creative with how they complete them and what the results of the completion are, but the base objective is listed. Members of the Phantoms who complete these preparatory tasks will be rewarded for them, similarly to how the Guild works.

Though of course, preparatory tasks are nothing if they don’t culminate in something! Once all the preparatory tasks for a heist have been completed, the final heist can begin! Each ‘heist’ will occur in one thread, usually labelled with a [Heist] indicator in the title and will either consist of the members involved RPing out the heist as a large group, or characters involved in said heist each posting their end of the heist in that thread. Either way, your characters will get the chance to put all their skills to use in what should be a super fun and badass way!

- Specialties -

Each character that joins the Phantoms will choose a specialty. Whether the character already knows this ‘specialty’ upon joining or learns it during their time as a Phantom Thief is up to you as the RPer. Characters can gain more specialties as time goes on and their skillset broadens. I’d like to introduce some friendly competition though by keeping track of everyone’s specialties. Perhaps your character can become the best at what they do!

When picking one or multiple specialties, you are encouraged to be creative. A specialty can be something rather general, such as ‘intelligence’, or can be very specialised such as ‘sleep status effects’. It’s honestly up to you and I look forward to seeing what different characters choose to specialise in!

In the name of that friendly competition, you are also allowed to specialise in something that someone else already specialises in. The more the merrier as they always say. This way, when one character with a certain specialty is unavailable, another with the same or similar specialty might be available instead!

- Member Created Heists -

Although the first few heists that the Phantom Thieves embark on will be created by myself (@Solilo) whilst the IO grows, future ones can be suggested and created by you, the members of the Phantom Thieves! In fact, creating your own heists and the small preparatory tasks that go with them is encouraged. I would love for members of this IO to be able to utilise their ideas to create their own plotlines and stories that aren’t necessarily driven by myself.

Member created heists can come in the form of just a simple suggestion to myself, that you ask me to build upon, or you can opt to create your own heist entirely from scratch; storyline, target, preparatory tasks and all! Of course, when it comes to creating a fully-fledged heist, the details will need to be passed by myself or another staff member and rewards for any preparatory tasks will need to be agreed on so that they can be afforded by the IO budget.

In-Character, the creation of a heist by the RPer OOC can be explained as that RPer’s character bringing the target to the Phantoms’ attention, as well as aiding in the completion of the final heist plans. This will of course earn you in-character bonus points with Synd’r, the founder of the Phantom Thieves.

It is also worth noting that you may create heists that base around not only NPCs, but also characters of members of the site. When creating a heist that centres around another user’s character on the site, especially where an item or monetary amount would be stolen, express written permission will be needed from that user to confirm that they are okay with their character and assets being a target for the Phantom Thieves.

In the lack of an ongoing heist at any point, I will of course design another one so that activities are consistently available to members of the Phantoms and that they may gain rewards for completing such tasks.

- Identification -

With an organisation with the potential for contacts everywhere, the Phantom Thieves need a way to recognise each other at the blink of an eye. As such, everyone who joins the Phantoms is gifted with a red identification feather. This unassuming feather would look like a mere accessory to the uninformed but it also doubles as a useful tool, with the barb being modelled into a lock pick. This feather must be worn on the person of every Phantom Thief. It is what proves you are a Phantom Thief and allows other Phantom Thieves to know of your alignment to the organisation even if they may not have met you before.

- Hideout -

All good thieves have a hideout after all! The Phantom Thieves’ hideout is located in a sub-board found with the Grassveil Town board. It is aptly named ‘Phantom’s Hideout’ and will be used as the base for all of the organisation’s operations.
All information regarding heists is kept in this board. You may also use it for in-character purposes, such as RPing members of the Phantom Thieves just hanging out at the hideout.

Short Version: Features;

• Complete smaller prep tasks to build towards larger heists.
• All completed tasks, preparatory or main heist, gain rewards.
• Heists can be suggested or created by members.
• Build heists around both NPCs actual members/characters (with permission of course).
• Each character chooses and builds specialties that they can become known for.
• All Phantom Thieves are given a red feather that doubles as a lock pick for identification.
• Build your reputation with the Phantoms through completing tasks.
• Phantom's Hideout board is located in Grassveil Town.

-- Rules --

For ease of understanding, these rules are split into two sections; Out-Of-Character and In-Character.

Out of Character

  • Characters joining the Phantoms can be a member of other organisations or IOs, such as the Guild, Police Force, etc. If they are in fact a member of another organisation, this must be stated in a character's sign-up form. You can however choose to hide this fact in-character.
  • It is understandable that plans for betrayals and the like are a thing that can happen with this IO, however I would appreciate it if I were warned of such plotlines beforehand so that the Phantom Thieves organisation can react accordingly and as moderator for the IO, I’m not left in the dark when such important events happen.
  • All signup applications must outline at least one specialty, even if your character would grow into this specialty at a later date.

In Character
The following rules are explained in-character to each and every member that joins the Phantom Thieves.

  • Betrayal is not tolerated with the Phantom Thieves. If someone within the Phantoms finds out that another member has given up information about the Phantoms or other similar offenses, that character will be driven from the Phantoms and their identification feather taken back.
  • High profile targets chosen by the Phantoms are to be agreed upon by multiple 'high-ranking' members. This is to prevent a single member from acting alone and getting caught, endangering the whole organisation.
  • Information and other 'assets' for and from such big targets/high profile heists should be brought directly to Synd'r or another 'high-ranked' member of the Phantom Thieves to minimise the risk of leaking information outside of the organisation.
  • Those who join the Phantoms agree that their skills may be called upon for a 'job' if they are ever needed and must respond to the call in some way.
  • Although there is no official quota when it comes to stolen items or money that is required for you to remain a member of the Phantoms, it is generally considered that you must remain actively associated with the Phantom Thieves and communicate with Synd'r regularly so that she knows what situations everyone is in.
  • Violence is permitted on smaller jobs in certain circumstances, but when it comes to larger jobs, violence should be avoided unless truly necessary to avoid the Phantoms being labelled as thugs or assassins rather than thieves.
  • Murder is outright forbidden when on a job associated with the Phantom Thieves.
  • A Phantom Thief’s identification feather should be worn at all times, unless circumstances dictate they cannot or should not for some reason.

-- Entry Requirements --

There are no formal entry requirements for joining the Phantom Thieves! I only request that your character have a reason for doing so, and that you suggest or discuss how your character found out about the Phantoms and how they met one of their members in order to join. This can be done prior to or during the signup process and is purely to keep everything in-character-canon per se.

-- Signup Form --

In order to join the Phantom Thieves, you merely need to fill in the form below! Once it has been accepted and your character added to the members list, you may begin participating in all the activities associated with the Phantom Thieves!

Most of the signup form itself should be rather self-explanatory based on the other information in this thread. However, the ‘Other Notes’ section in the following form should be used to suggest or discuss the way in which your character would have found out about the Phantoms and/or met one of their members in order to join. It should also be used to explain why your character has or will have the specialties you have listed.

[size=11][b]» Character Name:[/b]
[b]» Reason For Joining:[/b]
[b]» Specialties:[/b]
[b]» Other Affiliations:[/b]
[b]» Other Notes:[/b]

If you have any questions that are not covered in the FAQ in the following post, please PM myself (@Solilo) or catch me in the chatbox! ^-^

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PostSubject: Re: Phantom Thieves Signup!   Sun Jul 09, 2017 3:01 am

- FAQ -
These will be sorted into useful categories underneath the appropriate spoilers when more questions are added, so if you have a specific question in mind it should be easier to find it if it's there ^-^

How many specialties should I have to start with?
You should have at least one specialty to start with. You character will either be already good at this, or in the process of learning or enhancing that specialty in some way. You can however have two or three starting specialties. Please do not go overboard when your character first joins the Phantoms though, as no character will be well versed in everything to start with. Even Synd'r is starting off with only one specialty!

Can I change or add to my specialties later on?
Of course! Sometimes when a character picks their initial specialty, they find that it's not for them, or they're better at other things. Or perhaps they're just good at more than one thing. In any case, you can add to or change your specialties at any time, just contact myself (@Solilo) and let me know what you're changing/adding and why.

Do I have to explain my specialties?
The ones in your original signup should definitely be explained in the 'Other Notes' area, especially if I do not have much knowledge of your character and your plans for them concerning this IO. This allows me to approve them or help you alter them based on what might be best for your character and their development. Unexplained specialties mean I have to chase people up to reason them, especially when they are large in number, and your application may take longer to approve as a result.

- Members List -

Synd'r the Vulpix | Founder & Tactician | @Solilo
Alki the Jigglypuff | Charm & Distractions | @Mada
Pterra the Aerodactyl | Mind Games | @Silver
Capone the Slakoth | Strategy, Intelligence & Trickery | @Suds
Yooka the Kecleon | Intelligence & Black Market Expertise | @Yooka

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PostSubject: Re: Phantom Thieves Signup!   Mon Jul 10, 2017 2:53 am

» Character Name: Pterra
» Reason For Joining: Pterra is a thief, it makes sense for him to join a 'Thieves Guild' if you will, and he already knows Synd'r from a past encounter.
» Specialties: Riddles, or Speaking in Tongues
» Other Affiliations: N/A
» Other Notes: Pterra knows Synd'r, so perhaps when she decides to form the Phantom Thieves, she lets him know about it?

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PostSubject: Re: Phantom Thieves Signup!   Mon Jul 10, 2017 3:15 am

@Silver Pterra is accepted. (Although he is the first to be approved Alki will still be canonically the first member to join ^-^)

If it's alright with you, we can have the story be that Pterra and Synd'r met up by coincidence after the Phantoms were formed and already knowing that he was a thief, she gave him the opportunity of joining. :3

Also, not sure if Speaking in Tongues was just a fancy way of saying Riddles or whether you meant something else by that, so i've added Pterra with his specialty officially being just Riddles but if you want to explain Speaking in Tongues further I can add that later if you so wish. (My first thought if not just an alternate term for riddles was Languages but then I figured you could just say languages.. so xD)

Edit: Changed Pterra's specialty to Mind Games after a conversation with Silver so that it broadens the specialty a little ^-^
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PostSubject: Re: Phantom Thieves Signup!   Mon Jul 10, 2017 3:38 am

» Character Name: Alki
» Reason For Joining: Financial Support for her sister, as well as seeking to do good and help others in a way she'd be good at.
» Specialties: Alki is a cute, little kid, so she'd be a great distraction due to her charming nature.
» Other Affiliations: She's a very low ranked guild member.
» Other Notes: Alki's a little kid, so she'd be a bit naive and would definitely be new to the whole stealing thing, but would go along with it so long as she thinks its for a good cause.
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PostSubject: Re: Phantom Thieves Signup!   Mon Jul 10, 2017 3:49 am

Alki is accepted! Of course her meeting with Synd'r will take place in our thread so we don't need to worry about that. :D I also shortened her specialty to 'Charm & Distractions' for the members list c:
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PostSubject: Re: Phantom Thieves Signup!   Mon Jul 10, 2017 3:47 pm

» Character Name: Capone
» Reason For Joining: His reasons for joining are to gain experience in criminal work for his plans to create a criminal empire, and to make some money while doing it.
» Specialties: Strategy, Intelligence and Trickery
» Other Affiliations: None currently, but future IO founder.
» Other Notes: Nothing really significant here.

Warning Strong Language:

Shameless Plug for my Fanfic

Character Records
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PostSubject: Re: Phantom Thieves Signup!   Tue Jul 11, 2017 9:23 pm

» Character Name: Yooka
» Reason For Joining:To see if she can learn something. practically anything, The philomath part of her craves knowledge even if she can't exactly remember everything she learns. A Phantom thieves group or guild of those type of thieves would be able to get information with ease. She'll help out in some way as payment for this information. She knows Alki and will notice the theives group due to changes in her behavior. If anything else, she's joining because 'she wants to' and it'll give her something to do when the Guild has nothing or very little. Alki was just a side reason.

» Specialties: Informant, fence & Appraisal.

» Other Affiliations: Grassveil Guild Member & Philomath

» Other Notes:
    -Heh, I can almost guarantee Alki wouldn't be the same if she joins the thieves, Yooka would notice this but she wouldn't stop Alki unless she's made the Guild's Board and even then she'd just question her and watch her for a bit.

    -She'll also find out about the place, eventually, but when she finally does it will only be for asking to join, using Alki as the reason for joining. She wont help out with heists unless the target is an outlaw, she is part of the Guild and must keep that profile.

    -She'll be fine with giving information and scouting for anything if she is needed for it. When it comes to this, she'll be fine with non-outlawed targets.

    -She may not view the whole 'doing this for a greater purpose' thing the same way as everyone else, even so much as not liking how they act, she'll blame it on her aspergers but that is no excuse as it's mostly due to her joining the Guild first and viewing things from that angle. She can easily force herself to tolerate everyone aslong as they dont get on the Guild boards and if what they do don't hinder her, she wont have any beef with anyone or anything they do. She'll try to have everyone content with her as possible.
    >>If someone did hinder her, she'd get pissed... fast, but only at that one individual but not till after notifying the leader, maybe... If someone makes the Guild boards she will notify the leader before taking it, unless the Phantoms have an idea. She'll want to stay out of and away from that idea, unless its to prove that member was framed. (Heh, proving a thief was innocent. :3)

    -She'll also tell the leader and ONLY the leader of her affiliation with the guild and her reasons for joining outside of just Alki. Unless the leader tells Yooka to tell certain other members. She wouldn't know of the consequences of not telling everyone either way.

    -(This entire post should probably be said/made into a thread at some point. erm, for "clarification" purposes. I'd like to make it more... "official". to show what I mean, but that's probably just me.)

    The reasons for the specialties:
      •(Miscellaneous/informant)Her OB affiliation is Philomath. She loves to learn and she does keep tabs on things.

      •(Black market & Merchant/Fence & Appraisal)Her OB history states her as an ex-merchant, heh.

      •(Informant)Every, if not all but one, Guild mission she's done was aimed at outlaws. She has experience dealing with different types of targets. It also wouldn't be weird for her to be researching outlaws and whatnot for the phantoms plans.

      •(Miscellaneous)However, she isn't willing to go against the Guild's rules but she will try to help out in some other way...

カクレオン: 八日 隠す
Yooka Kakusu the Kecleon
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PostSubject: Re: Phantom Thieves Signup!   Sun Jul 16, 2017 6:58 am

This all works fine for me, since you guys need my go ahead, you've got it :D.
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PostSubject: Re: Phantom Thieves Signup!   Sun Jul 16, 2017 7:03 pm

Alrighty thankees Mada
@Yooka, Yooka is approved, but i've changed her specialty to 'Intelligence' and 'Black Market Expertise' as I mentioned in the PM as they're pretty much the same as what you're describing here just with different names. I may alter the 'Intelligence' specialty at a later date if I feel a different name is necessary though.

Please keep in mind with the appraisal part of black market expertise that you would still need to build contacts in order to build this specialty. Yooka's previous experience in merchentry would not cover everything that the Phantom Thieves would likely need appraising so you should build contacts to cover for that as I again mentioned in the PM.

Oh also side note I guess, Synd'r wouldn't order you to tell others of your affiliations with he guild or anything so she'll be the only one to know about them ^^ (And Alki of course)
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PostSubject: Re: Phantom Thieves Signup!   

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Phantom Thieves Signup!
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