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 Title in progress

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PostSubject: Title in progress   Wed Apr 20, 2016 12:28 am

This isn't 100% complete yet, but this is the general idea-- I'll probably come up with the plot as time passes but allow me to share the general idea without spoiling too much.
This is essentially how it works.
[Me] You're [Character name,] A plucky [Race] from [town.] (A picture that shows this character has 10%[spoiler], 50%[spoiler], 20%[spoiler] and 20%[spoiler.] You wake up in your two-story house in your bedroom on the top of the two floors. Your house layout has it where there's a bathroom from your room, when you go out of your room there's a hallway. in the right of the middle of the hallway, there's a staircase to the first floor. across the hall from you is another bedroom that you have for storing your junk. downstairs, the door outside is just right of the bottom of the stairs. there's a path to your living room, which is jointed with the kitchen that is just in the hallway to the living room. You have neighbors, but you don't know what they look like or who they are. What do you do?
[Person 1] Wake up and get dressed.
[Person 2] Go downstairs and make breakfast!
[Person 3] Jump out the window and streak.
[Me] "Jump out the window and streak!"
You would never think of doing such a indecent act! What would your mother say about that!?
"Wake up and get dressed"
A perfect idea-- You get up and open your closet, picking up a blue shirt and jeans, putting on socks but not your shoes-- those are downstairs.
"Go downstairs and make breakfast!"
A genius idea-- but you don't have anything to cook.. you should probably go eat some to-go food or something, as you can't really cook much.
That's basically how it plays out. There's more to it, and im going to probably set it in a paper-mario esque world but a more modern paper-mario thing, not cars modern but buildings and such(other then peaches castle and bowsers castle) would be.
I might delete this once im done with the planning phase and make a new topic, just so it's easier for people to find the next post-- so feel free to give me any and all feedback about this monster im going to be making! Thanks! <3
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Title in progress
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