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 Tricio the Yamask (Work in Progress)

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Tricio the Yamask (Work in Progress) Empty
PostSubject: Tricio the Yamask (Work in Progress)   Tricio the Yamask (Work in Progress) EmptySun Sep 25, 2016 5:37 pm

» Name: Tricio
» Sex: Female
» Gender: Agender
» Species: Yamask
» Affiliation: Shopkeeper

» Level: 5
» Energy: 19/19
» Ability: Mummy
» Moves:
- Astonish 1
- Protect 1
- Disable 5
- Toxic Spikes 1

» Natural Feats:

» Personality:

Tricio is a morbidly unhealthy person in all senses of the term. They're selfless to a fault, constantly working as hard as they can -- and usually harder than that -- to put smiles on the faces of people around them. They've grown so used to pushing themself beyond their limits that they often forget to eat, drink, or sleep, or even purposely forgo these actions in favor of working on the field. They are remarkably worrisome; whenever they make even the slightest mistake, they will obsess over it for weeks to come. They are constantly wringing their hands, trembling nervously, scratching the back of their neck, or putting on a fake smile to assure others that they are okay. Which they are, as this behavior is normal for them. Relaxation is a foreign concept to this Yamask; in fact, not doing work will result in their feeling more anxious than otherwise. Tricio's presence would be rather uncomfortable if it were not for their tasteful sense of humor. They will stop at nothing to entertain their friends and customers with whatever witty banter they can muster. This greatest asset of theirs is also their greatest flaw, however; they rarely appear to be taking anything seriously. Rest assured this is all a facade; they can and will take everything possible to heart.

» Likes:

-Farming - Tricio has always been a farmer and plans on continuing this career for the foreseeable future. Their berries are their pride and joy.

-Wealth - Tricio tries to be a good person, but they will do just about anything for money. They grew up in a very poor neighborhood, and as such will take anything they can get, even if it means harming the people they care about most.

-Storytelling - Whether the story is being told by others or by them, Tricio loves stories. They can be the most mundane or most dramatic, the truest or the most definitely made-up; either way they will love listening to others talk.

» Dislikes:

-Relaxation - Tricio will always be uncomfortable taking a break from working. If they are left alone to their thoughts, their anxiety will only get worse. They prefer keeping themself busy.

-Fighting - Tricio is extremely fragile, and physically confronting an enemy proposes quite the obstacle for them. While they are well aware that they are unable to get anywhere in this world without beating down a couple 'mons, they will always have a lingering fear in the back of their mind that they will one day get knocked down and never get up.

-Privacy - Tricio is unhealthily dependent on others, and finds being alone unnerving. They always need someone to talk to, whether to vent, practice jokes, or generally just be around.

» History:

» Other:
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Tricio the Yamask (Work in Progress)
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