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 Axell, the Heracross (Work In Progress)

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Axell, the Heracross (Work In Progress) Empty
PostSubject: Axell, the Heracross (Work In Progress)   Axell, the Heracross (Work In Progress) EmptyMon Dec 05, 2016 11:25 pm

Axell, the Heracross (Work In Progress) Heracross
Axell, the Heracross

Axell, the Heracross (Work In Progress) BugAxell, the Heracross (Work In Progress) Fighting

» Name: Axell
» Sex: Male
» Gender: Male
» Species: #214 - Heracross, the Singlehorn Pokémon
» Affiliation: None

» Level: 5
» Energy: 17
» Ability: Moxie
» Moves:
- Bullet Seed (Start)
- Night Slash (Start)
- Megahorn (Egg Move)
- Arm Thrust (Start)

» Natural Feats:
- Herculean Strength: Heracross has enough strength to easily throw around objects over 100 times his own weight, as well as to topple massive trees in order to gather honey. This means that, with his horn, he is capable of lifting and flinging pretty much any other pokémon, no matter how much they weigh.
- Wings: Being a beetle pokémon - or rather, a rhinoceros beetle - Heracross possesses retractile wings, which allow him to fly; however, given his body type, size and weight, he's not even close of being as fast as a bird pokémon in this aspect.
- Moxie: Whenever he defeats another pokémon, Axell gains a one-level boost in his Attack stat, making him stronger.

» Personality: The word that defines Axell the best would be, very likely, brave. He's courageous and confident, always up for a fight and thirsting for a good adventure, your stereotypical fearless and allmighty hero character. The only real problem is that he takes this a little bit too far, sometimes. While his extrovert personality and charisma make it easy for him to make friends, his hero complex has many times made people choose to stay away from him. 'Cause, let's be honest, striking embarrassing poses or shouting a move's name like it's some kind of anime special technique is kinda awkward. However, for people that choose to stay by his side, he is definitely a loyal companion that would risk everything in order to help his comrades, and a good friend you can always count on. He's not a very good leader, but knows how to follow commands quite well, which is why he's just as good fighting in a team as when he's throwing unaware foes around solo.

» Likes:
Battles and fighting in general. That's when Axell really shines, thanks to his strength, and he loves it!
Playing hero, and helping people out. It's been his hobby-lifestyle since, like, always, and he really enjoys the feeling.
Pretty much anything sweet, but especially honey. It's probably in his blood, since he's a Heracross, but he can't really explain it: maybe honey's just way too good. Other sweets are fine too, though.
Hanging around with friends, or fighting alongside them! There's no real need to explain this one; Axell loves fighting, and anything that you do together with your friends becomes twice as fun!
And above everything, having fun! Axell believes that if you do something, then it's gotta be worth it. And what's worth more than having fun in everything you do? Have fun fighting. Have fun eating. Have fun always.

» Dislikes:
Villains. What to say? They are a hero's number one enemy, and Axell's definitely not playing around as a hero. Just maybe. Anyways, he dislikes people that do bad stuff, and is sure to fight them in order to defend the innocent.
The heat. Axell simply can't stand it, and will surely go after the first popsicle or ice cream he can smell if it gets too hot.
Then again, if there's something that pisses Axell off more than anything else in the world, it is if someone hurts his friends. That's not the case if they simply get hurt when fighting, but this beetle is not prone to forgive anyone who uses dirty tricks to do something to his comrades, and might even get unusually angry at these moments.
Getting bored. Who doesn't? It's pure suffering, and for someone as energetic as Axell, even more.
When someone wakes him up too early. Come on, even heroes need to get some rest sometimes, and Axell can get really grumpy if someone interrupts his nap time.

» History:

» Other:
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Axell, the Heracross (Work In Progress)
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