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 Bud the Bulbasaur Adoption

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Bud the Bulbasaur Adoption Empty
PostSubject: Bud the Bulbasaur Adoption   Bud the Bulbasaur Adoption EmptyFri Jan 17, 2014 5:19 pm

» Name: Bud
» Gender: Male
» Species: Bulbasaur
» Affiliation/Rank: None

» Why do you want to adopt them?: This is my character that I created a long time ago, and I fell out of roleplaying here. I'd like to have him back, because I'm going to be returning!

» Sample of roleplay: (Do I need this? It's my character, after all...)
The savannas were quiet...almost too quiet, this afternoon. Simion sat upon his commander's chair, looking out his large balcony window and sipping a bit of red wine, frowning a bit at the bitter taste. He began to talk to seemingly nobody, but was actually recording his thoughts in a voice journal, "Things are getting worse...we barely have enough money to support ourselves, anymore. I was hoping to be allied to one of the human's government by now, but despite our efforts to contact them, they have not replied as of yet. If this goes on any longer, we could-" The brooding ape was interrupted by the sound of knocking on his door, and spun around, not bothering to turn off the recording, "Come in."

His chief adviser, a rather imposing man who seemed too young for his age, and personal friend of his father's, walked into the room. "Aaah, Alden! I hope there's good news, I don't think I can take much more stress." Alden shifted in place, despite being an entire foot taller than Simion, he looked much more gentle, "Ah, yes, about that...reports from our scouts say that there have been disappearances not too far from our base, about a click in the southwest direction, sir." The commander leaned forwards with his elbows on the desk, putting his hands together under his chin, "And what, pray tell, does this have to do with us?" Alden nodded to Simion as a sign of respect before walking over to the hologram projector in the middle of the room, and started to tap on the keys while talking, "Well, sir, the disappearances have been getting more common, and the areas in question seem to be getting closer to our site."

After a couple hours of explaining the details, debriefing the troops, and gathering the citizens they protected, Simion finally walked out to give a short speech. "My fellow Ipsum, you've probably heard of the recent disappearances nearing our area," As he said this, the crowd began to uncomfortably shift in place, "...But worry not! We are aware of the issue, and plan to resolve it as soon as possible. Tonight, I shall go myself with our best team to find these abductors, and take them down. Nobody is a match for us, we are the intelligent and strong, we will endure!" While the commander could feel the unease from the crowd, he kept a brave face, and put power into his words, inspiring all of the apes to cheer loudly as the sun set over the horizon.

"Commander, we're heading out. Are you properly equipped?" The captain of Alpha Squad stood still, saluting in front of his superior officer. Simion had been strapping on a ballistic vest while he thought about the situation his people were in, and if this mission might bring their suffering to an end. No...I can't be so hopeful. Right now, this mission is to protect my people. He shook back to reality as the captain spoke, however, giving him a simple respectful nod before strapping on the rest of his gear. Another hour later, and the whole team was equipped and ready to roll, ten people in all, including Simion. The commander attached an assault rifle similar to his blaster to his back, then jumped into the back of the air transport with the rest of the crew. They rode off into the night, Simion anxious to see what the situation would be like, despite his depression.

» Link to the original bio: http://pmd-roleplay.forumotion.org/t2060-up-for-adoption-bud-the-bulbasaur
» Levels of existing characters: None
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Bud the Bulbasaur Adoption Empty
PostSubject: Re: Bud the Bulbasaur Adoption   Bud the Bulbasaur Adoption EmptyFri Jan 17, 2014 10:06 pm


Bud the Bulbasaur Adoption PMDSig
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Bud the Bulbasaur Adoption
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