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 Location Report - Everspring Vale | ☼

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Location Report - Everspring Vale | ☼ Empty
PostSubject: Location Report - Everspring Vale | ☼   Location Report - Everspring Vale | ☼ EmptyThu Mar 18, 2021 8:44 pm

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» Author(s): Valen the Pikipek (Shield)

Table of Contents:
- Introduction [I1]
- Environment [E2]
- Natives [N3]
- Items [I4]
- Statistics [S5]

Introduction [I1]:

The dungeon known as Everspring Vale covers a large area in the East. It is named after how it seems that the season is always spring there, and it has been renowned for its natural beauty. However, at the time this report was written, the Vale was unfortunately the site of the destructive rampage of the legendary Pokémon Regigigas. (Note: For anyone who reads this before the situation there is resolved, the fellow legendary Pokémon Latios and Latias have said that they are dealing with Regigigas, so it is recommended that others stay away from the area altogether for the time being).

Even in normal circumstances, standard precautions for exploring mystery dungeons, such as bringing along useful items, traveling in groups, and making sure to pay attention to one’s surroundings, should be taken. There are relatively powerful hostile Pokémon, as well as natural hazards that pose threats such as that of falling or drowning, depending on the capabilities in explorer possesses (although I did not find traps of the sort that exist in some other mystery dungeons). A few Pokémon present can inflict status conditions, although in my experience, those were uncommon. However, not everyone I encountered was aggressive, and some were extremely helpful to the point of saving the lives of me and my friend Tempo the Oshawott, among those of others.

A general topic I would suggest that should be investigated more is conversing with and getting help from native Pokémon. Even in dungeons, there are often a surprising number of inhabitants who are willing to aid outsiders, and while fighting them can still be necessary, hostile Pokémon generally have reasons for their behavior.

Environment [E2]:

The large size of the Vale does make it possible for explorers to be lost. Fortunately, the various natural features such as forests, rivers and waterfalls, cliffs, and geysers can provide landmarks that aid in navigation. The geysers are reputed to be often used for this purpose and to spout water at regular intervals. While I did see an active geyser in a location near an exit, due to unfortunate circumstances that necessitated our quick departure (which will be explained in section N3), I was unable to view more than one such event, and therefore cannot confirm how regular the geysers really are. Also, there were several areas with damage such as fallen trees and cracks in the ground. This appears to be due to Regigigas’ actions – while some of it was in places where the Legendary Pokémon appeared to not be anywhere near, it can easily be presumed that the titan had gone through them in the past, at least.

As befitting an area that is always spring, the climate remained mild throughout my visit. Note that while weather conditions such as strong sunlight and rain can occur during normal springtime, I did not observe them while I was in the Vale, so I do not know whether they can or cannot ever happen in that area. All the trees I saw also did indeed have green leaves. The reason for these unusual conditions appears to currently be unknown, so what follows is speculation. Some geographical features can affect climate, but I have not heard of any other areas that are also “stuck” in spring specifically, even ones that also have features such as mountains and rivers. Weather Bands can be found here (see section I4), but they only affect Pokémon that wear them, and in any case do not dispel weather, instead merely prevent it from affecting the wearer. Fallen Leaf Copse is an area where it seems to always be autumn, and while the cause of that is also mysterious, it is possible that at least some of the same factors underlie both areas.

Natives [N3]:

Pokémon that I saw who live in Everspring Vale.
(Note: While Regigigas, Latios, and Latias were encountered there, Latios and Latias said that they had come to deal with Regigigas, and I am not sure whether Regigigas’ true home is the Vale, or whether it will stay there in the future. But although the main topic of the report is Everspring Vale itself, I will give a brief summary of the events relating to my encounter with the Legendaries due to their importance. I attempted to converse with Regigigas first, but it did not respond and instead attacked us. Then, Tempo and I battled it, but nothing we did seemed to have much effect, and we were defeated. We were rescued by Latios and Latias, and after discussing with them, they went off to deal with Regigigas while we went to help other Pokémon evacuate the Vale).

• Basculin: Encountered in a river; had attacked a Teddiursa who also lived here and then attacked Tempo while he rescued the Teddiursa, injuring both severely and necessitating that we leave as fast as possible to find medical help
• Bouffalant: Two were encountered, but they acted quite differently from each other. One charged at and attacked Tempo and me soon after we entered the dungeon. We managed to defeat it, but it was revived by a Reviver Seed and continued the assault until Regigigas arrived and attacked it. The other was found by the Furret, agreed to carry the injured Teddiursa and later an injured Pineco, and spoke with us about topics such as what caused Pokémon to be hostile. Was also holding a Reviver Seed, which was later given to me (explained further in section I4).
• Furret: Searching for food and was collecting Sitrus Berries when encountered. Extremely helpful; found some other Pokémon to carry the injured and showed us an exit from the Vale.
• Mightyena: Fled upon Regigigas’ arrival
• Pineco: Two were encountered. One was being pushed away from Regigigas by a Vulpix, while the other was found later, seriously injured, and rescued by us
• Rufflet: Two were encountered, traveled with us to leave the Vale and helped with moving/rescuing some other Pokémon
• Sawsbuck: Found by the Furret, agreed to help carry the injured Tempo
• Teddiursa: Had been injured by the Basculin’s attack, had to be carried out of the dungeon
• Vulpix: Was pushing a Pineco away from Regigigas; capable of inflicting burn

Items [I4]:

• Blast Seed x2
• Fire Stone (Was held by the Vulpix, obtained when I used Knock Off to fight back after being burned. I am not sure why the Vulpix did not use it to evolve, but it would probably be less useful to me anyway. However, due to the circumstances, I was unable to give it back).
• Green Gummi
• Heal Seed
• Honey (Given to me by the Teddiursa)
• Oran Berry x2
• Pass Scarf
• Reviver Seed x2 (Each one was held by a Bouffalant. The second Bouffalant I met claimed to have found the seed through smell. Perhaps a new thing to investigate?)
• Sitrus Berry x2
• Stick x10 (Appeared to come from a fallen tree. I believe there might have likely been a larger number of sticks in general, although not all may have been of the sort useful for throwing. However, we only managed to check and pick some of these up due to fighting Regigigas at that time).
• TM Dig x2
• TM Nature Power
• TM Scald x2
• TM Secret Power
• Weather Band

Berries and seeds appear to be common here, which comports with the prevalence of general plant life. Interestingly, TMs also seem to be common, but their origins are more mysterious. I have been developing a theory that, for at least the metallic ones I saw, they may be produced from the ground, where metal is known to be found. Their ability to teach a move may even depend on the environment they end up in, as the moves Dig, Nature Power, Scald, and Secret Power all use the environment or resemble a natural feature (such as the boiling water of geysers). This does not explain their labels – if Pokémon have produced them, I have no idea how or when. It must be emphasized, however, that this is nothing more than a theory that might be completely inaccurate. In addition, I can only speculate as well on the origins of the Fire Stone that was being carried by a Vulpix, as I found no other ones – could they be formed in areas where geysers appear, or perhaps where the sun shines the most?

Statistics [S5]:

• Total Pokémon Encountered: 12 (Not counting Regigigas, Latios, or Latias)
• Total Items Collected: 30 (Note that due to Sticks, even just the proportion that are good for throwing, generally being present in large numbers in areas where they can be found at all, it may be useful to count them all as a single item. If so, the total number of items collected is 21).

Even counting all the Sticks as a single item, many more items than Pokémon were found on this expedition. This may have been because many Pokémon had already fled the area, although I cannot rule out the possibility that it was just random chance.

Avatar is a picture of one of my characters (Valen the Pikipek), cropped from Scypho's New Year 2020 picture with their permission.
Character records: [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

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Location Report - Everspring Vale | ☼
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