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 Phosphor Arcadio the Ralts

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PostSubject: Phosphor Arcadio the Ralts   Phosphor Arcadio the Ralts EmptyTue Jan 28, 2020 6:49 pm

» Name: Phosphor Arcadio
» Sex: Male
» Species: Ralts, #280, the Feeling Pokemon
» Affiliation: Future Guild Member

» Level: 5
» Energy: 13 (8 BE + 5)
» Ability: Telepathy
» Moves:
- Knock Off (Egg)
- Disarming Voice (Level 1)
- Growl (Level 1)
- Double Team (Level 3)

» Natural Feats:
- Emotion Sensing: Ralts is highly attuned to the emotions of other pokemon, able to sense the emotions of the pokemon around it with the horn on it’s head. In Phosphor’s case, it usually manifests as him being able to feel the emotions of those around him as if they were his own.
- Telepathy: Phosphor can anticipate attacks from his allies, letting him take measures to avoid them.

» Relatives:
- Tsera Arcadio (Sister)
- Iridia Arcadio (Mother)
- Kirin Arcadio (Father)

» Personality:
Phosphor is a natural leader, for all the good and ill that entails. He’s sharp minded and decisive, able to make quick decisions and think on his feet, complete with a keen eye for tactics and battle. He’s ridiculously brave, to a destructive extent, never shying away from gambits or tactics that might put himself as risk, if he deems it to be the best decision for the group at large. Of course, his judgment isn’t flawless. He’d rather risk himself before anyone else. He’s cursed with a self-sacrificial streak, and he’s well aware of it, though it isn’t exactly a point of pride for him.

While not unnecessarily cruel, Phosphor is far from the warmest of Pokemon. He’s focused and diligent, distant and cynical. He isn’t afraid of giving out orders, and he’s rather good at coordinating a group, but on the downside, it can make him act bossy instead of commanding as he intends. He isn’t the most patient, though he tries his hardest to control his temper. He’s successful most of the time, at most lashing out verbally.

He has a rather low opinion of himself. He both lacks confidence from inexperience and considers himself unintelligent, due to consistently failing on an academic level. He’s a blunt weapon, in his eyes; you point him towards something you need to hit, and he’s weak enough that he’s not even good at that. He’s determined to grow more powerful, and sticks to the law with utmost determination, rarely trusting his own moral compass to make calls. This doesn’t stop him from ardently pursuing what he thinks is right – just that he doesn’t trust himself to know what the right answer is when the line gets murky.

He’s an explorer. He helps their clients and beats up criminals. That doesn’t take any thinking, so he can’t mess it up. All he has to do is follow orders, and he can do that.

Being able to sense other people’s emotions as keenly as if they were his own is a double-edged sword, and the walls around his heart and mind are partially an effort to dampen this effect. More often than not, it’s exhausting, and he’d simply turn it off if he could. But, it also allows him to click well with more positive pokemon, and ‘feeding off’ of their emotions tends to lighten his own cynical nature while he’s in their presence.

» Likes:
Paleontology: Phosphor’s dream career would be in paleontology, but he’s decided this isn’t meant to be. He struggles academically, always getting poor grades in school. He despises writing papers, which is what the reality of the job would often entail. Still, he’s very fond of fossils, both studying and excavating them. He’s drawn to the idea of ancient worlds, lost long pokemon, and maybe even odd creatures forgotten by time.

Accomplishments: Phosphor has a constant, deep set urge to be accomplishing things, and never lets himself stagnate. This is born from a need to prove his worth and value through external things. Guild missions are usually what fills this need.

Plants: Perhaps a bit surprisingly, Phosphor is fond of gardening. He’s a bit lonely, more often than not, and plants fill a niche of... not quite company, but just another presence, something alive, something that doesn’t overwrite his emotions with their own. He feels he has a bit more space to breathe. He even talks to them, once in a while, which is a very embarrassing secret to him.

Chess: One of the few ‘smart people things’, in his own words, that Phosphor enjoys. Not to say he’s good, exactly, but he could usually beat Tsera when they played together. He prefers bold and unorthodox strategies, which were either his salvation or his undoing when compared to Tsera’s cautious, low risk approach. He won about sixty percent of the time, and he enjoys having a game that he and his sister are equals at.

» Dislikes:

Outlaws: His own parents were smugglers who tried to rope himself and his sister into following their footsteps. While few are fond of criminals, his distaste for lawbreakers is personal, and he’s not inclined to let anyone run around breaking the law.

Puzzles: Word and number games are always something that Phosphor’s struggled with. Riddles, especially, infuriate him. He has a burning dislike for all of them, because they make him feel stupid – and sure, he knows he isn’t that bright (in his mind), but it’s not something he likes being slapped in the face with.

School: Phosphor was... not gifted, academically, and school frustrated him to no end. His only real accomplishment was fighting off bullies to keep his sister from getting teased, which is what drilled it into his mind that his only real redeeming quality is that he’s able to fight somewhat decently.

Police: His experiences with them have been exclusively negative. While he doesn’t consider them bad people, he’s very uncomfortable around them.

» History:

Iridia and Kirin Arcadio were a pair of smugglers. Bonnie and Clyde, partners in crime. When they had children, a pair of twins, they quite quickly roped the two into their schemes. No one looked twice at a child, and it was more often than not framed as a simple game. Phosphor was far more skilled in this particular ‘game’, earning their parent’s favour, though it didn’t sit well with him that Tsera was often forced out of the limelight. He didn’t want to be centre stage if it meant she had to stay in the shadows.

Despite that, though, he was treated well, and he was a cheerful child, feeding off of the positive emotions of others. His life was a happy one, and he was a far cry from the walled off individual that he is today.

It was Tsera who slipped up and got them caught.

Their world came tumbling down, one day. Phosphor hadn’t even realized that their parents were criminals until the police barged down their doors. He and Tsera were pardoned, as they were only children, unaware of what they had helped their parents accomplish. That much was agreed upon. But with their parents in jail and no next of kin, there was much debate as to what would be done with the two.

The answer that they landed on eventually was to ship them off to a boarding school.

They weren’t treated poorly, not in the least. Tsera thrived academically, but Phosphor was another story. After getting into one too many fights with bullies in defence of himself and his sister, he was cast into the role of a problem child, corrupted by their parent’s influence. Tsera was a star student, and so she could normally talk the teachers out of treating Phosphor too harshly, while Phosphor defended her from the other students. They survived, in many ways.

That didn’t help with the isolation. He had little in the way of friends, save for Tsera, and every class was a chore. He had a vague interest in science, but that was about it, and he struggled to understand the deeper concepts and calculations. Slowly, he gave up on even that, making weak attempts to get decent grades only to try and make Tsera happy. Put simply, he was miserable. Tsera was brilliant, she could be anything she wanted, but him? In his mind, he was just a stupid brute.

So he dropped out, once he was old enough to. He was downright miserable there. He knew it broke Tsera’s heart, he knew she would think he was giving up, but he simply couldn’t take it anymore. He urged her, none too gently, to stay, not wanting her to follow him and sacrifice her own, much brighter future. She was positive, and brilliant, and everything he wasn’t – but with their paths diverted for the first time in their lives, Phosphor struggled with deciding what to do. His only talent was beating things up.

He eventually decided that guildwork was the best choice of a career. While he does have a fondness for helping people, and it soothes his bruised ego when he gets to play hero, deep down, he feels stuck into his chosen job, feeling that it’s basically the only thing he can do well. He isn't good enough for Aileron, he's sure, but hey.

Grassveil's guild takes any old smuck who walks through the door.

» Other: His sister, Tsera, will be played by Mada once the cap is raised on banned species. Points about her and their shared backstory have been coordinated with her future player.

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PostSubject: Re: Phosphor Arcadio the Ralts   Phosphor Arcadio the Ralts EmptyTue Jan 28, 2020 9:59 pm

This character has been approved!

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Phosphor Arcadio the Ralts
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