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 Solaria the Espurr [WIP]

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Vogue Sundown

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Solaria the Espurr [WIP] Empty
PostSubject: Solaria the Espurr [WIP]   Solaria the Espurr [WIP] EmptyMon Jul 22, 2019 2:28 am

Work In Progress; to be finished by August 1st.

» Name: Solaria
» Sex: Female
» Species: #667, Espurr: The Restraint Pokemon
» Affiliation: Unaffiliated; wanderer.

» Level: 5
» Energy: 19 BE
» Ability: Keen Eye
» Moves:
- Covet
- Scratch
- Leer
- [Empty slot]

» Natural Feats:
- PSI-overload: (Pokedex species feat. Elaborate.)
- Keen Eye: (Ability feat. Elaborate.)

» Relatives:

» Personality:
Solaria is willpower made manifest; a lost soul in a perpetual state of discontent that always pushes forward to seek something greater. She looks ever-forward, never turning her thoughts to the past except when considering how to best surpass her earlier self. Nothing can dissuade her from seeking whatever it is she desires at any given time, and she is endlessly stubborn in its pursuit, constantly drudging towards whatever light of hope exists at her chosen destination no matter how obscenely stacked the odds are against her. In this way, she is much like a force of nature; unrelenting, uncaring, rolling through without a second thought - consequences be damned.

While she is largely unconcerned with the opinions of others about herself or her actions, she is not callous; the root issue is a personal disconnect, an inability to form meaningful connections with others despite her longing to. She covets companionship and understanding, but is unwilling to pursue or accept it, afraid of the potential ramifications of what opening herself up may cause - exposing one's self allows for harm, after all, and there is no task as difficult as interacting with other souls. She is insecure, unsure of herself, her potential, her abilities - but conceals this insecurity with a constant deceit and a polite detachment from others, striving to make something greater of herself, to become someone that is not only worth looking up to, but who's strong enough to accept others and be accepted in turn, and expose herself to the potential pain those interactions can cause without fearing just that. But her restless nature prevents her from settling down and staying in any place long enough to get to know anybody and form those connections - with so much in the world to see, do and achieve, inaction makes her feel as if she's lost amidst the swirling tides of the universe, carried along by a current she has no control over, and so she funnels this restlessness into raw ambition, moving forward despite whatever lies in her path in order to make something of herself. If she cannot leave a lasting impression on others as it is - and she knows even those connections will eventually fade - then she will leave behind a name and legacy that cannot be ignored, dismissed or forgotten, for better or worse. It is not enough for her to be successful; in her eyes, she must be legendary. She is driven by ambition, allowing this ambition to feed upon itself to fuel even greater desires, to inspire ever more dedication and action.

While one might assume she is self-absorbed, the exact opposite is true; Solaria has always been, will always be, an observant and calculating individual who keenly notices the plights of others, and is prone to being impressionable due to her desire (and failure) to connect with others, internalizing actions, attitudes, opinions subconsciously to better fit in and avoid being an outcast. She is always contemplating, planning. Always trying to find the best solution to their woes, and the best solution to any problems or challenges that might come her way - for while she loathes inaction and staying in one place, she knows the value of playing the long-game, of carefully considering every move, acting in a distinctly cerebral way as opposed to those who are driven mostly on raw impulse. She is unable to help but feel a certain sense of empathy and sympathy for others even in the most dire and repugnant situations - murderers, psychopaths, outlaws, thieves...these things don't matter to her; she has long since come to terms with the fact that every living thing is fallible, flawed, often incomplete, and so it would be wrong to sneeringly look down upon them without any consideration. As someone who keenly feels the plight of even total strangers and the most deranged individuals ponykind can produce, and someone who longs for but refuses connections with others, Solaria tends to be fairly sentimental, whether she openly shows that or not - small actions and gifts, when given from someone out of sincere thanks, friendship or otherwise, always prove more valuable to her than any object of monetary worth or rarity. It is, truly, the thought that counts.

Nonetheless, she finds herself to be fairly independent - unwilling to rely on others even when she does require it, doing her best to maintain the artificial distance she creates to protect her own fragile ego. This independence and past failures - small as they were - led to her developing a rather pessimistic outlook on things, always assuming the worst will happen, and preparing accordingly. Due to pessimism being a typically negative trait, Solaria does her best to conceal hers, and instead seeks to perform every action she takes with flawless precision - not just to impress others, although the desire for approval is certainly one factor - but also because the legacy she wants to build, and her own ambition, demand it. This perfectionism makes her a very sore loser; if she cannot achieve a totally flawless victory, she'll instead fly into a rage and try to do as much damage/perform as well as possible, shooting for a metaphorical "high score" instead of gracefully accepting her failure.

» Likes:

» Dislikes:

» History:

» Other:
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Solaria the Espurr [WIP]
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