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 Dandy's Dyes 2.0 Application

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Dandy's Dyes 2.0 Application Empty
PostSubject: Dandy's Dyes 2.0 Application   Dandy's Dyes 2.0 Application EmptyTue Mar 05, 2019 7:02 pm

» Sh op Name: Dandy's Dyes
» Shop or Service?: Shop
» Location: Grassveil

» Name of shop owner: Dandy
» Link to the bio of the shop owner: https://pmd-roleplay.forumotion.org/t2848-space-dandy-the-furfrou

» What can your shop offer to other Pokemon?: The shop will allow Pokemon to stand out and express themselves where once before they couldn't. It will function the same as before, but a few changes are being requested in order to simplify it.

Pricing: Currently prices are calculated by compartmentalizing Pokemon into certain size groups and by the amount of threads the dye will last, with an added price for certain dye patterns or removing dyes before they expire. The price change would do away with this by simplifying it all to a single base price, 300 poke, per dye color. On top of this base price, charges would be added depending on special changes (I.E. Melanistic, Albino, and Shiny dyes). This would appear as such.

[b]Character Name:[/b]
[b]Dye Color(s): Insert Hexcode(s)[/b]
[b]Total Amount of Poke and Materials:[/b]
[b]Other notes:[/b]

Determining if a dye pattern would cause a character to look melanistic, albino, or shiny would be decided by me requesting assistance from a moderator or admin unless the person shopping is specifically requesting to become one of those special changes. If it's determined that the dyeing process would result in a character looking Melanistic, Albino, or Shiny, the charge would be changed to 5000 poke and the shopper informed of the change so that they may decide on whether or not to proceed or change their order.

Colors: Colors will be reorganized to follow bulbagarden's "Pokemon By Color" page. [url=Here]https://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/List_of_Pok%C3%A9mon_by_color[/url] Pokemon will pay half price if their color of choice is the same as their Pokemon's natural color. I.e. If a Meowstic wants to add any dye decided to be Blue, those dyes will be half price. Colors will also all be based on the most common berries grown at Springfall Dojo to ensure ease of access to materials.
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Dandy's Dyes 2.0 Application
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