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 Aiga the Shiny Honedge

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PostSubject: Aiga the Shiny Honedge   Aiga the Shiny Honedge EmptySat May 05, 2018 12:32 am

» Name: Giratina Aiga "Sterling Sword" Girasol
» Sex: Female
» Species: #679 Honedge, Sword Pokémon
» Affiliation: Blade of Darkness Light

» Level: 5
» Energy: 19
» Ability: No Guard
» Moves:
- Tackle (start)
- Swords Dance (start)
- Fury Cutter (level 5)

» Natural Feats:
- No Guard: Honedge are naturally gifted in extremely aggressive and swift attack patterns that make their strikes difficult to dodge but also leave them defenseless.  Unfortunately, Aiga is virtually incapable of moving on her own, so she can't exactly do this like a normal honedge.
- Spirit: A honedge can be born when a departed spirit inhabits a sword, and this is the case with Aiga.
- Soul Sapping: A honedge can wrap the limb-like blue cloth on its hilt around someone to drain their life force.

» Relatives:
Mother: Testra Girasol (NPC, leafeon)
Father: Mauvael Girasol (NPC, lycanroc-midnight)
Brother: Valia Girasol (NPC, eevee)

» Personality: On the surface, Aiga's a prissy, self-entitled, condescending brat.  She openly insults others and speaks very highly of herself, acting as if dominance is her birthright.  She desires to be wielded by a "true hero" and can be very judgmental and critical of anyone who tries to touch her, let alone use her in a fight; at that, she demands to be respected and practically pampered despite how poorly she treats others.  Put simply, this attitude is a front, a defense against her own emotions and nothing more.  She strives to appear as some special, noble, holy artifact because she feels she is the opposite by the very nature of her existence.  In her attempts to compensate for the dread of her past and fear for her future, she often fails to stop and think about the things she says and does.

Due to seclusion from society in her early life, she has trouble understanding those who are "different" and is prone to discrimination.  She spent a long time with everyone around her being motivated to act a certain way and do as they were told, and she believes it is correct to actively suppress anything she deems wrong with herself, so she has virtually no concept of why she should be sensitive to the quirks and issues of others.  She's likely to question and pester someone to learn more about any part of them she finds odd, and with the lack of verbal restraint she often exhibits, there's a good chance of her blatantly insulting them for being "wrong" or "stupid."  She's young, alone, confused and emotionally volatile, so it's safe to expect her to offend and annoy others.

Beyond the facade of greatness and exaggerated self-worth, and past the poor social skills and inability to empathize with others, is someone who is actually very compassionate, valuing "good" above all else.  She may act like a spoiled brat who thinks the world revolves around her, but she has a strong sense of morality and cares very deeply about helping others.  It isn't that she wants to offend those around her or thinks she's better than them; she simply has no idea how to cope with her feelings, nor how to act in the real world.  She has no experience with being accepted for who she is or having to do the same with others.  With her entire life before becoming a literal sword spent being sheltered from the world and deprived of any meaningful social interaction, she has been left to learn how to function on her own, resulting in trouble forming bonds with others due to lack of experience and an ever-present sense of insecurity and self-doubt.  She can be clingy, possessive and mean, but it all stems from fear.

But, if one can get her to open up and relax, they may be pleasantly surprised by what's below the surface.  Aiga is actually very talkative and supportive once she comes to understand someone, and she is loyal to a fault.  She is brave and bold, not afraid to speak her mind, and entirely willing to support her friends when it comes down to it.  She may not often give thanks or praise, but she truly appreciates any kind gestures she's given.  She hates seeing someone pushed to do something they don't want to, and she will eagerly persuade her wielder to step in and intervene if she sees someone being mistreated.  She may not always act it, but she is very kind at heart.

» Likes:

Attention: There's a reason Aiga tries to look "special."  She wants to give off the appearance of a hero - or rather, a heroic weapon - and be treated as such.  Having others play into her fantasy is what she strives for.

Being Cleaned: In her time as a living creature she was a very cleanly, proper eevee.  She's well aware of the fact that she is now a sword, but she still can't stand to be dirtied.  She especially hates getting blood on her, but this is because it reminds her of her last moments "alive."

Heroics: Aiga is enamored with the idea of heroism and selfless acts.  She reaches for ways to deny her black past and loves to see reminders that the whole world isn't as bad as her family.  She may not show it, but getting to be the hero or even seeing someone else step up warms her heart.  She may not fully understand what it means to be a true hero, but she wants to be one all the same.

Companionship: Despite seeming shallow on the surface, she is actually very lonely and troubled, and she deeply wishes for close bonds with others.  She lived a childhood emotionally detached from those around her, and with the added stress of her current state, she deperately needs someone around to comfort her and make her feel less alone at all times.

Being Involved: Aiga's used to being able to do things on her own, so being unable to do the things she used to enjoy hurts.  She likes when others find a way to include her in things like games, even if it isn't in a role she would have traditionally preferred.

Her Surname: Despite hating her "parents," she actually values her last name.  They refused to let her bear it in an attempt to strip her of any personal identity, so she now wears it to spite them and remind herself that she is not just a tool.  She she isn't very open about sharing this name with others, but she considers it her own.

» Dislikes:

The Ground: She's too special to simply be left on the ground like some normal sword.  She views being placed on the ground as a great and unacceptable offense.

Fighting: It isn't that she dislikes fighting, but rather, she hates having to rely on someone else to do the fighting.  She may be weak, but she received very strict training from her family and knows her way around a fight quite well, so to watch someone else fumble around using her as a weapon is infuriating.

Training: She may not be particularly strong, but, given she spent a long time being groomed to be a warrior, she's already fairly competent.  She dislikes having to train and views it as an insult, especially since she's supposed to be the weapon and thus is liable to blame any shortcomings in a fight on her partner.

Bad Owners: She wants to look good, and being used by some pathetic idiot isn't the way to do that.  She can become easily flustered if her wielder slips up or does something she disagrees with.  She also expects to be taken proper care of like the "holy artifact" she is, which entails being regularly cleaned and treated with care.

Giratina: It should be self-explanatory why she hates this idol of evil.  She was born into a miserable life in a cult worshipping the creature, and her purpose in life was to become an extension of its will, or what the cult thought that was.

Evil and Injustice: Despite how insufferable, bratty and full of herself she can act, she is truly good at heart and has a deep hatred for those who could be called villains.  She hates seeing others mistreated, and one part of her outward personality that isn't a facade is that she wants to be a hero and help others.

Curses/Bad Omens: Given her upbringing, Aiga is superstitious and fears things presented as mystical and negative in nature.  She's very childlike and a bit gullible, so it's quite easy to scare her with such things.

Filth: It's more a repulsion than anything else.  She was never a tomboy, so getting dirty isn't something she's fond of or used to; even as a sword, she wants to be kept clean and feels uncomfortable if she is dirtied.  She especially hates being tainted with blood, though there are deeper psychological reasons for this.  Her last moments truly alive were spent in a pool of her own blood, and it was truly traumatic.  However, her feelings in the moment manifested as disgust; she felt impure, and blood reminds her of this impurity.  Considering she's a sword, it can be a serious problem.

» History:

Edge ahead; don't read if you're weaksauce:

» Other: She can't really... move much.  She's very inexperienced in the art of BEING A SWORD and thus needs to be carried by someone at all times to effectively get around or do much of anything at all.  She can't float or balance like a normal honedge and can barely move the cloth appendage attached to her.  Also, she's shiny; the blade she inhabited was originally a normal silver color, but it turned blood-red in the process of becoming her new body.

Welcome To The End:

Character Records

Oh yeah, and I dabble in pixel art.  If you're interested, check out my shop.

>And now for a bit about myself.<
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PostSubject: Re: Aiga the Shiny Honedge   Aiga the Shiny Honedge EmptySat May 05, 2018 4:04 am

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