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 Magic: The Awakening

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PostSubject: Magic: The Awakening   Magic: The Awakening EmptyTue Jan 17, 2017 9:46 pm

Hello, ladies and gentlemen! I've recently been given a chance to head the revival of the Magic RP. This particular roleplay, as you can ask many of the older members of this site, has a lot of history here and means a lot to many people. It means a lot that I've been given the reins and been allowed to apply my own vision to this project. I hope that I won't let you down!

With that said, I'd like to start with my rules:

1. Follow Proper RP Etiquette. This simply means no Mary Sues/Gary Stus. No God Modding. Use your common sense and be respectful to your fellow players.

2. This follows from the above: Don't be a dick. Just don't do it, people. It kills everyone else's vibe.

3. The constant for Gravitational Acceleration is 9.82 m/s^2. Basic Physics.

4. Follow your bliss. Unless that bliss harms others. Then don't follow your bliss. Find some other kind of bliss. Channel that bliss into healthy and conductive outlets.

5. Just do it. *Nike Swoosh Sound Here.* (Yes, they do have a Swoosh Sound. Don't fight me on this. )

6. Don't fight me on this.

7. Have fun!

Follow these simple rules and we'll all get along swimmingly!


Now, let's talk about character creation!

This is your bio:





Physical Description:



Element: ( Essentially what your character has control over. These need not be traditional elements such as the popular 70's group "Earth Wind and Fire". Be creative! I'll let you know if it's good or not.  This Element can be used in whatever way a Mage can imagine.)

The Object of Power: (Imagine this a conduit through which a Mage's power is funneled through. Without it, performing magic becomes significantly more difficult, causing Magical Rebound. Magical Rebound can affect a mage in a number of detrimental ways, though this varies depending on the circumstances. An Object of Power is usually something close to the character which they have an emotional connection to. A wand, a necklace, a vial full of rose petals, whatever you think works. )

Secondary Magic type: (One of three specializations that a mage can perform. These are secondary specializations that are not bound to a Mage's particular Element. You must choose one. These are not studied like a profession, but rather they simply manifest as the mage's specific magical talent. These are described below.)

Summons: (A magical creature or being that is linked with the Mage through their Object of Power. These beings wildly vary in form and substance. They are often intelligent and have some magical abilities of their own.)

Other Items:


Secondary Magic Types-

Manipulator: Able to control magic to use it to manipulate objects with extreme precision, down to a molecular level. Often used to form weapons and armor. While popular, weapons and armor are not it's only application. More creative users have shown more exotic uses of magic are possible.

Trickster: A master of illusion and misdirection, these mages favor less direct methods of getting what they want. Their art is often more subtle and subdued, but no less effective.

Enhancer: These mages specialize in using magic to enhance themselves or others. This can manifest as magically increasing their physical strength or perhaps learning to heal their allies. As this form of magic tends to be more physical in nature, these Mages will often pair their magical abilities with everyday talents and abilities.


And for the most part that is it, guys. Get to work on those characters and submit them on this thread. I will look over them and either approve them or give you tips to improve your bio.

After we have enough people, I'll go ahead and get this thing rockin' and rolling!

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PostSubject: Re: Magic: The Awakening   Magic: The Awakening EmptyWed Jan 18, 2017 3:44 am

Name: Caleb Clark

Sex: Male

Gender: Male

Age: 18

Physical Description: Six feet tall, lean build with very defined muscles. He has fair skin ,dark green eyes, and soft black hair trimmed short on the sides and left longer on the top where it is perfectly styled. His features are very sharp and attractive. He has perfect white, straight teeth and is always well kept. He wears darker colors, normally wearing tight jeans or joggers with a zip up hoodie and T-shirt. His shoes always match the color, and are always running or skating shoes.

Personality: Caleb is strong spoken and very stubborn. He holds his head high and doesn't back down, even if he knows he's screwed. He is very relaxed unless pushed too far, which takes a lot. When Caleb gets angry he tends to lash out at anyone and goes into a 'Lone Wolf' mode. Caleb is a strong fighter and will keep fighting until his body can't continue. Caleb always stands up for what he believes in, no matter who opposes him. Caleb is far more street savvy then he is book smart, but he is still fairly intelligent. Caleb strongly believes in pushing himself beyond his limits to better himself. Always wanting to portray a tough guy he keeps a lot of secrets, trying to avoid people from using him. He is actually very caring and kind if anyone can get past his social defenses. He uses his parent's wealth to his advantage for himself and for those he cares for, simply out of spite of them.

History:  Caleb was born into wealth as his mother was a CEO of a very successful corporation and his father being an inventor of several different household items. Around the age of ten he started to be able to move shadows and manifest them to his will, scared of what his parents would think he never let them see. When Caleb was twelve his parents had a nasty divorce, completely shattering their somewhat happy lives. Caleb was forced between each parent like some toy, which neither of them wanted nor had time to play with. Grades in school started slipping as he continued to skip school and learn new skills. His father was very harsh with him, always yelling and comparing Caleb to how he had acted at his age. His mother simply waved it off and just paid for someone else to keep him in check. Every holiday was a competition between Caleb's parents, even the simple ones like Halloween. It was always 'Who did this better?' or 'I already know I did better, so make sure you let everyone know.' Caleb hated that. His parents only focused on out performing the other, never about him.

When Caleb was in eight grade a group of bullies were making fun of a girl who had gotten hurt in a car accident that had paralyzed her from the waist down. As the girl cried Caleb approached the students full of anger. He wanted to use his powers to put them in their place. He wanted to take everything they said about the girl and make them the same way. Furious he punched the first guy straight in the mouth, immediately drawing blood. The other two boys grabbed him after a brief display of shock, but their shadows betrayed them. All three of the boys were flung to the ground. Seeing the fear in their eyes made Caleb begin to think rationally again. He lifted the leader up with the help of his shadow. Caleb forced him to apologize and he let them go. "Sorry about the violence, but I couldn't watch someone as beautiful as you cry."

One night when Caleb was 16 he could hear muffled voices. Following what the voices had said he snuck out and wandered off. He could see an item every time he blinked as if it were burned into his mind. He had to find it. A small pawn shop on the edge of town was his destination, but the voices we're done. His breath visible in the cold winter night. Caleb frantically searched for a way into the shop. As he picked up a rock to throw through a window the voices stopped. On the ground was a hilt. Caleb picked it up and the moment his fingers wrapped around it's handle he could feel his power grow stronger then he had ever felt it. He felt untouchable.

At the age of seventeen Caleb had decided he would use his powers to help protect people from crimes. Nobody ever saw him coming, all they saw was darkness. Every night while e was out he would leave flowers and other mall gifts on the porch for the girl he had stood up for, her name was Jessica. He would visit her all the time, take her to the doctors, Anything she needed he would do.


The Object of Power: The hilt of a sword that Caleb can form shadows to create different weapons with (the hilt is the a picture)

Secondary Magic type: Manipulator

Summons: (not decided yet, but will happen)

Other Items: A skateboard that compacts itself. A pair of fingerless gloves made from black leather he uses for free running.

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PostSubject: Re: Magic: The Awakening   Magic: The Awakening EmptyWed Jan 18, 2017 4:44 am

Here is one of the characters I will be using occasionally. I'll post this as sort of an example of how to fill out a bio. While I don't expect an excruciating amount of detail, I do at least want to feel like the character is a living human being before I can accept them.


Name: Serach (Alshich) Sabbah

Sex: Female

Gender: Female

Age: 29

Physical Description: Serach is slim, toned, and spry. Her skin is a dark caramel in hue and she has dark brown eyes. Shoulder length black hair is often tied back into a ponytail. She stands at 5' 8" and carries herself like with a contained energy, a spring wound tight and ready to release. She dresses modestly and will often be found in plain colors and no-nonsense jeans and khakis. Beneath her clothes is the body of a woman who exercises daily, with strong limbs and a subtly defined four-pack. Her features are distinctly middle-eastern, with striking eyes and a sharp jaw. Smooth skin and a strong nose give her an heir of distinction. She does not smile wide often, as she is conscious of her teeth, usually flashing a wry grin at most.

Personality: Serach is quick, intelligent, and decisive. She is a strict opportunist, adapting to any situation as it presents itself. When not on edge, she is still a tad abrasive. Despite her aloofness, she follows a strict code of discipline and honor. She does not make friends easily, but once she lets them into her circle they tend to stay there for a long while. However, when betrayed, Serach has a way of cutting people out of her life with surgical precision. She is a perfectionist and her harshest critic is often herself. She strives to be more compassionate and considerate of other's feelings, seeing it as yet another imperfection to be washed away.

History: Hidden within the sands of the Middle East, the Ḥashshāshīn Order still breathes. The world's first order of true Assassins, the Ḥashshāshīn pride themselves on a long, honorable tradition. Founded around 1080 AC at the onset of the first Crusades, the Order has always worked for the greater good of humanity, lead by a figure known only as Hassan-i Sabbah. Though the original is long dead, all leaders of the Order take on the name, whether male or female. Their primary work is eliminating those who they deem a threat to the freedom and rights of the people, through whatever means necessary.

Throughout the years, many rumors have spread about the Ḥashshāshīn Order. This would seem only natural, as the Order has always shrouded itself in secrecy. One of the most famous and unfortunate come from Macro Polo. It was often questioned how Hassan-i Sabbah gained such absolute loyalty from his followers to the point where they would lay down their lives without a second thought. It was spread by Marco Polo that Hassan-i employed the use of drugs, causing his followers to hallucinate "paradise" and then, after the effects wore off, manipulating them with the promise of returning them if they did as he asked. Only part of this is true. While Sabbah did show his followers a vision of paradise, it was not with drugs, but words. The Order works only to further the goal of making Earth itself a paradise. They work so that each individual may have a better chance to live and prosper. Behind the curtain, they work to strike out evil and tyranny, where ever it may hide. That is the true work of the Ḥashshāshīns.      

Serach Alshich was born into the order near the heart of Israel. Her parents are members of the cell in the holy city of Jerusalem, one of the many small branches of the order. Outside their commitments to the order, her family attempted to retain an illusion of normalcy. Her father, an older member, ran a small market by day and headed the cell's budget by night. Her mother served as a mentor in the finer arts of the Order's work, also too old for field work. Living in the Holy City for the most part, Serach was raised in the Hebrew faith, a practice which she still follows to this day. She often visits the local temple to pray and contemplate before any mission. It is also well known how strictly she keeps a kosher diet.

When she reached adulthood, Serach served her mandatory three years in the Israeli Military, further refining her skills in combat. During her years serving, she was highly respected for her skill in covert operation. She even stayed on for two extra years in order to serve in Israeli Spec Ops.  After her time in service to her country, Serach was pledged as a full member of the Ḥashshāshīn Order. In keeping with Ḥashshāshīn tradition, she changed her surname to Sabbah, honoring the Order's founder.  She would now learn the greatest secrets of the Order: Magic. Years of vigorous training unlocked her potential with the art. Though the Order forbids the use of magic in any sort of direct fashion, it does allow its use so it may augment the user's capabilities. Serach found a natural talent for Wind magic, using it to enhance both her speed and strength.

Over the years, Serach has performed many operations for the order, ranging in locale from Russia to Brazil, Hong Kong, England, Kyoto, and more. She has become one of the Order's most trusted operatives and has recently been given the privilege of "Occupational Freedom." She now has permission from the Order to freelance her missions. As such, she now wanders the globe, looking for any cause she deems worthy.

Magic Element: Wind

Magic Type: Enhancer

Object of Power: A small vial which she keeps on her person at all times. Hung around her neck. This contains an ounce of sand and the feather of an eagle.

Summon: When she deems fit, she can summon a familiar in the form of a caracal (Look it up). He goes by the name Abdur-Rashid, which translates from Arabic as "Servant of the Rightly Guided". It is believed that he may be an incarnation of the spirit of Hassan-i Sabbah. The two are able to communicate mentally.

Abdur-Rashid has the ability to shift his form from a caracal to shifting, golden sand.

Other Items: Few. Serach travels often and tries to travel light. On her necklace, besides her Magical Item, is the Star of David. She will also take a copy of the Torah with her and keep it in whatever area she may be staying in.

Other: As a hobby, Serach is an avid free base rock climber. She also enjoys playing a good game of soccer and chess. She can both speak and read several languages.
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PostSubject: Re: Magic: The Awakening   Magic: The Awakening EmptyThu Mar 09, 2017 5:36 am

Name: Henry Coldman

Sex: Male

Gender: Male

Age: 30

Physical Description: Henry is a tall very white Irish man. He stands at 6'3 and has black hair, along with his eyes being two different colors. His right eye is a deep rich brown while his left is a crystalline blue. He has sharper features than the norm making him appear to have a harsher facial expression than most. He typically is dressed formally indicative of his high class life style.

Personality: Henry is the incredible charismatic sort, he is a stalwart leader who has that Gatsby like smile that believes in you only as far as you need it and asks you to give up as much of yourself as you want to and demands nothing more. He is steady in his conviction and very introspective while filling the role of the every man. His elevated ego and sense of self makes him feel a detachment to his fellow magicians and humans though , he often finds himself lacking motivation without a proper challenge to face but all of that is solved with Wolf whom is on the incredibly short list of people Henry will consider an equal.

History: Henry was born into the normal mid class family and showed all the signs of the typical young smart Irish kid. He had a great relationship with mother as far as he knew his biological father had died before he was born but he had quickly had a step father who cared for him like his own son before Henry was even fully aware, he was the spoiled only child but didn't come out too rotten. Then Henry met Wolf around the age of 7, they became inseparable the best of friends from the moment them met on. As they approached the age of 12 magic entered into their lives. At first it had been Wolf the slight chills he was able to create, the icicles he laced into a bush or trees.

Henry had been terribly jealous, unable to completely keep their powers a secrete Henry confided in his grandfather (whom Henry never did know if he took him serous or not ). His grandfather one night upon hearing more about his problem with his friend gave him the dragon ring he had always worn and told him the story of Doa. Henry clung to the story through his childhood his imagination ran wild and he began crafting his own stories and legend about the golden dragon. Then these strong feelings eventually gave birth to his object of power and his magical power which he was then able to compare to Wolf again.

Then as they hit their high school years Henry and Wolf grew into their social states, Henry as the extrovert and every man and Wolf more like a strong silent type. The pair both became very attachment to a very special girl named Destiny. In their time as teenagers she became the world to them both and when you have the power of fire and ice things get heated. So one night Henry and Wolf fought and it was the fight to define them. The winner and loser was never revealed but after this Henry ran away with Destiny.

Soon after settling away with Destiny, Henry through nothing more than sheer brilliance and charisma managed to burst his way into the business world and through sheer force of will put himself at the top of Triax corps a common household name throughout the world and he provided lovingly and heartily for his wife and their child Jeremy. Until the day Wolf he would bring Wolf back into his life.

Element: Fire

The Object of Power: His dragon ring he wears on his right ring finger.

Secondary Magic type:manipulator

Summons: Doa the golden ancient dragon

Other Items: loads of money in all forms plastic, paper, coin he's got it all.

Other: loves to fund charity and strangely enough archaeological digs.
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PostSubject: Re: Magic: The Awakening   Magic: The Awakening Empty

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Magic: The Awakening
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