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 How to get a legendary.

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How to get a legendary. Empty
PostSubject: How to get a legendary.   How to get a legendary. EmptySun Jul 12, 2015 5:03 am

22:51:26] Rezikun : 10k per item
[22:51:34] Silver : noooo
[22:51:50] Rezikun : And the item makes you have 1 B.E
[22:52:07] Rezikun : And makes your only move struggle.
[22:52:27] Silver : pfft
[22:52:38] PhantomSun : Why would anyone... xD
[22:53:01] Rezikun : And it makes everyone hate you
[22:53:18] Rezikun : Npcs and Characters would attack you on site.
[22:53:19] aMEWzing : Yes, Jackson would so buy that
[22:53:29] Rezikun : And deal x20 damage they normally would do to you.
[22:53:33] aMEWzing : and sell it illegally in disguise
[22:53:46] Rezikun : And it would also make you unable to breath air.
[22:53:49] Rezikun : or water.
[22:53:51] aMEWzing : yes
[22:53:52] aMEWzing : yes
[22:54:00] Rezikun : You'd have to breath Lava
[22:54:02] aMEWzing : Jackson needs that in a black market of his
[22:54:08] Silver : ok. Store Stock posted, Cafe open for business!
[22:54:32] Rezikun : And also you can only use one foot to move.
[22:54:36] Riolu : I re-tallied the total pages my character had. He went up from Lv. 6 to Lv. 10. :3
[22:54:51] Rezikun : And to move you have to do back flips
[22:55:09] Rezikun : While singing Mary has a little lamb
[22:55:20] Rezikun : Wearing a scuba mask.
[22:55:43] Silver :
Updated Cafe:

[22:56:11] aMEWzing : Rezi how did you manage to steal my randomity... I am not the one I used to be after you used RANDOM ABSORB
[22:56:40] Rezikun : Nah 'm always this random.
[22:56:47] PhantomSun : ... but if you make it to level 100 with this character, you can make your next character a legendary? /shot
[22:57:16] Rezikun : Yes if you make it to 100 you get a legendary.
[22:57:31] Silver : no.
[22:57:37] Rezikun : After all that BS you get it, but you have to beat it, with a spoon, made out of butter.
[22:57:38] Silver : no no no why
[22:58:02] Silver : you guys are messing with my head omg
[22:58:06] BlueKat12 has been disconnected on Sat Jul 11, 2015 10:58 pm (session timeout)
[22:58:10] Rezikun : And also make toast, while fighting, and butter it with the spoon.
[22:58:11] PhantomSun : Pfft. I'm so glad this item doesn't exist. We'd drive ourselves crazy. XD
[22:58:25] aMEWzing : Speaking of spoons...
[22:58:34] Rezikun : While singing baby got back.
[22:59:13] aMEWzing :

[22:59:21] Rezikun : While also playing Death Waltz on the piano.
[22:59:27] Silver : omg that is a creepy face mew
[23:00:04] aMEWzing : oh REALLY NOW
[23:00:06] aMEWzing : HAHAHAHHAHAHAHA
[23:00:16] Silver : don't take that as an invitation!
[23:00:19] Rezikun : Do all of that Bs, and you still would have to climb a mountain, doing back flips up it, holding on to a china set, if it breaks you have to start all over with a new character.
[23:01:08] PhantomSun : I wanna get off of Rezi's crazy ride. xD Life will never be the same after you've given me all these mental images.
[23:01:15] Rezikun : If you get to the top you have to sing a song, you won't know what the song is so just keep singing random songs
[23:01:37] aMEWzing :

[23:01:51] Rezikun : Aw it so beautiful.
[23:02:11] aMEWzing : I know
[23:02:16] aMEWzing : it's my favorite
[23:02:36] Silver : omfg mew why
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How to get a legendary.
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