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 The Mists of Erebus (SIGN-UP)

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The Mists of Erebus (SIGN-UP) Empty
PostSubject: The Mists of Erebus (SIGN-UP)   The Mists of Erebus (SIGN-UP) EmptyTue Dec 30, 2014 4:00 pm

The Mists of Erebus
~The Journey begins with you~

The Land of Erebus is populated by humans who are born with special abilities, referred to as Affinities. These Affinities are unique to each person, manifesting itself in different way from person to person. Despite this uniqueness, there are seven general classifications that Affinities fall under: Nature, Spirits, Aquatics, Fire, Earth, Wind, and Electric.

~Affinity: Nature~

The Affinities that fall under the Nature Category have to do with… nature. Duh. This includes powers over plants and animals. Examples: talking to/understanding animals or plants; abilities control animals and/or plants, etc.

~Affinity: Spirits~

The Spirit Category of the Affinities is easily the most versatile of the Affinities, covering a broad spectrum of powers, including but not limited to: telepathy, teleportation, telekinesis, ability to commune with/control spirits, etc.

~Affinity: Aquatics~

Aquatics Affinities have to do with water and the creatures of the sea. Abilities include the abilities to breathe underwater, commune/control animals of the water, control direction of water, healing with water, etc.

~Affinity: Fire~

Fire Affinities are often described as the most destructive, but fire can also be used for creative reasons. Abilities include fire resistance or immunity, ability to see in the future within the flames, ability to ‘listen’ to fire, and of course the ability to control fire, etc.

~Affinity: Earth~

Earth Affinities deal with the rocks and soil rather than the living things upon the planet. Abilities include increased sensitivity to vibrations, ability to control rocks and soil, ability to summon objects/minerals from deep within the earth.

~Affinity: Wind~

Wind Affinities include not just abilities over the air, but over the weather as well, crossing over with aquatics and electricity since some can summon rainstorms and thunderstorms. Some Wind Users have been able to control the air around them to such a high degree that they can actually fly through the air without the help of machines.

~Affinity: Electric~

Electric Affinities are the second-most destructive Affinities, with abilities over lightning and electricity. They are dangerous abilities, especially the high-powered, high-trained electric users, because certain electric users have figured out how to sense and control the electric impulses within living things, almost giving them ability over life and death.

The Land of Erebus is in DANGER!

The Land of Erebus is split into nine territories, each territory ruled over by an Affinity User so powerful that they are known as god-likes. Their Affinities are not over any of the seven normal Affinities, but rather over the Temporal Powers: Time, Space, Chaos, Earth, Sky, Ideals, Logic, Life, and Death. Each god-like is given purity of mind and heart by The Creator. This purity is protected by an Affinity Crystal given to each god-like and protected with their life. The lands are ruled over by these nine rulers:

-Time: Lord Chronis
-Space: Lady Abyss
-Chaos: Lord Void
-Earth: Lady Gaia
-Sky: Lady Aeriss
-Ideals: Lord Lixang
-Logic: Lord Wyra
-Life: Lady Serenity
-Death: Lady Freya

This roleplay follows the story of YOUR characters. They live in the realm of Lord Chronis, whose Affinity Crystal was corrupted by a dark entity wishing to control the god-like, which destroyed Chronis’ purity. The realm of Chronis is thrown into chaos as Chronis begins making demands and generally being a tyrant, allowing darkness to fall upon the realm. It is your decision whether to help the Resistance, searching for a way to purify Lord Chronis’ Affinity Crystal, or to join Lord Chronis’ elite soldiers, known as the Marked Ones, to uphold Lord Chronis’ rule and try to prevent the Resistance from reaching their goal!

IF you joined on Harmony, you do not have to re-post your bio, just post below letting me know if you still want to join!

If you would like to join this Roleplay, please fill out this Character Application:
[b]Character Name:[/b]
[b]Affinity:[/b] (Be sure to describe their powers specifically in addition to their Affinity Category)
[b]Appearance:[/b] (May be a picture or a description)
[b]Affiliation:[/b] Resistance or Marked One
[b]Personality:[/b] (Must be at least four sentences)
[b]History:[/b] (Must be at least six sentences)
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The Mists of Erebus (SIGN-UP) Empty
PostSubject: Re: The Mists of Erebus (SIGN-UP)   The Mists of Erebus (SIGN-UP) EmptyTue Dec 30, 2014 4:03 pm

Character Name: Sean Faun
Gender: Male
Age: 15
Affinity: Nature

- Ability to communicate to and understand animals

- Ability to mimic animals withing 200 feet of him

- Ability to control animals

- Knows what animals are nearby withing a 200 feet radius


Affiliation: Resistance
Personality: Sean is very kind, but can be quite destructive when angered.  He is optimistic, never letting anything bring him down.  His strengths are his intelligence and his care for all creatures.  His weaknesses are his temper and his impulsive behavior.
History: Sean came from a family that made many veterinarians and farmers, and the Affinity of Nature was in the blood of his family for generations.  He was the second in his family to have been born with abilities only related to animals, the first being his great grandmother.  As he got older, he spent more time with the farm animals and more time in the woods.  The forest he spent his time in was near his home, and was used as a place to hone his skills.

When he was 14, he had witnessed his father's death.  His father was in a pickle with some of the Marked Ones.  They heard he was part of the Resistance, and they got into an argument with led to a fight.  Then one of them used their abilities to burn his father to death.  He was so angry he was thinking of going out to them and killing them, but knew he wasn't ready.  He sensed there was a rabbit nearby, and mimicked its speed and sped off to the house.

He told his mother and his older sibling, who sped off, him coming up right behind them.  The soldiers were gone by the time they got there, but the body was still there, burn marks in fatal areas.  They held a funeral and buried him in the family grave yard.  That moment forth, Sean worked tirelessly on honing his abilities to join the Resistance.  He did it to take down Lord Chronis and to avenge his father, promising him at his grave that he will not rest until Lord Chronis falls, or he dies like his father, fighting.
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The Mists of Erebus (SIGN-UP) Empty
PostSubject: Re: The Mists of Erebus (SIGN-UP)   The Mists of Erebus (SIGN-UP) EmptyTue Dec 30, 2014 4:05 pm

The Mists of Erebus (SIGN-UP) 2012-08-06-520210

Name: Mavis Tiflah-Rih [tee-full-ah ree-ah]
Gender: Female
Age: 17
Affiliation: Neutral (Will most likely join the resistance)
Affinity: Wind - The base of Mavis' powers comes from her ability to communicate with the wind and all her subsequent abilities are formed from their guidance.

  • Whispers of the Wind - Mavis has the unique ability to hear and understand what the wind says. The breeze both speaks to her and carries the words of other. As a result, there is no keeping verbal secrets from her. She can also sense things from further away, experiencing sensations such as touch and smell through the wind as well as hearing.
  • Flight - Having such a bond with the wind, the skies allow her to float and thus 'fly' using their power when she wishes to.
  • Direct Manipulation - Mavis can directly manipulate the winds around her, causing condensed whirling mists or widespread storms (though the latter would tire her out considerably). She can also condense wind around her limbs to make physical attacks more offensive.
  • Weather Control - As Mavis can control winds, creating turbulence or slipstreams when she wishes, she can also redirect clouds and the like, giving her small amounts of control over the weather.
  • Breeze Blades - One of the only truly frightening ways in which Mavis can manipulate the wind, she can solidify it so that it acts like a devastatingly sharp blade, either as one large blade or multiple smaller ones

Mavis is a very positive individual, always looking on the bright side of things and trying to help others do the same. She hates to see others sad, or cursing their own existence and so in such a situation will do everything in her power to change that. Mavis is hard working and doesn't mind manual labour, even volunteering to work for free when an employer isn't very well off.

As a result of being raised by the wind, Mavis is very intuitive and perceptive to things, similar to how the breezes are. She is intelligent, but her upbringing also means that she doesn't always appreciate or react correctly to social cues, having spent less time around actual people than most her age. Some might also describe her as rather naive, as she hasn't been exposed to the atrocities that humans can cause, having lived a rather idealistic life alongside her adopted parent and friend, the wind.

Mavis was born into a loving family, her parents both caring for her very much. They had always wanted a child and had tried for years but to no avail, Mavis being their little miracle. They named their daughter after the old name for the Song Thrush, a bird whose cheerful calls would bring joy to them each morning. However, her parents' elation at this miracle would not last, as great illness was cast upon the village in which they lived nearly a year or so later. The illness took the lives of both Mavis' parents and majority of the small, nondescript village; Mavis herself only surviving due to a chance genetic mutation that gave her immunity to the disease.

Alone and afraid, the young Mavis remained in the lonely village for a day and a half, her cries unheard as those who were not already dead had fled the village in the hopes that they would not succumb to the illness. Owing to her affinity for the element of wind, the breeze took pity on her and began to speak to her, helping her as a parent might. The wind taught her right from wrong, what food was good and what things would poison her. The wind even taught her basic language, though it would not be until years later that she would properly adjust to English and not the native whistles of the wind.

As she grew up, the wind became more of a friend to Mavis than a parent, experiencing things alongside her and helping her to grow in a way that a parent normally couldn't. The wind accompanied her on her first journey into another town, helping her translate and communicate with these people as she had no prior experience. As time went on, Mavis learned clear English and by her early teens she was known in multiple small towns for being a cheerful, but hard worker. She would find work wherever she could, earning money to pay for food and shelter so that she would no longer have to live off of the land.

Growing up, the wind also taught Mavis multiple ways in which to use her affinity for the wind in order to manipulate it, giving her a way to both protect herself when it mattered most, and help others when they were in need. Her breeze blades in combination with her ability to manipulate the wind have come in rather handy for harvesting large amounts of wheat crop in a short amount of time for example.

As she travelled, following the wind and where her whims would take her, Mavis gained experiences from living in almost all of the realms, some for shorter periods than others. Most recently she has entered the realm of Lord Chronis, the wind having kept her away from the area for the past few years due to being unsure if it was entirely safe as a result of Chronis's corruption. However, now that she has reached the age of 17, the wind has deemed that she is responsible enough to handle herself and so explained to her the situation in the realm.

As was part of her nature, Mavis immediately wanted to try and help, but currently is unsure how to go about doing so. Having been advised by the wind's whispers, she searches for members of the resistance, hoping to lend a hand in the bid for restoring Chronis's purity.


  • Tiflah-Rih is rough arabic for wind child or child wind. Since Mavis doesn't know her own last name this is the name the wind gave her and I hoped that the arabic would reflect the difference in the wind's language when compared to English.

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The Mists of Erebus (SIGN-UP) Empty
PostSubject: Re: The Mists of Erebus (SIGN-UP)   The Mists of Erebus (SIGN-UP) EmptyTue Jun 02, 2015 9:29 pm

So... this is dead? Seems cool though, so maybe it can be revived one day?

Even though it's dead, gonna make a Bio just for fun!


Character Name: Vivianne ("Via" or "Anne") Woods
Gender: Female
Age: 15
Affinity: Aquatics
- Healing with water
- Manipulating water(aka waterbending)
- Turning water into ice and vice versa (can be used to make a shield)

Appearance: Vivianne has black hair and dark brown eyes (as in, so dark you have to look at her eyes for a few moments to realize they're not black).  
Affiliation: Resistance
Personality: Vivianne is a very caring person, and loves to help others. She is normally very cheerful and good to be around. She is full of hope when things look bad.

By the way....
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The Mists of Erebus (SIGN-UP) Empty
PostSubject: Re: The Mists of Erebus (SIGN-UP)   The Mists of Erebus (SIGN-UP) Empty

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The Mists of Erebus (SIGN-UP)
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