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 Drakon Academy [Sign Up]

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Drakon Academy [Sign Up] - Page 2 Empty
PostSubject: Drakon Academy [Sign Up]   Drakon Academy [Sign Up] - Page 2 EmptySun Dec 14, 2014 1:31 am

First topic message reminder :

Welcome to Drakon Academy! Home of the Dragons, and Savior of the Chosen! Its this academy's job to keep you alive and-what? You didn't know your life was in danger? Well of course it is! A dragon egg has chosen you as its master, and you were brought here to be taught how to handle your dragon as it grows. Yes you're forced to be here, the last time someone went with a dragon unguided it ate them and dealt quite some damage across the world. Now, what does your dragon egg look like?

(Choose an egg from below, if you cannot decide you can have BlueKat randomize it, do not cheat and look up what dragon is what as we are using dragons from an adoptables site)

Choose ONE egg:

Claimed Eggs:

Yes yes! That dragon is in our books, you will be assigned your classes and your stuff has already been moved into the dorms. Where are you? We're on an island in the pacific silly, didn't you pay attention to where you were heading to on the plane? Now, we have a few rules in this academy so listen up!

1. Be fair
2. One Dragon per character
3. Don't be stupid

Alright, now that we've gone over the rules, fill out this application form and you can be on your way to your first class!

" />

[b]Description of Chosen Egg:[/b]

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Drakon Academy [Sign Up] - Page 2 Empty
PostSubject: Re: Drakon Academy [Sign Up]   Drakon Academy [Sign Up] - Page 2 EmptyTue Dec 23, 2014 8:24 pm

Name: Sean Orenji


Gender: Male

Age: 16

Personality: Sean is a shy, yet kind individual, with a very trustworthy vibe around him.  He's very optimistic, always looking at the glass half full, and always being the first to try something new.  Though one can befriend him easily, he may not open up to them as soon as others would.  The boy is very intelligent, but also very modest, not usually bragging about his high grades.  Even though he is kind, he can be quite cruel when he is angered to a certain point.  He is also very quirky and weird.

History: Sean was born on a farm, the third child in the family.  His older siblings had already left, and his younger three helped on the farm with his parents and himself.  He enjoyed working on the farm, and he also read all the time.  During one of his trips to the library at the age of 13, he had found a book on dragons, and decided to borrow it, thinking it would be a good read.  He had read all about different kinds of dragons and their habits, memorizing most of thing.

During these readings, he had discovered so many things about the creatures, both fascinating and gruesome.  His naturally intrigued mind needed more information, so he went back to the library and got more books all the time.

Skip ahead a few years when he was 16, he was working on the farm, when he found an unusual egg near the barn.  He knew it was way too small for a chicken to have made it, and had brought it inside, and decided he should care for it.  A few days later, police had come knocking on his house door. His mother had answered it, and was shocked to see the policemen. She asked why they were here, and they simply replied by saying they came to collect the boy who found the dragon egg. She told the she had no idea what they were talking about, but allowed them to come in. She called down he boys, and then asked each of them if they found a dragon egg.

Sean had spoken up, having figured out the tiny egg was a dragon egg, and at that the police had told him to come with them. They told him that he needed to be brought to Drakon Academy, and that it was the law. He had heard of this academy in his readings, but didn't know it was the law to go there if you found a dragon egg. Not being one to go against authority, he left with the police to the academy.

Description of Chosen Egg: A tiny black egg that seems to have a strange mist around it.
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Drakon Academy [Sign Up] - Page 2 Empty
PostSubject: Re: Drakon Academy [Sign Up]   Drakon Academy [Sign Up] - Page 2 EmptyTue Dec 23, 2014 10:43 pm

Name: Aukina Kaimana (Dragon's named Li'ili'i Nalu)

Personality: Laid back, jovial, eccentric, a love for the ocean and a seemingly instant exhaustion when work is mentioned, Aukina tends to fit the stereotype of the classic surfer. Whenever facing an obstacle, Aukina uses idle conversation and outward concern as a distraction either on himself, other people, or both. His laid-back attitude and sarcasm may seem like he doesn't care about anything or anyone, because that's actually what's going on.

History: Born and raised in Kailua, Oahu, Hawaii, Aukina was never far from the surf. From a young age he found himself on a surfboard riding the waves that battered the beach he grew up on. Other than the occasional surfing contest, of which he's only won a few, Aukina's life was pretty mundane. He did enjoy several other sports, such as rock climbing, hang gliding, and a small bit of hunting but other than that there wasn't much to do but relax and enjoy life on the, normally, quiet islands.

After several events leading to an egg choosing him, Aukina found himself at Drakon Academy, where he learned how to properly raise his dragon. Finding no work other than a job at the academy after graduating, Aukina begrudgingly began to work there as the teacher for Drakes, Wyverns, and Pygmies I.

Appearance: Aukina is a tall, lean built man with lightly tanned skin and deep green eyes. His hair is a mess of black curls atop his head and a black goatee covering his face. Normally he wears a blue shirt with light blue wave patterns on the bottom, black cargo shorts or black trunks when surfing, white flip flop sandals with black straps, and a striped light blue and white bucket hat. Sadly, the school forces him to wear a black suit and tie, which he openly hates.

Gender: Male (Female dragon)

Age: 37

Description of Chosen Egg: Excluded from list due to plot purposes, she's a Coastal Waverunner


Name: Danielle Kaimana

Personality: Danielle could be described as the kind of person who would teach someone how to swim by pushing them into the water. Quite unlike her laid back father, Danielle is energetic and takes on any challenge gladly.

She's carefree and flippant, showing respect very rarely to anyone, even her own father, and rarely becoming serious. Danielle is quite straightforward and blunt to add on to this, being quite open about her own beliefs and criticizing others if they behave inappropriately.

She shares her father's hatred of work, eagerly looking for any way out of it, and is very sociable because of this, enjoying long winded conversations and new friends to drag along with her. She's quite the optimistic person, believing any bad situation can be turned around, no matter how bleak. When seeing someone she cares for is feeling upset or depressed, she'll insistently try to make them feel better, no matter how much they would rather not.

She's also somewhat vain, being quite proud and protective of her hair and other...assets, going into a rage if someone attempts to touch them without her permission.

History: Raised in her father's home town, Danielle was raised primarily by her mother and grandfather, as by the time she was born, Aukina was already working at Drakon Academy, and was unable to visit. The two were able to have a few phone calls and letters go back and forth, and her mother showed her pictures of her father and his dragon.

Several years later, she found herself in a rock climbing competition with a couple of friends. As she neared the middle of the seaside cliff they were climbing down on, the rock around her gave way, Danielle falling forward with it. With the sunlight finally hitting the cave, Danielle found herself staring at a lone egg. Seeing the egg as both a way to finally meet her father face to face, Danielle took it back home, and was soon taken to the academy.

Appearance: (eyes are green like her father's and her skin is tanned)

Gender: Female

Age: 17

Description of Chosen Egg: This heavy egg seems to make waves.
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Drakon Academy [Sign Up] - Page 2 Empty
PostSubject: Re: Drakon Academy [Sign Up]   Drakon Academy [Sign Up] - Page 2 Empty

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Drakon Academy [Sign Up]
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