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 XY Strange Occurances Explained (Thanks to hackers)

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XY Strange Occurances Explained (Thanks to hackers) Empty
PostSubject: XY Strange Occurances Explained (Thanks to hackers)   XY Strange Occurances Explained (Thanks to hackers) EmptyThu Sep 25, 2014 7:20 am

Several of us have heard of the strange occurrences such as the ghost girl in Lumiose City, the missing news editor, the strange house in the swamp, etc. Well thanks to hackers a couple of these strange occurrences have been explained.

Please note that these events have yet to get an official release, and they are connected to some hidden Pokémon in the games. If you do not want to know about these events until they are officially released stop reading.

Alright, first off let's talk about the missing news editor in Lumiose City. Despite theories that she's connected to Mew or Meloetta, etc, it's actually Volcanion she's connected to. After an event (most likely a mystery gift) where you get Volcanion, the news editor will appear. She'll give you more information on Volcanion such as how the Pokémon blew away a mountain range and created a plains in Kalos. Apparently the news editor has been searching for Volcanion for 15 years for the Pokémon. Maybe she should have just waited for the event to come out. If you want a Volcanion even more now, sorry but most likely you won't get one till mid-late 2015, as even Hoopa hasn't been officially released and the little Pokémon comes before the bulky Volcanion in the Pokédex.

Next is something you may have not really thought into. Inside Parfume Palace, a maid will talk about how a room used to be filled with golden trinkets until they all disappeared. Taking your event Hoopa to a traveler in the palace, he'll explain how he's a ghost buster paranormal researcher and how he believes Hoopa is the cause of the missing gold. Much like the news editor in Lumiose City, the traveler will give you more information on Hoopa. Including the fact that if Hoopa uses it's full power, it's rings can grow large enough to transport islands and that it's lair is an oasis in a desert.

Along with these two events several items have been found, including a large amount of compatibility items such as the colored flutes from Hoenn, the Casteliacone and more. These were purely for compatibility for transferring Pokémon and the ORAS release. There're also a large amount of berries hidden in the code that will probably be for ORAS to make Pokéblocks. Plus the obvious Lati mega stones and Soul Dew. However there's no knowledge as to if any of these items will get a special event like the Pokémon or will simply appear in your game through mystery gifts and the like.

That also leaves several hidden events in X and Y still a mystery. The scary house in the Swamp, the ghost girl, and a few more strange occurrences in the XY games are still just that, strange occurrences. Maybe hackers will figure them out as they delve deeper into the XY code, or perhaps we'll have to wait for the Pokémon Company themselves to release the events related to these things. So what're your theories on these strange occurrences that have yet to be explained? And what do you think about the Hoopa and Volcanion events we'll be getting in the future?

One theory that I have is that the story of the faceless people in the scary house in the swamp has some connection to Yamask due to it carrying it's face. Perhaps it's just an allusion to another evolution for Yamask much like how Kirlia and Snorunt got an extra evolution in Gen 4 in the forms of Gallade and Froslass, or could it be possible that our mummy Pokémon will get it's own Mega Evolution before Gen 7.
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XY Strange Occurances Explained (Thanks to hackers)
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