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 The Articles of Grimm [SIGN UP]

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The Articles of Grimm [SIGN UP] Empty
PostSubject: The Articles of Grimm [SIGN UP]   The Articles of Grimm [SIGN UP] EmptySat Sep 20, 2014 10:26 pm

All is peaceful, all is well, all is silent in this cold winter's night, at least it seems like it. The moon is full, snow is falling, Christmas and Hanukkah decorations flood the city as the holidays are not too far away. The magic is in the air as the times for family, giving, and receiving come near, but not the sort of magic you might expect.

Something is stirring on this night, the canines refuse to howl at the sirens of the authorities, and instead hide in their homes tail in between their legs. The felines are being found in the oddest places, mostly ones with very small room as they seem to be afraid. Rats refuse to squeak, birds refuse to chirp, owls refuse to hoot, and babies refuse to cry. Something unnatural is stirring, something strange, but it held faded familiarity to the world. Like recognizing the face of a childhood friend but yet not remembering their names.

A cold wind snaked its way past the houses, carrying with it a rather strange dust. As if some ancient artifact had been moved from it's million year old pedestal and dusted off. Once the wind passed, the feeling vanished. The dogs began howling, the cats began wandering about, the rats began to squeak, the birds began to chirp, owls began to hoot, and the babies resumed their tears as the morning's dawn came to comfort them all.

Something had happened that night, but nobody seemed to know. Those that had been awake that night questioned it, but most were asleep at the time and overall the world didn't seem to care. Everything resumed as normal for the next five years. For five years later, one of them were found.

A strange mirror, found in an antique shop where nobody in it seemed to remember where they had gotten it. The mirror, when a human face reflected into it, something else would appear. Sometimes an animal, sometimes a monster, sometimes it would be a scene from the person's past. The antique shop simply figured it to be a prank, and sold it to the first bidder, who seemed to refuse to look into the mirror himself to see the rumor true of just what she was buying.

Wonder what this could be? This narrator would be pleased to hear the stories of the others as well...

Grimm's Journal
A.K.A. Rules

-PMD Rules Apply.
-Fill-Out the format below correctly to be considered in entering.
-Don't be overpowered, aka ask other's opinions if you have a suspicion about your artifact being over powered.
-Everyone gets one artifact, what it is and what it does is up to you.
-Don't be dumb or overly-ridiculous.
-Everyone gets BASIC magical abilities (For example fire balls, moving small objects with no hands, ice balls, ect.) with their artifact unless said otherwise by the rper.
-More rules may be added in the future.
-Cannot have the same item as someone else.

Name: (Name of your character)
Age: (Age of Character)
Artifact: (What shape has your artifact taken?)
History: (Explain how you got the item and what your character's life has been like.)
Artifact's Ability: (What can it do?)
Magic: (Does the Artifact give your character the basic magic mentioned in the rules?)
Appearance: (How do they look? Pictures Accepted.)
Brief Personality: (Brief Personality of character.
Significant Details: (Anything else worth mentioned, for example a disorder, fear of water, ect.)


[b]Artifact's Ability:[/b]
[b]Brief Personality:[/b]
[b]Significant Details:[/b]

Items Claimed
Knowledge of Grimm (aka Grimoire)
"Oh? A rather knowledgeable book? Interesting."

Mind of Grimm
"The mind of Grimm himself contained in a Quill hm? hm? I heard he made these objects, strange how an asshat such as him could work for such a good cause..."

Purity of the Heart of Grimm
"An Amulet? Teleportation and More Powerful magic for the pure seems to be a rather effective object."

Pure Confidence of Grim
"A ring to purge oneself of their self-acknowledged flaws seems like it would be pretty useless...what is a shadow to do anyways?"

"Hm...seems like you're still discovering what yours' is doing exactly."

Strength of Grimm

"A mere glove and a gem giving the strength and speed of...what exactly?"

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The Articles of Grimm [SIGN UP] Empty
PostSubject: Re: The Articles of Grimm [SIGN UP]   The Articles of Grimm [SIGN UP] EmptySat Sep 20, 2014 11:34 pm

Name: Harmony Kleinpferd
Age: 22
The Mind of Grimm, a quill which looks like this.
Artifact's Ability: When asked directly, the quill will answer any question truthfully. However it is very much a smartass about its answers and may "speak" (in writing in blood-red letters in the air or on any available paper) if it wishes to do so, but almost seems to be trying to be unhelpful. It contains the mind of Grimm.
Magic: Yes, it is cast by writing rune-like characters into the air.
Appearance: Dis be a picture!
Brief Personality:
Quick-minded, adventurous treasure hunter. Loves freedom, riding and discovering the previously unknown. Not much a fan of rules and can showcase a lack of patience, especially with the quill. Very vocal about being annoyed. Generally full of energy and more than willing to use it. Can't sit still for five minutes. Huge closet fan of a certain TV show.
History: Lives with her family on their stud farm, living off of the money the three of them earn with various equine-related activities such as riding classes and horse breeding. Whenever she can find the time, she is looking for the next treasure or exploring the next set of ancient ruins. During one of those explorations one strange piece of stationery caught her eye. After asking "Is it just me or does that thing look important?" she found herself greeted with the word "Yes." written in the air. Thus far noone else knows of her discovery.
Significant Details: Welcome to Quills and Sofas! Sadly we're all out of quills right now, but we should get new ones next Monday! Want a sofa?

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PostSubject: Re: The Articles of Grimm [SIGN UP]   The Articles of Grimm [SIGN UP] EmptySun Sep 21, 2014 12:00 am

Name: Cherry Rose

Age: 16

Artifact: Confidence of Grimm, in the form of a Circlet

Artifact's Ability: When worn, the circlet sends a rather warm wave of confidence over the user, providing that person do have the confidence to do just about any task they can think of. Sometimes though, the confidence given by the necklace can warp into darker desires that the person may have and instead give the user confidence to do those instead. That's if the person is not truly set on the goal they have currently. With the confidence comes confidence in one-self and in their abilities. The necklace, as a final, minor bonus, can allow the wearer to move small objects with their mind, as long as they can see the object and it is no bigger than a laptop.

Magic: Yes

Appearance: Cherry is an Irish/Italian mix girl, with the faintest tan across her skin with darker freckles dancing across her face and shoulders, a sparse amount of freckles going along her arms. Her eyes are a shining emerald green that appear to give her a mysterious yet intelligent look. Her thin milk chocolate brown hair falls neatly over her shoulders, reaching down to her mid-back as she normally allows it to hang down freely.

Her every-day attire consists of a pair of light blue skinny jeans and a black t-shirt that hangs slightly loose on her. She normally wears a pair of black gym-shoes to top off the outfit, and will rarely wear jewelry other than the circlet, which she keeps with her at all times in her satchel.

Brief Personality: True to her bloodline, Cherry has a temper not match by many. Sometimes it doesn't take much to set her off, and other times she wouldn't have a care in the world what you said or did around her. She can be very caring and sweet, though she can also be very selfish at times. While ashamed of it, she doesn't exactly do much at this time to change it. She is not afraid to speak her mind to somebody, especially if she doesn't like them. Most of the time though, she will remain quiet and simply observe what is going on in the area or will study how a person is acting around her.

History: Cherry grew up with her grandparents, her mother having killed herself when she was a child and her father having disappeared from the family not long before that. Growing up she loved to read books, particularly those on witches, witchcraft, and anything to do with supernatural powers. She had a somewhat easy life with her grandparents, she lived in a lovely home in a good neighborhood of the city. Her grandparents also sent her to the best schools possible to try and get the best education they could for her. This life bored her...and she craved a bit of excitement. She attended many types of martial arts classes, though it was either her anger or her lack of confidence that would stop her half-way through.

It's when she was going through the items her grandparents had stored in the attic of their home is when she found her artifact. A silver circlet covered in just and hidden under books at the bottom of a wooden crate. When she spotted it, her attention was immediately caught and she hid it under her shirt and took it to her room. It wasn't until the next day did she wear it and discover the powers of the circlet. Now she keeps it with her at all time, to protect it from being taken from her as well as to use for her own personal desires.

Significant Details: Cherry does suffer from depression, as well as having a fear of spiders.

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The Articles of Grimm [SIGN UP] Empty
PostSubject: Re: The Articles of Grimm [SIGN UP]   The Articles of Grimm [SIGN UP] EmptySun Sep 21, 2014 12:04 am

Name: Hunter Skina
Age: 16
Artifact: A small red gem inside of a glove Though the gem is inside of the glove it may be transferred to other objects
History: he lived a rather simple life in the city never really going out of his way to do something good or bad. He always felt smarter then most people so he never talked to anyone unless it was needed. He found the glove while walking home from school not knowing what it was but felt like he needed to wear it like just something in his head told him. he keeps it away and does not talk to people about where he got it or what it does. he used the power once when he was out of the city with his family going cave exploring inside the cave a rock had started to fall he put his arms up knowing he was done but then the strange beast came out and destroyed it. his family worried but he just told them the rock just missed him
Artifact's Ability: It gives him the powers to fight and enhances his strength and speed. he can also form the beast inside of it for a short time. but he can only use it if he gathers his power for a short while. while he is charging a rather large black beast can be seen behind him With eyes of red. he has given it the name of the black beast
Magic: Yes it can be used to launch a small black whip like attack. and he can change his body parts to claws to attack
Appearance: He is a rather tall teenager with pure white hair and two green eyes. he can almost always be seen wearing a black coat with a pure white undershirt. he wears  black jeans and a red belt that holds hit jacket in place and strangely Black boots with white straps
Brief Personality: he is kinda nice sometimes but most of the time he is aggresive and is not afraid to yell at someone he thinks it being a idiot. he will also always speak his mind if he feel strong about something
Significant Details: Don't piss him off.

WIP maybe

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The Articles of Grimm [SIGN UP] Empty
PostSubject: Re: The Articles of Grimm [SIGN UP]   The Articles of Grimm [SIGN UP] EmptySun Sep 21, 2014 12:09 am

(Its a wip)

Name: Raven Maven
Age: 22
Artifact: The Purity of Grimm Ring- A ring made made of gold with a smooth sphere shaped black gem set into it.
Artifact's Ability: Once put on, all of the imperfections you see in yourself are pulled out of you, stuffed into your shadow, and then your shadow detaches from you and becomes a shadow of what you are. As you become 'perfect', that dark self embodies all that you see as imperfect about yourself. One can rejoin with the other if the shadow wears the ring. If one dies, the other does as well.
Magic: Nope
Brief Personality:
Significant Details:
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The Articles of Grimm [SIGN UP] Empty
PostSubject: Re: The Articles of Grimm [SIGN UP]   The Articles of Grimm [SIGN UP] EmptySun Sep 21, 2014 2:30 am

Name: Nyx Nakotah
Age: 18 year old Female (Technically)
Artifact: Grimoire
The two met at a rather young age at an orphanage with poor conditions and a greedy headmaster. The headmaster didn't quite care for the children, and left them to their will in performing whatever vile and unruly acts they wanted to do. Bullying was frequent, hunger was constant, and the children were really only staying because they thought that if they left, they would merely be put right back here.

The two met when Calix was attempting to steal some food Nyx had managed to find in the dump of a place. He had managed to successfully steal from her, but quickly grew guilty as she began to bawl, being four years younger than him. Somehow, the two ended up becoming friends as he gave the food back, and they began to talk. The two grew close, and ended up declaring each other brother and sister at their young age, well, more like Nyx declared them brother and sister.

After spending a few years in this scenario, simply surviving with each other, they found a rather odd book in the basement of the orphanage. Intrigued by a strange pattern on the cover, they opened the book and began to read about strange spells and mysterious objects. There was a table of contents in the beginning, and but they read every page until they finally grew bored of reading, and left the book there.

A few days later, men in black and white cars with red and blue sirens appeared at the doorstep of the orphanage, and kids began to be escorted out. They had no idea what was going to happen to them, but the "brother and sister" just knew that they didn't want to be separated. Fearing the worst, Nyx decided to take a risk she didn't quite believe would work, but was desperate to try. She found the book once more, untouched from where they had left it, and began gathering objects and trinkets in attempt to complete a "pact" that would apparently bind the two's destiny together forever.

She spoke of this to Calix, but he didn't quite believe it would work. He helped her with the pact formation, as he thought it would probably make her feel more at ease with the police once they were found. The two managed to collect everything they needed in the basement before the police arrived, and began the pact. To no surprise, the pact fulfilled its stated purpose, but not in the way they had expected. They had slipped into a slumber, from what they do not know, but when they had awoke, Nyx found herself unable to move at will, and Callix felt as if there was another presence in his mind.

The two eventually discovered their condition of being in each other's body, and being able to switch between each other. The police had discovered them, and brought them to a proper home, except they thought they were only bringing one person. When Calix tried to explain to them, he was merely sent for mental therapy. Only after he was "cured" did they discover that Nyx could be allowed to take control. The two didn't quite know what to do, but when Nyx had reached the age of being able to live on her own, they left their foster parent's house, no tears being shed on their side since the Foster Parents didn't believe a word Calix had said, only causing a grudge to wedge its way between them, that they returned to the old orphanage and retrieved the book, finding that there was no known cure for this spell...

The two now go about their daily lives, each taking turns for each day, Nyx managing to net a job as a waitress as Callix allows her to be in control most of the time. The grimoire, however, always remained with them, whether in a purse or back-pack. Whatever that grimoire was, the things that were in it were true, yet they couldn't find anything out about it...
Artifact's Ability: Contains knowledge about the other artifact's abilities, and methods of nullifying them, basically the manual for the artifacts. Also contains stronger incantations that could not be stored onto the other artifacts, and rituals that can be performed, though they require things to perform them with.
Magic: Yes
Brief Personality: To start off, she isn't as nice as she looks. She doesn't believe anything in a bat of an eye unless its from a reliable source, such as witnessing it herself, talking to someone who were there, or has proof. This is due to believing in the words of the grimoire and being utterly fooled into a completely different thing type of situation due to its strange and tricky wording. She favors having stability in her life, and is always willing to be over-prepared. Because of her favoring being over-prepared, she's tends to be a bit over-confident and can bite off more than she can chew. Other than attempting to be over-prepared in rather important situations, she tends to be a bit selfish inwardly.
Significant Details: This character and the character below, are both within the same "Body". Each of their consciousness are within the same mind, and are able to speak with each other in their thoughts. The character below is the dominant half, as he can take control of the body and leave it whether the above character is fine with it or not. He can choose whether she's aware of what's going on outside while he's in control or not. When he is in control, the body will appear as the photo in the bio below shows and when the above is in control, then the body will appear as the above shows. They change instantaneous as the person viewing them blinks. If that person does not blink while viewing the two shift control, then they will continue viewing them in the former controller's body until they blink. These two age as their appearance is active, causing them to appear younger than they really are.

Name: Calix Calloway
Age: 22 year old Male (Technically)
Artifact: See Above
History: See Above
Artifact's Ability: See Above
Magic: Yes
Brief Personality: A clever individual that favors having the easy way out even if it comes with risks. If he were to be in school, he would likely be that intelligent kid in class that has F ranked grades throughout his report cards.
Significant Details: See Above

Yes Yes I know, shitty bios be shitty
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PostSubject: Re: The Articles of Grimm [SIGN UP]   The Articles of Grimm [SIGN UP] EmptyTue Sep 23, 2014 1:59 am

Name: Chase Morrow
Age: 18
Artifact: The Will of Grimm, an older looking but otherwise normal appearing compass.
History: Chase grew up with his mother and father, who were a biochemist and a microbiologist respectfully. Both parents were always caught up in their jobs though, which meant that Chase spent most of his time home with a babysitter, and later on alone. He grew to have some resentment for his parents, understanding that their jobs kept them busy, but also believing they should have made some sort of time for him. As he grew up, Chase began to get into running, often taking the time on his own to go out and move around the city. This began to develop past simply just running, and soon he began to practice free-running, enjoying the rush it gave him and the freedom it seemed to carry with it.
When the Will of Grimm first materialized, it wasn't picked up by Chase. A homeless girl by the name of Wilma Cornelia found it discarded in an alleyway, and picked it up. She became very intrigued with it, and it was the possession she valued the most, as it seemed to have a strange ability that came with it, allowing her to see what appeared to be spirits of the dead. Eventually, during the winter she was killed, and while her body was recovered the compass was left in the alleyway.
On one time running around the city, Chase found the compass and picked it up, interested in the older look it had. When he picked it up, he was introduced the compass' ability, finding that he was able to see and communicate with the dead, starting with Wilma, or Will as she insisted on being called. After her death, her spirit lingered with the compass, and became attached to it. Because of this, her spirit now follows the compass around, which in return make her follow Chase around. He didn't want to have another person's spirit stuck with him, but at the same time he felt guilty about the thought of leaving it there, and her along with it, and so he took it with him. The two can't exactly be said to get along perfectly all the time, but despite this he's kept the compass, intrigued about the abilities it provided.
Artifact's Ability: The artifact will point towards the spirits of those who have passed, and allows the holder to be able to see and communicate with these spirits, encouraging the will to live and survive of the one in possession of it. The holder will only be able to do this is the place the spirits died or something they were close to are nearby.
Magic: Not at first, but as time goes on magic will be gained.
Brief Personality: Generally uncooperative and hasty, Chase is the kind of person who would rather be on his own and work on things himself. He can never seem to sit still, thinking of it as a waste of time, and always wants to be doing something. He believes that people are generally unreliable, though he will trust and open up to others who prove themselves in his eyes, albeit begrudgingly due to his pride. Although the ways he might show it are a bit unorthodox, he can develop soft spots for people and grow to care. These days, he's exceptionally prone to getting irritated, as the spirit that follows him around tends to enjoy pestering and annoying him.
Significant Details: Due to the compass itself being the item Will was closely linked to at the time of her death, her spirit lingers around it, effectively making her follow Chase around constantly. Only the one holding the artifact can see or communicate with the spirits it shows.

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PostSubject: Re: The Articles of Grimm [SIGN UP]   The Articles of Grimm [SIGN UP] EmptyWed Sep 24, 2014 9:15 pm

A Due Date Has Been Set!

Bios are due for completion THIS WEDNESDAY. It will be when I get out of school and get home [Aka around 1PM Mountain Standard Time] after that no more edits are to be made and bios are set in stone.

Due date has been passed!

Results are:
Savato - Accepted
Solilo - Accepted
Lilith - Accepted
Rezikun - Dropped/Rejected, insufficient/incomplete bio along with lack of requirements for Artifact and having stated to be dropping out
Crytic - Dropped/Rejected, incomplete bio
Pikashock - Accepted

Thread creation date is to be determined, until then plans will be placed and questions will be asked and answered in the following TitanPad:

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PostSubject: Re: The Articles of Grimm [SIGN UP]   The Articles of Grimm [SIGN UP] Empty

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The Articles of Grimm [SIGN UP]
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