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 Cry's Reviews #1: When Cry Stopped Dragon Her Feet

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Cry's Reviews #1: When Cry Stopped Dragon Her Feet Empty
PostSubject: Cry's Reviews #1: When Cry Stopped Dragon Her Feet   Cry's Reviews #1: When Cry Stopped Dragon Her Feet EmptyTue Dec 31, 2013 6:41 pm

Cry's Reviews #1: When Cry Stopped Dragon Her Feet Spyro_the_Dragon

Spyro the Dragon. That little purple guy should have been more popular in my opinion. Throughout the years, Spyro has been in many games, even making cameos and teaming up with the just as popular Crash Bandicoot. But today we will be looking at this dragon's humble beginnings in his first game


The game opens through an interview. Their are five worlds with a clan of dragons in each one and they live in harmony with each other. During this interview, the reporter asks about their opinion on Gnasty Gnorc. They comment as him being "not a threat" and "ugly". Gnasty, who was watching the interview live, was angered by the insults and decided to take action. He uses a magic spell to turn all the dragons into crystal, excluding Spyro whom escaped Gnasty Gnorc's notice due to his small size. So the only one left to free all the dragons and stop Gnasty from harming dragons again is Spyro.


Spyro is a 3D platformer game for the Playstation with controls that stay the same throughout the game. You can run, jump, glide, charge with your horns, and of course breath fire. Using these moves, you must defeat enemy turned treasure, collect loose gems, and find all the dragons to free them. There are six worlds to go through; Artisans, Peace Keepers, Magic Crafters, Beast Makers, Dream Weavers, and Gnasty's World.

Each world has several levels which you enter via a portal inside that world. There are also flying levels where you simply collect or destroy several items to collect gems within a certain time limit. Every world holds a certain number of of gems and dragons. In some levels, there are also dragon eggs that are held by thief enemy. These enemies will run away as you get close and you will have to run them down with your charge attack. Though you do not have to collect every dragon, gem, or egg to progress, you will need to collect enough to have balloonists allow you passage to the next world. You will have to free enough dragons and collect enough gems and eggs to make your way to each world until you are allowed in Gnasty's World where you face Gnasty himself.

However, there is more to the game. After defeating Gnasty, a dragon will appear in his world. Once you free him, he points out the last level which has mysteriously been shut this entire time. The dragon informs you that you must save every dragon, every egg, and collect every bit of treasure in order to unlock it. Once done, you will have access to the level know as Gnasty's loot which holds all the treasure he has taken. Once you completely empty it out and 100% the game, an alternate ending is given to you.

The journey has a moderate challenge to it with enough of a collectathon to keep you busy, yet not annoyed by any tediousness. As you go through the game, you will notice a dragonfly following you. His name is Sparks and he acts as the health meter for Spyro. Spyro at full health can take four hits before he loses a life. You can tell how many hits you have left by looking at Sparks's color. When he is yellow, you are at full health. Blue means you were hit once, green means you were hit twice, and Sparks disappears if you are hit three times. However, you can recover you health through butterflies which you can get by killing regular animals. Sparks will eat them to recover health, even come back from the dead if you get a butterfly when he disappears.


The graphics for the game were very colorful and artistic, still holding up to this day. From the fun to explore world to the variety of enemies you encounter, its a feast for the eyes that will keep you wanting to play. As you save each dragon, some will have funny little quips and sometimes a few will even give you helpful hints. The game is fun to play for casual gamers while completionists may find getting 100% to be easier than most games. Though the game was made with kids in mind, the game is worth anyone's time.

My Opinion

Spyro the Dragon was one of the first games I ever gotten on the Playstation, back in my days of Noobility. I found the game quite entertaining and played it often after school. Even now, I sometimes go back to play as Spyro in his original game just for nostalgia's sake. It may be a simple game, but every now and again I like to just relax and play a simple game. I'd recommend anyone with access to the PS store to buy this classic and play through the story. I even suggest collecting everything since it isn't that hard of a game to do so.



Do you have a game you want reviewed? Well post a suggestion in this thread and maybe I'll do a review for it! Old games, new games, it does not matter!
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Cry's Reviews #1: When Cry Stopped Dragon Her Feet Empty
PostSubject: Re: Cry's Reviews #1: When Cry Stopped Dragon Her Feet   Cry's Reviews #1: When Cry Stopped Dragon Her Feet EmptyTue Dec 31, 2013 7:41 pm

How about MineCraft?
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Cry's Reviews #1: When Cry Stopped Dragon Her Feet
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