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 Naruto Roleplay Signup

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PostSubject: Naruto Roleplay Signup   Naruto Roleplay Signup - Page 2 EmptyMon Apr 01, 2013 11:38 am

First topic message reminder :

The roleplay is set in a world where none of the main cast exist, that means you can make any character you want! You could submit a bio to be a kage. Or a Genin/Chunin/Jounin of any village (But as always Leaf village will be the main one) Just a few rules though:

1. No god modding or overpowering, unless ofcourse its a jounin vs a genin, then its understandable if the jounin is overpowered.
2. There is a rule on how many chakra natures each rank can have:
Genin: 1
Chunin 1 (Possible 2)
Jounin: 2 (3 If in rare cases)
Kage/Higher ranked: 3
3: If you're making a team it has to be 3 people and a leader of a higher rank. I.e. 3 Genin with a Jounin or Chunin leader


Jutsu and Clan Jutsu (If any):
Tools (Anything unique or in particular):

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Naruto Roleplay Signup - Page 2 Empty
PostSubject: Re: Naruto Roleplay Signup   Naruto Roleplay Signup - Page 2 EmptyTue Apr 09, 2013 9:50 pm

Name: Jikumo Yuki
Age: 15
Rank: Genin
Jutsu and Clan Jutsu (If any): Jikumo masters in Taijutsu, and his Clan jutsu is ice
Appearance: He has short brown hair that is cropped up in spikes, he one brown eye, and one sharingan eye on his left eye. He usually keeps his left eye closed unless he absolutely needs to. He wears a regular t-shirt with his clan's symbol on it, with jeans and sneakers. He doesn't like to wear the usual "ninja wear" because he thinks it looks stupid on him. He has tan skin, and he is slender, but muscular. He has bandages on his right arm and left leg, as well as his chest from all of the training he does.
Personality: Jikumo is a quiet guy, he likes to be alone most of the time, but he does get along with others. He has a love of 2 things, fighting, and food. HE loves to fight, it's the adrenaline that he is in love with more than anything. He loves any kind of food, but his favorite is ramen.
History: (Jikumo had amnesia and doesn't know anything about his past) Jikumo's family and clan were killed in front of him by an unknown man, and he was about to be next. The assassin threw the kunai at him, damaging his left eye but not mortally wounding him. The next moment a man with the Konoha symbol on his headband rescued him, while the assassin fled. Jiku was rushed to the hospital and operated on. His left eye was not saveable, and had to be replaced. The only spare eye they had left was that of one of the Uchiha clan's. When he woke up, he had to adjust to life in the Konoha Village, and eventually go to ninja school. He lived by himself in an old house that was right next to the school, and as such, he learned a lot because he was never late. (And so his story continues....)
Tools (Anything unique or in particular): He has goggles that he always wears on his forehead, and stink bombs that he seems to have a never-ending supply of.
Other: HE has no idea how to use his Sharingan other than to cast Genjutsu
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PostSubject: Re: Naruto Roleplay Signup   Naruto Roleplay Signup - Page 2 EmptyTue Apr 09, 2013 9:57 pm

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PostSubject: Re: Naruto Roleplay Signup   Naruto Roleplay Signup - Page 2 EmptySat Apr 13, 2013 1:36 pm

Name: Asuka Kagayou
Age: 24
Rank: Jounin (Ex-Anbu)
Jutsu and Clan Jutsu (If any): He doesn't have any clan jutsu, but is well versed in the transparency jutsu, the leaf style sword technique, and water jutsu
Appearance: But with pale skin and jounin outfit
Personality: In the past he used to be happy and optimistic, but to this day he has grown saddened and pessimistic. He is not often cruel or brought to anger often keeping calm and composure since he is ex-anbu. He is never really cruel even if he's teaching, although some of his students have said that his training is a bit rough.
History: 2 year ago, Asuka lived the happy life with his partner and soon-to-be wife, but 6 weeks before the date, an assassin, that was aiming for the hokage, killed his lover, which caused him to shed his first tear as an anbu, and his last. He quit the anbu a year after that event, the hokage knew him personally so understood his circumstance. He took up the job of training the new genin.
Tools (Anything unique or in particular): A normal sword on his back with the engraving "My love" Engraved into the steel.
Other: He suffers from a cough that he can't explain
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Naruto Roleplay Signup - Page 2 Empty
PostSubject: Re: Naruto Roleplay Signup   Naruto Roleplay Signup - Page 2 Empty

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Naruto Roleplay Signup
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