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 Pokemon with natural abilities/extra senses

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Pokemon with natural abilities/extra senses Empty
PostSubject: Pokemon with natural abilities/extra senses   Pokemon with natural abilities/extra senses EmptyWed Aug 13, 2014 2:31 pm

This was originally a pm sent to Laurel, which is why it appears I'm talking directly to someone. This is a suggestion on a guideline, not something to be set in stone, adding ideas to perfect it and such are very welcome, especially since there are possibly pokemon with abilities I missed or didn't talk about (such as Shedinja's soul stealing hole) and Pokemon yet to be released who will inevitably have abilities with similar problems.

So obviously some concerns are still around about Lucario's aura sensing, which can be quite overpowered if not kept in check. Same with the Ralts line's emotion sensing ability. I forget if we ever came to a conclusion about Lucario's restraints on it's aura sense, but the best idea I have is that they can "see" with aura while concentrating on it, and the average Lucario can only see somewhere around 10 meters in every direction, but cannot see straight through ground (as to avoid Lucas avoiding moves like dig). People a Lucario has a strong connection with can be sensed for a much longer ways away, perhaps a few miles or so.

The Ralts line would be similar, Ralts can only sense the emotions of those nearby, and normally only something along the lines of "this person's emotions are good, this person's emotions are bad, and this person's emotions are neutral." Kirlia and Gallade have better focus and control, able to sense those from several meters away and able to tell more about the emotions. Somewhere along the lines of, "This person is fearful right now, this person is very happy right now, etc." Gardevoir would have the best control and focus, able to sense the emotions of those from quite a ways away, especially those they become attached to. I'm unsure on how strong it would be, perhaps similar to Kirlia and Gallade's but much more accurate like "This person enjoys my company, this person fears water," or something like that. Gardevoir's range is around the same size as Lucario's aura sensing ability, and it of course sky rockets when it mega evolves much like how Lucario's would.

Now hear me out for a bit, but I think it would be best to remove the restriction on the Ralts line not being able to sense dark types' emotions. It's not that much of an advantage. Sure Aku can tell if Mirage is happy but never why, that was a misunderstanding I had when first rping Aku and thus (at least from my understanding) Blue wanted to avoid it completely by just making dark types immune. I'm not even gonna point to Ralts gaining Fairy as the reason why I want this change, but it's more of "This is a natural ability, not a move, it is not restrained by a type, and thus shouldn't be affected by types." Same with Lucario's aura sensing, it's a natural ability, and shouldn't be less effective on flying types or fire types or ineffective on ghost types. Hell, it's been shown that humans can learn both abilities, along with several other psychic abilities such as telekinesis and mind reading.

There's also a bit of a problem. Kirlia can see the future naturally. It's Y Pokedex entry states: "It has a psychic power that enables it to distort the space around it and see into the future." Gardevoir is also said to be able to predict the future, though if this ability is ever used (I have no plans to but someone might make a Ralts char and want to use it) it can be quite problematic. Many, many psychic types are said to be able to predict the future, read minds, use telekinesis (not the move, just the natural ability) and other such things without using moves. Taking these abilities away pretty much nerfs them to the point that they're on the some level of appeal as normal types RP-wise. I don't believe nerfing them is needed. However, there are ways we can make it to where rpers can't use these clearly op abilities at any time.

Dungeons are mysterious places, they've distorted time and space, they have strange treasures, who's to say they don't limit some natural abilities? While in a dungeon, these abilities, including Lucario's aura sight and Ralts' emotion sight take more concentration to perform, and while in the heat of battle it's completely impossible for pokemon to be able to use these abilities. This way you can't have people using pseudo-psychic/future sight/detect/mind reader when their pokemon doesn't know the move.


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Pokemon with natural abilities/extra senses
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