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 New Rules Concerning Guild Jobs

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New Rules Concerning Guild Jobs Empty
PostSubject: New Rules Concerning Guild Jobs   New Rules Concerning Guild Jobs EmptyFri Nov 23, 2012 4:38 pm

I have recently added some new rules concerning the jobs found on the bulletin boards. These are merely the page requirements needed for each rank of mission before you can class it as a successful mission. These can be found in the Rules thread or the threads called 'How the Boards Work' but I will also paste a copy here;

Rules Concerning Bulletin Board Missions
(Taken from the site's Rules thread)
To prevent the abuse of the job system there are some rules to completing bulletin board missions. Each rank of mission has a minimum amount of pages needed to be completed for it to be counted as a successful mission.
Any threads that do not reach the limit for the appropriate rank will be immediately cast off as failed, even if the events in that thread resulted in a completed mission.

(Difficulty - Number of pages needed)

F - Three Pages
E - Four Pages
D - Five Pages
C - Six Pages
B - Seven Pages
A - Eight Pages
S - Ten Pages

* - Twelve Pages
*0 - Thirteen Pages
*1 - Fourteen Pages
*2 - Fifteen Pages
*3 - Sixteen Pages
*4 - Seventeen Pages
*5 - Eighteen Pages
X - Ninteen Pages
XX - Twenty Pages

Thankyou for taking the time to read this and happy roleplaying! ^^

New Rules Concerning Guild Jobs P5_sty10
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New Rules Concerning Guild Jobs
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