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Prepare to face a new set of challenges in this brand-new Pokemon world as you square off against new enemies and rivals, forge new friendships, and create teams to travel the world with on your quest of discovery
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 Give Us Galar! (and other assorted updates)

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Give Us Galar! (and other assorted updates) Empty
PostSubject: Give Us Galar! (and other assorted updates)   Give Us Galar! (and other assorted updates) EmptyTue Jan 14, 2020 1:34 pm


New Year, New Things!


    We’re rolling out with those updates again! There’s some new things and there’s been some changes, be sure to read it all!  


Rules Updates


      A quick list of adjustments being made to the rules. This includes alterations, removals, and additions!

  • Removed the implication that it was possible to apply as a guildmaster from the Level Up section and added the notice that it’s allowed to start below level 5, but not encouraged.

  • Affiliation now mentions “Echo” characters and how they’re banned from first characters. Don’t know what an Echo character is? That’s fine! The full explanation hasn’t been posted yet and will in the future.

  • Evolution has been slightly reformatted and a complete list of all of the alternative evolutions has been added. Also mentioned that an everstone does not need to be held to prevent evolution, it just needs to be in the inventory.

  • Edited the History section to include a note saying that people should never purposely withhold information in their history.

  • Abilities now clarify that you have to follow the proper ability line when you evolve. This means an eevee with Run Away isn’t going to evolve into an Espeon with Magic Bounce.

  • Removed the note in Adoption Rules that stated that shiny pokemon no longer protect your characters from being put up for adoption. This does not mean that they do now, it’s just unnecessary for newcomers to read.

  • The Mega Evolution System has been updated with Z-Moves, Dynamaxing, and Gigantamaxing.

  • Movesets now clarifies that you will be using the most recent moveset available to your character as level-up learn sets. The only game exempt from this is Let’s Go Pikachu/Eevee since we do not accept those games onto the site.

  • Status Ailments have been altered with the following changes:

    • Burns will remove 1 energy from your total with each page for 5 pages before it wears out.

    • Poison will do the same, but Toxic Poison or being overwhelmed with poison will remove 2 energy for 5 pages before wearing out.

    • Paralysis means you can only roll a max of 5 times per page until the effect wears out in 5 pages.

    • Sleep means you cannot perform any sort of rolling for the rest of the page, this includes rolling done by items like Trawl Orbs. It wears off once the new page begins.

    • Freeze means you can't roll for the rest of the current page and the next. After that, it wears off.

  • Fixed the confusing statement in the During Events tip of the Energy System Page that implied that you only needed to roll a max of 5 when you’re escorting. It is now clear that you can only roll a max of 5 times during events no matter what. If you’ve broken this already in current event threads, don’t worry about getting into trouble or needing to ignore results. Just keep going and keep the fixed rule in mind. Apologies for the inconvenience!

  • Added a tip in the Character Records Guide to keep track of what types of pages you’re giving your character. This means keeping track of what pages your character received while under the effects of certain items like Joy Ribbons or an Exclusive Item that reduces the number needed for level up. Remember that these items don't take effect until after your next level up when you put them on and begin immediately when you put it on a character with no threads yet.

  • Updated the banned pokemon listings. It now takes 5 users for a character species to be banned while it takes 20 total banned species for the cap to be raised. Archived applications and characters do not count.

  • Updated Echo World rules to allow users to create non-dungeon echo threads.


Galar! Galar! Galar!


    As you might have noticed from the update log above, Pokemon Sword and Shield are now accepted onto the site! The proper updates for the mechanics and features have been made. Note, while the DLC content of Isle of Armor and Crowned Tundra are not being embargoed from use on the site, talk of the DLC content will need to be placed in the Spoilers channel in the discord.


New Dungeon & Dungeon Updates


     If you didn’t hear, there’s a new dungeon! The Crooked Boneyard has been discovered and is now available for those who can reach it to explore.

The following dungeons have also received updates:

  • Fallen Leaf Copse has received its remodel.
  • Pricklemist Hill was remodeled and expanded.
  • Forsaken Complex was remodeled and pokemon within the dungeon were nerfed.
  • Cattail Marsh received a remodel.
  • Serene Cave received a remodel.
  • The Coral Forest and The Submerged Tower were adjusted to allow non-aquatic pokemon to enter.
  • Coral Forest received a remodel and an expansion.
  • The Ruined Chateau received a remodel and an expansion.


Item Replacements


     Due to both mistakes made when making the dice and updates to the game, some items are being wiped from the site and replaced with new items. If you see these items, be sure to switch them over to their new changes.

  • Frozen Rock- > Ice Stone
  • Mossy Rock - > Leaf Stone
  • Swift Seeds - > Quick Seeds
  • Foe-Stun Orbs - > Foe-Hold Orbs
   If you happen to see any of the old items in the dice, be sure to notify @Kat so she can give it a fix!

What We’re Currently Working On


     Quite a lot has been done in the past month or so, but there’s still so much more to be done! Here’s some of what you might expect to see in future updates:

  • Cleaning up the Shops/Stalls/Services thread. This includes rewriting, proper adjustments to the rules, and reformatting it.
  • Clarification on the rules for dying your characters.
  • If you’ve been crawling around some of the more recently updated dungeons, you might have noticed this image floating around in the dice:

    Give Us Galar! (and other assorted updates) 8omksar

    It’ll take some time, but slowly this image will be replaced with the proper encounters. If you rolled it in the past, you don’t need to worry about adding the new addition to energy or encountering the pokemon. Just continue as if it didn’t exist and make a note in the thread if you happen to notice it disappear. I’ll be updating the discord on when certain dungeon’s images are fixed!
  • Energy System and Dice thread explanation being reformatted.
  • Edits to the Echo World rules to explain what exactly “Echo Characters” are and their restrictions.
  • More dungeons!
  • More updates to existing dungeons!

Give Us Galar! (and other assorted updates) KatSignatureRotator
Give Us Galar! (and other assorted updates) Q5zRVv0Give Us Galar! (and other assorted updates) BS8penU
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Give Us Galar! (and other assorted updates)
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