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 Lost Cause

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PostSubject: Lost Cause   Lost Cause - Page 20 EmptySun Dec 15, 2019 12:11 pm

First topic message reminder :

Each step was made with hesitance, but he was fairly certain that this path was the safest. The only problem was that it was a guaranteed safety. His eyes darted about to and fro with a growing sense of dread and anxiety. He was alone, out in the open, in the place he'd last seen Voix. For all he knew the damned Zoroark lived here and yet he was coming back. It made his skin crawl and fur stand. He honestly looked adorably fluffy more so than terrifying. He swallowed his fears as he stepped along, uncertainty kept him from making much progress.

He came with the intent of collecting some items, a sack strapped around his side. The light crystal blue necklace dangled from his neck as he walked on all four legs. It was much more comfortable this way. It kept his stomach less exposed, far easier to run from danger as well. Zadira needed more items though. Not only for his own protection, but to hopefully sell them to the local merchant back at Grassveil, maybe an explorer or two. The debt he needed to pay was big and the lawyer made it perfectly clear what would happen if he couldn't keep on his payments.

It was understandable, considering the pachirisu saved what was essentially the rest of his life, but the lawyer's expectations were brutal. He could either pay up or he was going right back to where he was found.

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PostSubject: Re: Lost Cause   Lost Cause - Page 20 EmptyWed Feb 12, 2020 6:56 pm

Mocha: [Energy: 3 + 1 (Page) = 4]
Maxie: [Energy: 2 + 1 (Page) = 3]
Maxie rolled her eyes. No one would see the gesture, of course, it was simply second nature for her to do so. Two on one. The zoroark was trying to take Zadira. She wished that another one of her had appeared, instead of another Mocha. Everything would be a hell of a lot easier if there were two of her.

”Chevy if you were ever considering stepping in and doing literally anything now would be a wonderful time,” Maxie declared in what had to be the most passive aggressive tone of voice she could possibly muster. Without a further word, she rushed forward and struck at the absol with an Iron Head attack—she wasn’t aiming at either in particular. She managed to clip the running one, causing it to crash into the other. It probably wasn’t what it was going for, but it would come to the same result. Two unpetrified absol.

Excitement. Her copy found the current situation exciting. There wasn’t a hint of concern to be found. ”You did hear the part where she said we might die, right?”

”Are you reading my mind now?” her copy asked in a bit of a teasing tone.

”I don’t know how to turn it off,” Mocha admitted. ”Ya know, in retrospect—”

”We should have asked her more questions.”

”A lot more questions.”

The two were approaching the area the rest had traveled to much faster, on account of their greater pace.

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Lost Cause
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